More speed/red light cameras

johnboy 15 May 2007 52

The ABC reports that in their ongoing efforts to make us slow down and not run red lights, while providing almost no other enforcement of road rules, our Government is going to install more cameras:

“Red light and speed cameras will be installed at the intersection of Canberra Avenue and Captain Cook Crescent; and at the intersection of Gungahlin Drive and Gundaroo Drive.

Speed cameras will also be installed on a number of sites on the Tuggeranong Parkway and the Federal, Barton and Monaro Highways.

We’d love to see some data on the effectiveness of these fixed cameras over time.

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52 Responses to More speed/red light cameras
el el 6:46 pm 16 May 07

but better yet changing drivers attitude and building up confidence in driving – eg, make people more aware of whats on the road, educate young drivers with attempt to change their attitudes.

Unfortunately Anthony that would require the spending of money. The Government is far more interested in receiving money from infringement notices than actually improving road safety. I agree with Bonfire – mounting a speed camera in a ‘blackspot’ rather than actually fixing the road? Disgusting.

el el 6:43 pm 16 May 07

Not even a hint Bonfire?

bonfire bonfire 5:49 pm 16 May 07

no way – too distinctive.

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 5:16 pm 16 May 07

Bonfire, care to share a picture of your oh-so-mighty Stanley???

anthony13 anthony13 4:47 pm 16 May 07

What causes accident: mainly distraction, eg, not looking at the road properly, failing to react, DUI or fatigue. Speed camera will put your eye off the road and you make you check your speedo.

What causes seriousness of accident: It’s difference in speed (not speed). I saw a slow driver doing 60kph in a 100kph, he almost caused some major accidents.

Speed camera will slow down slower driver even more, can cause havoc & frustration on the road.

Excessive speeding is dangerous. I’ve seen people speeding excessively just after passing the cameras.

The cameras will remove black spot, but we’ll get new black spots somewhere else. Then you add more cameras, more black spots, more cameras, more black spots…. it’s a vicious circle.

The vans would be a better option… but better yet changing drivers attitude and building up confidence in driving – eg, make people more aware of whats on the road, educate young drivers with attempt to change their attitudes.

andy andy 10:58 am 16 May 07

jb – an unmarked car would concern me more.. cause i never know who it would be i’m speeding past..
a marked car, i know, and i slow down accordingly.
that’s reactive.. as opposed to proactive.

bonfire bonfire 9:45 am 16 May 07

OYM – the only part of my drivetrai that is standard from the factory is – the block, the valve covers.

everything else from transmission to diff to induction is modified. that includes brakes.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 8:49 am 16 May 07

The idea of having marked cars is that it encourages people to do the right thing, rather than sneakily trying to catch them out. Traffic generally behaves much more sensibly when marked cars are around – especially things such as lane discipline, indicating, use of mobiles, etc.

Dome Dome 8:20 am 16 May 07
Dome Dome 8:12 am 16 May 07

An interesting “speed” link – note the stat. on accidents caused by “exceeding speed limit” . . .…ort-safety.pdf

JC JC 3:58 am 16 May 07

Growling Ferret wasn’t the speed camera in Gungahlin one that is with the red light camera? Maybe the problem is the road was designed for good speed but then they put in inetersections that people like to run red lights on. The speed camera function is secondary.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 10:34 pm 15 May 07

“slowing from approx 115 down to

nothing I guess? That’s why you were not booked – although I’m surprised you were not liberace’d stopped on Canberra Avenue…

dusty dusty 9:11 pm 15 May 07

I was sure I was nabbed on Canberra Ave heading to Qbn a couple of weeks ago by a speed wagon near Harman. As soon as i spotted it I braked significantly, slowing from approx 115 down to

bigred bigred 8:17 pm 15 May 07

just use cruise control on them roads and worries are solved.

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 7:36 pm 15 May 07

I quietly cheered when I noticed the Arboretum sign had been graffitied. I’ve been waiting months for someone else to get then idea…

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:27 pm 15 May 07

You’ve all ignored the fact that sticking to our speed limits saves a lot of $$ on petrol.
-Even more if they lowered them further.

I’d place snipers every kilometre along the road to pick off the speedsters / lane changers / hoon wankers.

Pandy Pandy 6:58 pm 15 May 07

Bonfire an idiot! I would not say that aloud.

However, more to the point, those speed cameras are said to be rotated between pill boxes along the Parkway (btw have you seen that the Aboreteum sign has been graffited?) and with some thing called an in-road camera.

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 6:38 pm 15 May 07

Bonfire, I’d like to know if you did your 150km/h down the Hume in your Stanley Steamer. You’d need a pretty impressive head of steam for that speed! Furthermore, stopping may have been somewhat of a challenge given a Stanley only has expanding shoe drum rear brakes.

johnboy johnboy 6:14 pm 15 May 07

because a marked car makes everyone think about what they’re doing.

By your thinking why not have secret police all over?

andy andy 6:13 pm 15 May 07

cranky, they may record, but they don’t issue fines.
The infra red lights do go off if it’s at night though.

VY_V8 why have them in MARKED cars, why not unmarked..

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