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More CrazyChester!

johnboy 7 November 2006 132

RiotACT’s favourite nutter is back with more of the abuse that only in her altered reality would evoke sympathy or assistance.

According to her deeply disturbed blog it seems the powers that be are struggling bravely to protect the community from her.

Some highlights from her solitary posting:

“1) Why did a matter usually dealt with by summons, warrant four police officers and a paddy wagon in my case?
2) Why did these officers claim the matter would “just be a mention” when they knew this to be untrue?
3) Why did these officers urge me to leave everything, including my mobile phone, at home based on their false claim that the matter would “just be a mention”?
4) Why wouldn’t Magistrate Madden permit me to see any of the evidence presented in court?
5) Why did Magistrate Madden ask, unprompted by the prosecution, if there were mental health issues relating to me? Who is responsible for the document handed up to Magistrate Madden that apparently questioned my mental stability? Why am I not allowed to see it?
6)Why did Magistrate Madden order I be transported to the secure Psychiatric Unit at Canberra Hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

A big shout-out to the folks in Corrective Services who freaked her out by calling her Crazy Chester, keep up the good work guys and girls, you’ll get there in the end.

I for one would support special CrazyChester legislation if it turns out we need it.

(BTW CC if you can’t at least put your magic video on YouTube excuse us for not wanting to give you our real identities]

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132 Responses to More CrazyChester!
nyssa76 nyssa76 1:00 pm 08 Nov 06

Mental illness is not something you do to yourself.

johnboy johnboy 12:59 pm 08 Nov 06

Good on’ya Johnboy. You deleted CC’s posts and mine from this morning. What about censoring the whole thread? By encouraging the masses will only make them go blind.

I have no idea what you’re gibbering about, are you looking in the right place?

I’m sick of the censorious paranoid lot of you whining about how we run the site.

But when we do remove comments we normally leave a note to that effect.

Ari Ari 12:58 pm 08 Nov 06

“I just don’t agree with bagging people out using mental illness as a weapon.”

But it’s OK to use their substance abuse as a weapon.

Al Al 12:56 pm 08 Nov 06

If CC and Nyssa are the same person then we have true evidence of split personalities!

nyssa76 nyssa76 12:55 pm 08 Nov 06

RG try again, your sleuthing skills need help.

I just don’t agree with bagging people out using mental illness as a weapon.

Pandy Pandy 12:42 pm 08 Nov 06

Good on’ya Johnboy. You deleted CC’s posts and mine from this morning. What about censoring the whole thread? By encouraging the masses will only make them go blind.

RandomGit RandomGit 12:38 pm 08 Nov 06

I’m actually thinking Nyssa and CC may be the same person actually.

It’s the equal sense of entitlement to prostration to their opinion that gives it away.

Thumper Thumper 12:29 pm 08 Nov 06

I kind of liked the rare Teacup Pine story….

nyssa76 nyssa76 12:02 pm 08 Nov 06


Then again I keep thinking of Cartman from South Park – “screw you hippie!”

Maybe I’m not a hippie afterall.

Danman Danman 11:56 am 08 Nov 06

Nyssa – You hippie 😛

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:46 am 08 Nov 06

Danman, I like the teacup in a tree story.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 11:31 am 08 Nov 06

Umm…yeah. Pretty much.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 11:30 am 08 Nov 06

thankyou AD… I have no issue with being slammed here on RA and I cant take it, so I’ll be sticking around and sorry if this upsets anyone!

simto simto 11:27 am 08 Nov 06

The fact that CC seems unable to write a coherent argument suggests an alternative reason for failure of examinations.

Danman Danman 11:27 am 08 Nov 06

Who cares what she is – chances are if she was not here everyone would be putting in a solid 7.21 at work.

We at least have to thank her for that

besides – althought this may not be of the opinion of everyone here (and let me stress that a million fold) I find her entertaining – not like she is going to harm me by proxy.

Without her – can you imagine how many posts there would be talking about trees with mugs attached to them.

I dunno – maybe I am just tolerant.

terubo terubo 11:17 am 08 Nov 06

Time to take a deep breath and try to make sense of all the frenzy, folks. CC registered with RA and poured out a load of what’s on her mind…but despite the efforts of some to get her to explain the source of her grievance(s), no simple and focussed rendition has yet been offered.

That, coupled with the sheer volume of hair-tearing invective, not to mention the unfortunate self-inflicted nomenclature of ‘CrazyChester’, has swiftly led to a perception that CC is as mad as a hatter.
-I have my doubts about that, but can understand how the whole episode degenerated from a labelling of CC as nutso to berso to outright psycho – thus offending those on RA who champion the rights of the mentally ill.

So what is the source of – to put it mildly – CC’s “unease”? We should be told.

As far as I can make out, and this is probably a misguided interpretation, it appears to lie in certain events that CC claims to have witnessed within the hallowed walls of CIT’s Media department: events that seem to lead to accusations about jackbooted, lascivious and salivating staff harassing and embarrassing students – even, from the sound of it (as they euphamistically say in SE Asia), “outraging their modesty”.

It would appear that a protest vote (namely CC’s) against this type of salacious behaviour might have led to a form of retaliation involving failure of examinations…but this is where the trail runs cold, as the facts lie buried beneath a heaving morass of vituperation, name-calling and general verbal mayhem.

S4anta S4anta 11:03 am 08 Nov 06

I think the bigger issue here in regards to postings is that on many sites personal attacks are ‘moderated'(read:deleted), the good folks are smart enough to assume that all will treat others as they would be expected to be treated yourself. In this case (RiotACT) badly!

johnboy johnboy 10:59 am 08 Nov 06

it’s the “i’ve been here longer than you”, as if that is an argument in its own right rather than something for others to choose to use to apply credence, that I’d rather didn’t take hold.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:55 am 08 Nov 06

really this is some kind of initiation rite on RA isn’t it. New comer says something that offends people and gets slammed, if they can take it they stick around.. if they can’t they don’t.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:47 am 08 Nov 06

sorry no stamp on me that certifies me as “insane”

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