More high-rise for Campbell on Constitution ave

DeadlySchnauzer 7 May 2010 25

Campbellites, get ready for more high-rise on your doorstep. I stumbled across the following documents that apparently show approved buildings due for 2011 completion on the Campbell side of Consitution ave (ie backing on to residential streets).

The existing RSL and small offices look set to be replaced with these 6-9 story glass monoliths. With the ASIO building getting all the publicity, i’m surprised no ones ever mentioned these ones.

Ah well, I say bring on Kingston 2.0 for Constitution Ave.

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25 Responses to More high-rise for Campbell on Constitution ave
MrForthright MrForthright 3:48 pm 19 May 11

I-filed said :

Is this an Australian company? What do they mean by “Returned AND Services League” in the second document?

Hindmarsh is an Australian company. Executive Chairman John Hindmarsh graduated from the Uni of NSW and holds a builders licence in the ACT.

And back in the 80s the Returned Servicemen’s League extended membership to current servicepeople and also ex-servicepeople (including ex-CMF/Reserve) instead of just ex-servicemen returned from a war.

churl churl 2:15 pm 02 Jun 10

churl said :

Interesting that two houses backing onto the RSL development (in Getting Cr) are now for sale.

And passing today, I see that both 18 and 20 Getting failed to sell at auction: now priced at $850 and $1,250k or so.
Buyers scared off by workers in highrise (on RSL site) who will soon be looking down on their backyards?

wishuwell wishuwell 9:34 am 11 May 10

churl two other houses were sold to the developers some time ago.

churl churl 8:29 am 11 May 10

Interesting that two houses backing onto the RSL development (in Getting Cr) are now for sale.

cleo cleo 11:55 pm 10 May 10

All I can say is more wider roads and parking areas, nothing will stop progress!

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 12:23 pm 09 May 10

Threepaws wrote:

“If the ‘monolith’ is glass and you can see through it…”

People who live in glass houses shouln’t get stoned.

DeadlySchnauzer DeadlySchnauzer 8:43 am 09 May 10

Wow, i reckon there are fair number of closet NIMBYs who post in these threads. I am all for the development of constitution ave (as per my original post, it could become a nice kingston 2.0), but you have to at least acknowledge that this impacts residents who are directly adjacent to the area (and no, I am not one of them).

NIMBYs who post things like “these people are all whingers” etc… yeah i’m sure you would be perfectly happy for the house next to you to be replaced with a 9 story building right? You would welcome it with open arms and say “my nice suburban yard is now over-looked by a 9 story office block, hooray!”

Yes these areas are inner city, but the problem is they are all still zoned as RZ1 low density residential, so as high density springs up residents can only either stick it out or sell at a loss.

spinact spinact 10:35 pm 08 May 10

captainwhorebags said :

I think both of those proposed developments look good and don’t fit the description of monolith. I see no reason why Campbell residents need special protection and exemption from having so called “high rise” buildings nearby. That area is pretty much part of the city precinct.

I was disappointed when the NCA canned the redevelopment of Constitutional Avenue. A Paris style boulevard could have been a wonderful addition to the inner north.

I’ll second that, the Avenue is well and truly due for a major make over, but I think you’ll find that the it was the Labor Government that pulled the funding for the redevelopment that was given to the NCA by the previous Government. If I recall the hype at the time I think the pulled funding even cost the NCA some staff.

arescarti42 arescarti42 6:40 pm 08 May 10

…..where are all the nimbies and bananas?

vg vg 4:01 pm 08 May 10

And in other news to hand, the roundabout outside Russell Offices is beind developed

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 12:59 pm 08 May 10

I lives just up da road and it’s fine by me. Constipation Ave has always been allotted to guvmnt, business and association uses and this is the logical continuation. Means some poor little BMW SUV drivers will have 20 seconds more travel time getting home. Won’t affect me because I take the sensible option and ride.

threepaws threepaws 11:59 pm 07 May 10

If the ‘monolith’ is glass and you can see through it, does it really exist?

If it does exist, are you just upset that it is not getting the ‘all the publicity’ like ASIO?

Is it just the sound of one hand clapping?

arescarti42 arescarti42 10:52 pm 07 May 10

Actually why can’t we have more medium density in our suburbs for heavens sake? There are heaps of suburbs in Sydney and other smaller cities in NSW that have medium density units scattered through the burbs. Public transport sure would be a lot more viable.

Ryoma Ryoma 10:32 pm 07 May 10

Good. While I also feel sorry for anyone these alleged “monoliths” are going to tower directly over, I cannot think of a better place for higher density in Canberra than along Constitution Avenue. Close to Civic – check. Public transport services – check. Located in a place which will allow for further housing diversity in future – check.

Drag the attitude of many Canberrans in regards to housing and architecture out of the 1970’s? Will have to wait and see 😉

arescarti42 arescarti42 10:08 pm 07 May 10

DeadlySchnauzer said :

Frano said :

I can assure you these proposed buildings are no “high-rise”. Such developments are great for our fair city.

Hopefully they at least re-zone the residential blocks to medium density so that the owners can sell for decent compensation if they want.

I’m not too sure how the zoning in this city works, but that seems like a win win to me. We encourage more people to live near the city through medium density development in surrounding suburbs, and the people currently living there who want to live their suburban dream can sell their blocks to developers for a fortune and move to a stately home in the suburbs.

sepi sepi 8:32 pm 07 May 10

i would hate to have 9 storeys worth of people in units staring into my backyard.

Tempestas Tempestas 8:11 pm 07 May 10

This post highlights the sense of entitlement that some select residents of Reid & Campbell have felt for a long time.

Logically those two suburbs should have lost all their large blocks and heritage flavours in the same way Braddon, Turner and Ainslie have.

Realistically it would be better for Canberra for both of these suburbs to be razed to the ground and redeveloped as a high quality and high density area.

But as we know logic has never had any input into ACT planning so its no time now. Given the Secret Squirrel monolith being built across the road, these proposals will if anything assist that bit of Constitution Ave look less lost than it has for years.

Imagine how impressive the wide boulevard of Anzac Parade would look if flanked by tall majestic structures instead of quaint upmarket surburbia either side of the tree line.

planeguy planeguy 7:40 pm 07 May 10

Agree that 6-9 stories is not high-rise. I also think that Constitution Ave is perfect for these taller (in a Canberra sense) buildings. Russell is 6 stories, and is right next door.

The buildings pictured aren’t particularly attractive, but oh well.

I-filed I-filed 7:37 pm 07 May 10

Is this an Australian company? What do they mean by “Returned AND Services League” in the second document?

abc abc 6:51 pm 07 May 10

There has been a sign up for the RSL one for about a year now..

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