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More CrazyChester!

johnboy 7 November 2006 132

RiotACT’s favourite nutter is back with more of the abuse that only in her altered reality would evoke sympathy or assistance.

According to her deeply disturbed blog it seems the powers that be are struggling bravely to protect the community from her.

Some highlights from her solitary posting:

“1) Why did a matter usually dealt with by summons, warrant four police officers and a paddy wagon in my case?
2) Why did these officers claim the matter would “just be a mention” when they knew this to be untrue?
3) Why did these officers urge me to leave everything, including my mobile phone, at home based on their false claim that the matter would “just be a mention”?
4) Why wouldn’t Magistrate Madden permit me to see any of the evidence presented in court?
5) Why did Magistrate Madden ask, unprompted by the prosecution, if there were mental health issues relating to me? Who is responsible for the document handed up to Magistrate Madden that apparently questioned my mental stability? Why am I not allowed to see it?
6)Why did Magistrate Madden order I be transported to the secure Psychiatric Unit at Canberra Hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

A big shout-out to the folks in Corrective Services who freaked her out by calling her Crazy Chester, keep up the good work guys and girls, you’ll get there in the end.

I for one would support special CrazyChester legislation if it turns out we need it.

(BTW CC if you can’t at least put your magic video on YouTube excuse us for not wanting to give you our real identities]

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132 Responses to More CrazyChester!
bonfire bonfire 10:44 am 08 Nov 06

could expire may be crazy chester

Ari Ari 10:40 am 08 Nov 06

Hehehe, the Terminator act is a hoot.

Binker Binker 10:40 am 08 Nov 06

“mental” is not a particularly (if at all) pejorative term, certainly less so than “crazy” or Raven (as a phonetic equivalent of “raving” loony I presume) terms that she uses to describe/name herself (suggesting that she may have at least some lingering insight, sub-conscious as they may be).

This has made me think there really aren’t enough pejorative terms for crazy people when really it should be such fertile ground for linguistic evolution, I mean look at Intellectual Disability (or whatever the current PC term is) it has spawned many useful pejorative labels which can be used to describe ones colleagues clients and superiors. As a nation I feel we need to pull together to advance the language further than nut, loon, crazy and schizo.

(when did we have to start treating people with respect?)

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:37 am 08 Nov 06

vg, been there, done that.

CE, take the hint…don’t direct your posts to me.

vg vg 10:35 am 08 Nov 06

“CE, sorry mate, I can handle other people’s opinions”

FFS, let him have his then!!

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:34 am 08 Nov 06

walk away….. no I dont think so!

Ari Ari 10:33 am 08 Nov 06

AD, have you finally reached the present? It’s not “imminent” anymore.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:33 am 08 Nov 06

Danman, drop acid not bombs LMAO.

You bring it on, I’ll share 🙂

CE, walk away now.

AD, I suppose you are right.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:31 am 08 Nov 06

Your opinion has upset me?… once again sorely wrong!.. LOL
Takes a hell of alot more than some itty bitty comment to upset this black duck!

Danman Danman 10:30 am 08 Nov 06

I got plenty of fuzzy warm cocoa-ey love to share around.

Make love not war.
Drop Acid not bombs 😛

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:29 am 08 Nov 06

this site (apart from local news) is all about being over opinionated, rude and having colourful debates over things we can’t really control. but remember in end we are all just a series of 1’s and 0’s…. so we are all the same 🙂

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:26 am 08 Nov 06

Danman, you buying?

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:25 am 08 Nov 06

CE, sorry mate, I can handle other people’s opinions. Check other threads.

Sorry that my opinion on treating people with mental illness with respect has upset you.

Danman Danman 10:25 am 08 Nov 06

I think y’all need a nice hot cup of fuzzy warm cocoa-ey love to share around.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:23 am 08 Nov 06

Trying to make new friends am I?… no actually your sorely mistaken there.
I was simply told to come and check this site out by someone.
I simply saw something and I wanted to add my 2 cents to…

Actually screw explaining anything to you… thats all some people have seem to have done this morning… not my problem you cant handle others opinions.
Sad really!

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:22 am 08 Nov 06

Just proving a point of moronity JB.

johnboy johnboy 10:16 am 08 Nov 06

Ahem, can we leave our userid rankings at the door?

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:10 am 08 Nov 06

CE, even vg will tell you that I can hold my own. Jumping on the bandwagon because you want to make new friends is a joke.

Why don’t you back off? You’re 5 seconds on this site doesn’t make you an expert.

vg, I’m not calling your professionalism. Just your choice of words as a private citizen. Take it how you like it.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:00 am 08 Nov 06

Oh my gosh arent you a clever little bee for posting lots of stuff… I guess I just dont measure up to you then do I?

You need to go take a cold shower and calm down..
Someone obviously cant handle a little banter here and there or other peoples opinions!

vg vg 9:58 am 08 Nov 06

In the countless dealings I have had with dealing with people with a mental illness my professionalism has never been called into question. The last person I dealt with thanked me for getting them the help that no-one else seemed to be able to get them.

I’ll leave it at that

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