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johnboy 7 November 2006 132

RiotACT’s favourite nutter is back with more of the abuse that only in her altered reality would evoke sympathy or assistance.

According to her deeply disturbed blog it seems the powers that be are struggling bravely to protect the community from her.

Some highlights from her solitary posting:

“1) Why did a matter usually dealt with by summons, warrant four police officers and a paddy wagon in my case?
2) Why did these officers claim the matter would “just be a mention” when they knew this to be untrue?
3) Why did these officers urge me to leave everything, including my mobile phone, at home based on their false claim that the matter would “just be a mention”?
4) Why wouldn’t Magistrate Madden permit me to see any of the evidence presented in court?

5) Why did Magistrate Madden ask, unprompted by the prosecution, if there were mental health issues relating to me? Who is responsible for the document handed up to Magistrate Madden that apparently questioned my mental stability? Why am I not allowed to see it?
6)Why did Magistrate Madden order I be transported to the secure Psychiatric Unit at Canberra Hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

A big shout-out to the folks in Corrective Services who freaked her out by calling her Crazy Chester, keep up the good work guys and girls, you’ll get there in the end.

I for one would support special CrazyChester legislation if it turns out we need it.

(BTW CC if you can’t at least put your magic video on YouTube excuse us for not wanting to give you our real identities]

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132 Responses to More CrazyChester!
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vg vg 8:24 pm 07 Nov 06

Because, like everything I say on this site, it is my personal opinion. To be honest I didn’t even read the bit at the top, I just saw that CC was back again.

Then again I see no proof that anyone is suffering from a mental illness so my post is valid. I have never encountered this person personally or professionally

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:00 pm 07 Nov 06

At least he didn’t use FUBAR right Binker?

bonfire bonfire 5:44 pm 07 Nov 06

why thankyou spitfire

Binker Binker 5:34 pm 07 Nov 06

Because if he used the usual police slang “nuphy” or “nuph nuph” not many would know its meaning.

NUPHY stands for “Needs Urgent Psychiatric Help Yesterday” and (I kid you not) it was an actual ink stamp that was used in the NSW Police Force to stamp on appropriate peoples files (well I don’t really know if that is true but its what a really old sergeant in the AFP told me once and he had worked in NSWPF many years ago)

nyssa76 nyssa76 4:25 pm 07 Nov 06

vg, as someone who has to deal with people with a mental illness (not that I am calling CC mental but you do work with them more so than the rest of us on RA), why would you be as “stupid” as to call someone mental?

vg vg 4:15 pm 07 Nov 06


I am not a Labor lackey, you are mental

smokey2 smokey2 4:08 pm 07 Nov 06

ACT inability to deal with Crazy Chester is no surprise.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 3:58 pm 07 Nov 06

Bonfire, you appear nice on this blog?

nyssa76 nyssa76 3:39 pm 07 Nov 06

Mental Health ACT is a joke.

However, coppers can take you to CH and then they can hold you for a few hours until you are assessed with NO access to a phone. You ask for lawyer, they deny you. You ask for a phone, they deny you.

No wonder people aren’t being treated.

As for CC, I understand the BS because I am STILL dealing with it myself and it’s been almost 2 years.

I’ve also asked through FOI for documents (my file etc) and been denied.

So they are only out to protect their own arses.

At least CC is taking them on. Most people walk away and those tools continue to do what they did before because NO ONE pulled them up.

Rant over.

bonfire bonfire 3:37 pm 07 Nov 06

binker good work.

she is not well. she may never get better.

i feel pity for her in a way. i know people with mental illness, and its sad that many friends desert them because they cant deal with the new person.

one friend, mad as a hetter, i still catch up with because even though hes mad, the occasional clarity and startling observations remind me of who he once was. even his ex-wife asks me how he is (out of guilt i assume – so much ‘for better or for worse’).

another has an absolutely fucked life and is constantly being locked up. hes the size of a tongan and the cops always arrive in force. i am sure that the simple act of recieving a phone call from me or my brother makes him feel better. we endure his rants and over time he comes good and is released until the next time. i know he has hit his mother but he has never struck me. ive seen the holes in the walls of his house. until he was diagnosed with his illness, everyone just thought he was a violent thug. sadly his medication dulls his whole life and he will never be able to hold down a job.

i think all men are judged by how they treat other people. abandoning sick peopel is cruel.

so i hope that crazychester has not alienated all her friends and family through her bizarre behaviour. maybe when medicated she’s ok.

but her bizarre vendettas and perspectives are amusing.

and if she stalked me i think she would find im not always as nice as i appear on this blog.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:30 pm 07 Nov 06

CrazyChester, you is crazy!

