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More speed/red light cameras

By johnboy - 15 May 2007 52

The ABC reports that in their ongoing efforts to make us slow down and not run red lights, while providing almost no other enforcement of road rules, our Government is going to install more cameras:

“Red light and speed cameras will be installed at the intersection of Canberra Avenue and Captain Cook Crescent; and at the intersection of Gungahlin Drive and Gundaroo Drive.

Speed cameras will also be installed on a number of sites on the Tuggeranong Parkway and the Federal, Barton and Monaro Highways.

We’d love to see some data on the effectiveness of these fixed cameras over time.

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
More speed/red light cameras
bighead 11:44 am 15 May 07

Yeah Ferret, I too wondered why it was not at least 90km/h or 100km/h. It does seem slightly slow along there. But the chances of a crash are huge on that road. Such poor design.

I think that mobile speed cameras are useless. You just brake as soon as you see them. They have to take 2 photos, one from afar and one up close. This is what my brother found out from the police a couple of years back.

As for intersection ones, well as has been stated, simply slow down for the lights and then go again. I noticed at about 12am on Saturday night at the Dickson/Northbourne intersection. The light were green along Northbourne and a little red car with about a 20 year old in it ran the red light from Lynham towards Dickson. Of course the speed and red light camera did not pick it up.

Would we have to put in so many more speed cameras. Personally if they took some of the money they spent and put it into a light rail system around Canberra I would use it. Until such a time they put in a better public transport system I will not use it for my personal use. On that note I should say cheers to the ACTION bus driver who denied one of my fellow staff members entry onto the bus as a concession. He was caring for 9 primary school children at the time. And to make matters better, the bus driver did not wait to let all the children off the bus when they arrived at their stop, he kept driving with kids still on the bus. All worked out in the end.

shauno 11:40 am 15 May 07

“why does it matter if you can do 100 instead of 80?”
Its not the point its the fact that they crap on about safety as the reason for these blanket limits when its total bullshit. Yes in built up areas fine but not on good open safe roads.

ryza 11:34 am 15 May 07

I don’t have a car due to the fact that I live near work and this still pisses me off.
its revenue raising and its that simple. What is the ACT road toll?
The average time idea is not practical as I could go past the first camera wait an hour, drive at 200Km/hr and not get booked.

Mr_Shab 11:31 am 15 May 07

Bang your head against that particular wall all you like, Ferret. I think you’ll find writing to the relevant departments is more cost-effective.

Besides (and no-one ever manages to answer this question) why does it matter if you can do 100 instead of 80? How much difference will it make in Canberra? Two minutes in your drive to work?

shauno 11:25 am 15 May 07

“bonfire: you conveniently chose to omit the context of what I was trying to say – “black spots””

Thats the thing very few of these speed cameras are in black spots and speed over time cameras in Victoria are the worst offenders its purely revenue raising.

Speed limits on open dual lane highways in Australia such as the Hume highway to Sydney should be 150km/hr limit with policing mainly concentrated on common sense laws like stay out of the fast lane.

Its a 130km/hr limit in France with general traffic flow up around 140 to 160 in the fast lane. We can easily handle an increase above that of France because of the reduced population.

Growling Ferret 11:10 am 15 May 07

If there are any speed Cameras installed on Gungahlin Drive, I will assist anyone wanting to perform minor acts of Civil Disobedience.

The road is brand new, absolutely safe and well designed, and 80 f**king KMH limited.

If every piece of underfunded potholed highway in Australia is 100, why is the new bit of GDE not the same speed???

Mr_Shab 10:40 am 15 May 07

Those damn Stalinists and their speed cameras! Call me a softhead, but I think there are greater threats to our liberty than speed cameras.

It’s a tax alright bonfire. But it’s an optional one.

jr 10:36 am 15 May 07

More police on the road? I assume you mean hiding behind trees and bushes jumping out with a laser or radar speed gun.

bonfire 10:28 am 15 May 07

i prefer less surrendering of rights and liberties to automatons.

if govts were serious – they would have more polce on roads.

cameras are a revenue raising tactic, dressed in safety clothing.

instead of fixing the black spots they put cameras there ?

how ghoulish is that.

but if you are happy that road safety is ignored in the service of extracting more taxation from the citizenry then you deserve the dictators you get.

Danman 10:23 am 15 May 07

any accidents that occur are not as a result of ’speeding’ but carelessness or stupidity.

I would have thought going faster than you are experienced to handle would be careless and stupid.

Not saying that you (bonfire) are careless in going that speed – but not everyone is as confident a driver and may not want to drive 150 in a 150kp/h zone – hence reduced speed limits – to make sure the more timid drivers can drive to the environment presented – we already get the shits with people going 50 in an 80 – what happens if we raise the speed limit to say 130 or 150 – those same timid drivers will still go slow – caussing rode rage and reckless driving to go around/avoid them.

Besides – you can be the best driver in the world – but that will not stop a shit driver running into you – and I for one would rather that at 100-110km/h than 150kmh

I think raising the speed limits would be careless and stupid – but I dont agree with exercises purely for revenue raising – i prefer the old Safe-T-cam method – described above.

No one has to agree, this is my opinion and mine alone.

jr 10:01 am 15 May 07

bonfire: you conveniently chose to omit the context of what I was trying to say – “black spots”

bonfire 9:42 am 15 May 07

jr that method of ‘policing’ is simply revenue raising.

the hume in vic is one of the safest, best designed roads in the country. i use it many times a year.

it can easily handle 200kmh plus speeds on most of it. i have routinely sped down it at 150kmh.

any accidents that occur are not as a result of ‘speeding’ but carelessness or stupidity.

when a camera can detect that, let us all know.

redlight cameras i think have more justification in terms of crash prevention.

and what do we want to achieve ? more revenue or less road trauma ?

jr 9:28 am 15 May 07

I would encourage red light and speed camera on every signaled intersection on the basis of safety. You wont run reds and you’ll slow down at the intersections.

Instantaneous speed cameras are purely a revenue raising exercise. They only moderate the traffic in the direct “view” of the camera.. people will speed before and after the unit.

If they were serious about speed cameras then they would implement what has been done on the Hume highway in Victoria – which is speed over time cameras. Your average speed over a distance (hopefully “black spots”) is measured and you cop an infringement if your AVERAGE speed over that designated distance is higher than the limit. Nett effect – that entire stretch of road is treated more seriously.

James-T-Kirk 9:24 am 15 May 07

Fixed cameras only stop dipshits.

If you have a brain, you kow where they are, and slow down for that short stretch.

My last ticket was in NSW, from a cop in a car over 15 years ago. Haven’t been booked locally, and heaven knows I don’t obey the letter of the law…

shauno 9:18 am 15 May 07

“We’d love to see some data on the effectiveness of these fixed cameras over time.”

Yep exactly and I’m waiting to see the figures for the Stuart Highway in NT. I’m willing to bet we don’t see any reduction in deaths from reducing the Unlimited speed limit down to 130km/hr.

Same with on the Federal Highway just a blatant revenue raising exercise. If they want to raise money fair enough just don’t do it under the pretense of safety by telling me traveling at 130km/hr on a twin lane concrete highway is unsafe. Total bullshit. Red light cameras I can agree with though.

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