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More Vitriol in the ACT LA – Is Horse Trading Corrupt?

che 7 April 2005 13

ABC have a story on an oppisition lead no-confidence vote in Simon Corbell being raised in the Legislative Assembly due to his compromising of MLA accountability and integrity by making deals with Deb Foskey of the Greens.

In response

Mr Corbell has told the Assembly the motion is an absolute waste of time by a vindictive and hateful Opposition that has lost the plot.

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13 Responses to More Vitriol in the ACT LA – Is Horse Trading Corrupt?
Thumper 9:42 am 12 Apr 05

That is,

An opposition with NO idea….

Thumper 9:41 am 12 Apr 05

Our local goverment is a joke. A party in power who take no responsibility for anything and don’t do anything, an opposition with idea and less intelligence, and a bunch of hangers on who are really sure what they are supposed to do.

Ineptness all around I’m afraid.

LurkerGal 3:48 pm 08 Apr 05

Come on Bonfire, you didn’t like Susan McCarthy??????????

bonfire 3:46 pm 08 Apr 05

by law our involvement in the electoral process is limited to attending a poll booth on election day.

most peopel have no idea who they are voting for, eespecially now that the media favour the presidential style of campaign/media coverage.

the act elections are a mediocrity bonanza.

liberals with no focus.

greens with no idea.

labor with more fake members than real.

democrats damned by federal events.

at the ginninderra ‘meet the candidates’ gig i attended, i was underimpressed by 90 percent of them. I felt mary porter was dim but pleasant, and dundas was excellent but with no chance of reelection.

but as i keep saying – the act doesnt need an assembly. it needs a local council.

2:50 pm 08 Apr 05

How is making a deal to NOT get a labor majority on the commitee compromising accountability? If they hadn’t made this deal it would have been three ALP and two libs, that’s a better outcome for democracy how?

sk8erboi 2:44 pm 08 Apr 05

If you don’t actively encourage others to vote against Labor, then yes, you did re-elect the Stanhope Labor government. Standing for election for anyone other than Labor/Liberal is one very visible way of doing that (although it appears the wrong Green got elected).

LurkerGal 2:22 pm 08 Apr 05

Oh, and for the record, I letterboxed LOTS of suburbs. Shame you didn’t see me….

LurkerGal 2:21 pm 08 Apr 05

So unless you stand for election you have “elected the government”???? DFTS.

Anyway, I voted Labor. And I’m not bitching about them, because I like our Government. But you can’t assume that someone who complains about them voted for them. And your other theory????? Less said the better.

sk8erboi 2:19 pm 08 Apr 05

Didn’t see LurkerGal on the ballot paper, did I?
Didn’t see LurkerGal out letterboxing any suburbs, did I?
Who did your vote end up electing LG???

LurkerGal 1:34 pm 08 Apr 05

Did it occur to you that the people bitching DIDN’T vote for that Government?

sk8erboi 11:48 am 08 Apr 05

You deserve the government you vote for Canberra, corrupt Green included. Quityerbitchin!

vg 11:33 pm 07 Apr 05

Not really a waste of time when its true. Truly amateur politics by amateur politicians

johnboy 10:29 pm 07 Apr 05

So Brendan wasn’t in the room when Kate Carnell was enticing rival MLA’s to leave the Assembly with cruisy public service positions?

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