I would be amused if I didn’t feel so sorry for you. You need help. There is no shame in mental illness these days. Please, get some help.

LG Who is really cranky with the mental health system, because this woman probably WON’T be able to get health because of the systems inadequacies.

Danman Danman 3:26 pm 07 Nov 06

Who shagged who ? (ears pricking up)

Jey Jey 3:16 pm 07 Nov 06

CC sounds a bit like my mum’s neighbour.
She set fire to her own front yard, called the fire brigade and blamed my mum.
Apparently the white coats came for her because she wasn’t taking her meds.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:08 pm 07 Nov 06

lovely analysis binker.

Binker Binker 3:04 pm 07 Nov 06

You can get admitted to PSU without admitting to craziness. Firstly if the MHT has granted an assessment order (which means you have an appointment booked with a psychiatrist in the community) and you don’t show up then an apprehension order will (usually) be granted (to go with the assessment order) which means you get picked up and taken to TCH for up to 7 days (sometimes it can be for just an hour if you get assessed as soon as you arrive and there is manifestly no further need to observe you for assessment).
The other major way is that you are placed on an Emergency Detention by a Dr at TCH, having arrived at TCH under your own steam, via the courts/Corrective Services or being apprehended (aka green slipped/Emergency Action) under MH Leg by Police or Mental Health Officers.
Grounds for Emergency Detention by a Dr are danger to self or others, as a result of mental illness, no less restrictive treatment option etc. But because in the main purpose this legislation is to assist the person and protect the community (and mental illness is rarely a black and white thing) the grounds have to be met on a “reasonable belief” basis, and a reasonable belief does not have to be founded on what the patient says as often they will be unwilling or unable to communicate in any meaningful way or be deceptive, so you can take also sorts of other evidence into account (eg what the family, employer, colleague, police, nurses etc tell you).

Having said all that my guess is that CC is mad as a wheel, however doesn’t present the level of danger to herself or the community that would warrant continued detention in a psych unit, she probably doesn’t even warrant involuntary treatment in the community. Being a nutter on the interwebs is de rigueur, pestering the local authorities with emails is not dangerous, filming people is hardly dangerous (although in certain circumstances it may not be legal), stalking people is not always dangerous (if you’re a middle aged woman who has no history of violence etc). Breaching AVO’s is not always dangerous (although that is inherently a little contradictory, but for eg if the AVO says not to contact a certain person and you ring them and sing lullabies to them it’s a breach but there is no real danger).

So my guess is CC will remain at large probably untreated (prognosis for treatment of her disorder is poor anyway so even if treated she probably won’t get much better), thus she will continue to provide entertainment to the interwebs. Hooray.

And all this because some teacher shagged an 18yo student (quite legally), jealous???

johnboy johnboy 2:57 pm 07 Nov 06

it’s not hard to see the other side of the story by reading between the lines

that she’s been breaching AVO’s sadly doesn’t get mentioned much by her.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:54 pm 07 Nov 06

If some of these allegations she’s made about her recent experiences are true, then it is a bit of a worry.

I still think she’s a bit mad though! 🙂

CouldExpire CouldExpire 1:45 pm 07 Nov 06

I have no idea what the history on CC… but the few articles I have read the last few days here about her etc and comments have been quite amusing!
Keep the entertainment coming CC!

terubo terubo 1:36 pm 07 Nov 06

Aptly-named website, CC.
‘Raven’ mad indeed.

Jey Jey 1:27 pm 07 Nov 06

I’m sure if she got herself some legal council she could get access to these documents.
Surely, though, she must admit some craziness if she was ordered to the psych ward.
They don’t just ‘lock up’ anyone.

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