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Morris Rao charged with Cube stabbing

By johnboy 18 July 2006 23

The Canberra Times reports that Cube’s owner, Morris Rao was hospitalised after the fight on Saturday morning, but he was not the victims of the stabbing, rather he has been charged with it (well, he’s been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm).

Three others (“A 19-year-old from Sydney, a 19-year-old Dickson man and an 18-year-old from Braddon”) have been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Also can one of our CT readers please let Tamara Glumac know that Cube is on Petrie Plaza, not Garema Place? Thanks.

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Morris Rao charged with Cube stabbing
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Ari 1:08 pm 21 Jul 06

Fake tits? Well, it was a Cube drag night.

Absent Diane 12:57 pm 21 Jul 06

absynth….its like fake tits

Ari 12:52 pm 21 Jul 06

Absinthe, Diane?

Absent Diane 12:48 pm 21 Jul 06

the department enjoys steak occasionally…so long as it well done and pepper sauced.

Ari 12:44 pm 21 Jul 06

Do you like steak, Diane?

Absent Diane 12:37 pm 21 Jul 06

well If I was diane I wouldn’t be absent but because I am not diane I am absent. If you care to refer to my full name of Absent Diane of the Imminent Present… it infers that one day in the future maybe I will be diane but at the present moment I am not… but because the present is always imminent and therefore in the future and never actually present… well I am lost but the whole scenario is unlikely.

Anyway my comment was tongue in cheek.. and i know and appreciate that maybe I should be a little more sensitive towards the issue… but I have very little connection to the issue…and therefore my detachment allows me to be a little tongue in cheek….

bib check time

Aimz7 12:12 pm 21 Jul 06

mob family? what is this scarface? Clearly you really are absent!
I hope that the victim doesn’t die and the police do there job well.

Absent Diane 11:59 am 21 Jul 06

so what is it.. happy family or mob family???

Thumper 11:53 am 21 Jul 06

Or family in the big group huggies, we all live in a yellow submarine, friendies forever crap that I really can’t stand.

God, I’m jaded and cycnical….

Let’s the person in hospital recovers and the police get the right result.

Absent Diane 11:50 am 21 Jul 06

so when you say family… maybe you actually mean Family

Aimz7 11:19 am 21 Jul 06

And its accessory after the fact.

Aimz7 11:19 am 21 Jul 06

Yes I know he got charged.

Thumper 11:05 am 21 Jul 06

One big family….

how quaint…

DT 10:38 am 21 Jul 06

Well, one of the staff has been charged with being an accessory for hiding the knife.

Aimz7 11:14 pm 20 Jul 06

No you are VERY wrong! It has everything to do with the staff! They are one big family!

vg 3:36 pm 20 Jul 06

Aside from the manager

vg 3:21 pm 20 Jul 06

It’s nothing to do with the staff of Cube

Aimz7 2:17 pm 20 Jul 06

I think people are forgetting the fact that there is someone’s life at stake here. Not only the victim but the staff at Cube aswell. It doesn’t matter where they got stabbed the fact is that this person could quite possibly die!

Erg0 3:59 pm 18 Jul 06

Simple – a homophobic attack will sell more papers than a simple stabbing, but since the paper doesn’t have any solid evidence that it was sexual preference-related, they’ll have to settle for pointing out that it’s a gay nightclub and allowing our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

“Pillers haven” might get a run if you could use it to imply that a stabbing was drug-related…

andy 3:12 pm 18 Jul 06

and why’s it so important its a “gay club” on Garema Place (sic ?)
i mean, if someone gets stabbed outside mooseheads, is it going to be “a stabbing outside an adfa losers club”
or “a stabbing outside a trendywankers club” (academy)
or “a stabbing outside a pillers haven” (red gecko ?)

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