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Life is looking up

More development in the city

By Thumper - 30 May 2007 50

Mr Stanhope’s press groupies have cobbled together this explaining that section 63 of the city is to be sold due to demand for commercial space.

Section 63 is near the Police station and is currently a 700 space car park.

Apparently the deal will be this, the developer has to provide 1000 car parks as well as building a building. Where I ask you?

Under the building I hear you say. Ah yes, but that would be private parking.

So, in his never ending quest to apparently ban motor vehicles from the city area, the government is going to rake in a huge windfall.

We must ask, where the hell is all this money going?

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
More development in the city
Pandy 10:14 pm 30 May 07

That parking spot is worth $35 million. Would a bankrupt government not want to sell it to build a new $22 million multi-deck car park at Canberra Hospital?

Genie 9:30 pm 30 May 07

I thought the ATO were moving offices into the Marcus clark area.. Not aware of DEWR thought they were staying out at the airport.

But seriously if all you people wanna whinge about parking – catch a bus or learn how to carpool.

sepi 9:18 pm 30 May 07

So wouldn’t it be nice to preserve the relatively accessible parking situation we haev now (or had a couple of years ago) instead of selling it all off to developers for short term gain.

I’ve never heard anything positive about the expensive parking in Melbourne, brisbane etc.

boomacat 6:35 pm 30 May 07

I would occasionally drive to work in the Sydney CBD as a treat, it would cost $30 a day for early bird parking (ie arrive before 9am).

el 6:29 pm 30 May 07

Sounds like a reasonable plan if it goes ahead. I have to ask though – what is this ‘parking crisis’ I keep hearing of? Even if I don’t arrive in Civic until 9AM (unusual, I’m usually in by 8) I still never have any problems finding a park. Yes, it costs money, but I knew that when I accepted my current position. $7.50/day is NOTHING compared to most other cities.

Pandy 5:40 pm 30 May 07

Thumper you made a dogs breakfast of that. It was reported on the ABC yesterday and in the CT today.

1000 public spaces to replace the 700 lost PLUS the 1 spot for each 100 square meters of office space for the office workers. The estimated size of the office block is 40,000 sq m Thus that is an additional 400 spaces.

This requirement is part of the parking strategy.

areaman 5:28 pm 30 May 07

DEW as in Environment, learn your APS acronyms dude.
My understanding from Win news last night is that there had to be 1000 public spaces (i’d guess in a multi-story) plus parking for the tenants.

andy 5:23 pm 30 May 07

DEW ? As in DEWR ?
Cause DEWR aren’t moving to Marcus Clarke… they are moving them out to bbp more and more every day

tickboom 4:35 pm 30 May 07

So instead of getting serious about getting some employment base developing in Gungahlin, you undermine the hope for it instead…

Who in their right mind would want to work in Gungahlin?

Maelinar 3:58 pm 30 May 07

p.s. DAFF, Police, DEW, and whatever the other government department that’s moving into Marcus Clark already have dibs on the 1000 carparks…

Maelinar 3:57 pm 30 May 07

boomacat, I’m told I parked on it the other day at the RSPCA walk your dog thing.

Can anybody see what’s coming next ?

I’m no economist, but I think the most likely thing to be gusting through civic in the next few years is tumbleweed rolling down the empty streets, and a boom in development in the areas that have parking.

boomacat 3:05 pm 30 May 07

I would be happy for them to sell of car parking space in the city if they put the money into public transport.

This city parking thing is typical Canberra whinging, where else in the world do people expect to be able to drive into the centre of town and park at low cost?

It’s just a shame that it’s kind of necessary here because of the lack of public transport.

If you ask me the decentralisation of Canberra (ie encouraging people to live and work in Gungahlin) is a big part of the problem. Other cities are moving to centralisation (eg Melbourne 2030 plan or whatever it is) that can be serviced by rapid transport systems.

Canberra has a Futsal stadium???

andy 2:43 pm 30 May 07

I notice they are going to make the futsal stadium a car park.. but where are all the futsal games going to be held ???
Oh.. Wait… heh.

Makes me think of the simpsons..
“And that was the only folly the people of Springfield ever embarked upon. Except for the popsicle stick skyscraper. And the 50-foot magnifying glass. And that escalator to nowhere.”

morgan 2:29 pm 30 May 07

what developers in this town demand, they get!

school closures, a gaol, now section 63… what is next?

what does the local ALP get in return?

Al 2:20 pm 30 May 07

Just friggin brilliant Jon.
So instead of getting serious about getting some employment base developing in Gungahlin, you undermine the hope for it instead…

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