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More CrazyChester!

johnboy 7 November 2006 132

RiotACT’s favourite nutter is back with more of the abuse that only in her altered reality would evoke sympathy or assistance.

According to her deeply disturbed blog it seems the powers that be are struggling bravely to protect the community from her.

Some highlights from her solitary posting:

“1) Why did a matter usually dealt with by summons, warrant four police officers and a paddy wagon in my case?
2) Why did these officers claim the matter would “just be a mention” when they knew this to be untrue?
3) Why did these officers urge me to leave everything, including my mobile phone, at home based on their false claim that the matter would “just be a mention”?
4) Why wouldn’t Magistrate Madden permit me to see any of the evidence presented in court?
5) Why did Magistrate Madden ask, unprompted by the prosecution, if there were mental health issues relating to me? Who is responsible for the document handed up to Magistrate Madden that apparently questioned my mental stability? Why am I not allowed to see it?
6)Why did Magistrate Madden order I be transported to the secure Psychiatric Unit at Canberra Hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

A big shout-out to the folks in Corrective Services who freaked her out by calling her Crazy Chester, keep up the good work guys and girls, you’ll get there in the end.

I for one would support special CrazyChester legislation if it turns out we need it.

(BTW CC if you can’t at least put your magic video on YouTube excuse us for not wanting to give you our real identities]

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132 Responses to More CrazyChester!
nyssa76 nyssa76 9:47 am 08 Nov 06

vg, fine you believe she’s dug her own grave, that’s your opinion and it’s ok. But I was commenting on your poor choice of adjective. Nothing else.

It was offensive, but seeing as everyone was “attacking” her, I really didn’t need the same shit – which is happening now.

CouldExpire, obviously “working with” as opposed to “having it” means a lot. Oh guru of mental health, please show us the way.

If you want to turn this into a pissing contest – I’ve been on this site for ages. I post about a lot of subjects. What about you?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:45 am 08 Nov 06

“if you cant find humour in human misery, youre not really trying.”

Exactly, Bonfire!

Life would be so much duller if we couldn’t have a laugh at some other idiots and their misfortunes.

vg vg 9:35 am 08 Nov 06

Someone who calls themselves ‘Crazy Chester’ and has a public blog full of ravings directed at this site really shouldn’t expect a deal of sympathy from us. The situation may be sad, but I was only making a statement identical to what I have 3 times regarding this person who referred to all of us as Labor lackeys or similiar. It wasn’t that offensive onthe last 2 occasions I made it, so why is it now?

“Easy Nyssa. Bear in mind a large part of the posters attitudes towards this lass probably could be attributed to her own behaviour, whether we see her reaction as justifed or not.”

That is precisely where I’m coming from

CouldExpire CouldExpire 9:23 am 08 Nov 06

aint that the truth!

bonfire bonfire 9:20 am 08 Nov 06

if you cant find humour in human misery, youre not really trying.

S4anta S4anta 9:18 am 08 Nov 06

Easy Nyssa. Bear in mind a large part of the posters attitudes towards this lass probably could be attributed to her own behaviour, whether we see her reaction as justifed or not.

seepi seepi 9:13 am 08 Nov 06

If this site was less vicious more people might post more interesting local news.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 9:09 am 08 Nov 06

So I have no clue?

Hmmm I guess my my time working in the NSW health system taught me nothing!

If you dont like the banter or being fed to the jackals, then can I ask why you bother with this site?

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:59 am 08 Nov 06

JB, I don’t “demand” it.

I am just reminding people that although they are anonymous on the net, the words chosen here can upset people with a mental illness. It’s called empathy and compassion.

LG, I thought that once too. Then something happened that made me change my mind.

Could Expire, don’t tip toe around mental illness then. You obviously have no clue about it.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 8:56 am 08 Nov 06

Remember, its a cruel world we live in… if we were all were mindful of what we said and did, how boring life would be.
Yes we are responsible for what our actions and words, but I certainly will not tip toe around issues of mental illness or anything else on here just because someone might be suffering from a mental illness or something else.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 8:52 am 08 Nov 06

Anyone who posts here, of all places, about something they are “a bit sensitive about” is an idiot and doesn’t really deserve any sympathy. We all know that when we post something we will, in all likelihood, be torn into tiny pieces and fed to the jackals.

johnboy johnboy 8:52 am 08 Nov 06

Nyssa you’re entitled to your own opinion. Not to demand others comply to it.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:48 am 08 Nov 06

Could Expire, taking the piss out of someone’s trip to PSU is not funny.

Everyone should “speak their minds” but remember that with such freedom also comes responsibility for what you have said.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 8:43 am 08 Nov 06

It may have been a blase statement but what LG has stated is true. However I am not saying what you have stated is untrue. Though I do need ask what the hell are we all doing here if we can’t speak our minds and make the odd blase statement?
Mental illness is not funny at all, but there are plenty of things in the world today that could be wrong with anyone that reads or contributes to this site! So are we going to all sit here and make no comments or blase statements at all?
I think not!

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:34 am 08 Nov 06

“had or does have” – my bad.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:34 am 08 Nov 06

LG, that may be the case, however, mental illness is not a joke. Do you even know if anyone who posts on RA has or does have a mental illness? No? Because they don’t talk about it. However, making blase statements like that can and will upset them.

Labelling people is not a joke.

Using tact would be far more beneficial.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 8:21 am 08 Nov 06

VG always makes it quite clear his opinions are “personal, not professional”. Therefore, if he wants to put the boot in (which the rest of us do without fear of retribution) he is just as entitled as the next person!

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:03 am 08 Nov 06

That’s ok. They’re being subpoenaed.

szeretetta szeretetta 9:22 pm 07 Nov 06

FOI is such a sketchy area. You can be denied access to your own records for many reasons, not the least of which is if it is believed that the contents would be harmful or detrimental.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:38 pm 07 Nov 06

Well vg, you can’t tell via the net.

Let me assure you that you can all call CC “mental” but truth be told, you don’t know who on here has been “mental” because it isn’t talked about.

I don’t agree with anyone labelling people with a mental illness when they have no clue what goes on during an assessment or what impact said label has on people who aren’t “mental”.

A more careful choice of words may not piss people off who have or are suffering with a mental illness.

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