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Moving Speed Camera Van ?

By eyeLikeCarrots 23 April 2010 16

Ok, so traveling to work this morning across Commonwealth Ave bridge, I found myself behind a white van traveling very slow (30 km/hr) with its hazard lights on. The back of the van seemed to be filled with a black tent material with sneeky looking holes in the canvas.

I overtook on the left and smiled at the 2 swarthy looking chaps in the front, wearing something that looked like an AFP uniform.

As the van pulled off Commonwealth behind me and went to travel down the road underneath the bridge, the hazard lights went off and the vans’ speed picked.

So – does Mr Plod have a new weapon in the battle against people traveling over the speed limit ?

What’s Your opinion?

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Moving Speed Camera Van ?
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tony1306 2:37 pm 26 Apr 10

We spotted a white speed camera van making an illegal right turn at the Dickson McDonald’s drive-thru exit, over the Anzac long weekend. I wish I had my camera ready.

bd84 9:45 pm 24 Apr 10

How many ways do you want it spelt out that it was a standard mobile speed camera van..

They have flashing orange led lights activated in the rear and front windscreens when they are setting up and packing up.

The uniform of staff regulatory services staff (including parking inspectors) is blue these days.

Being parked on the median strip on main roads is where these vans live.

The end.

buzz819 5:17 am 24 Apr 10

Could it have been an ACT Corrections van that pulled over for some reason?? They where a uniform that looks like the AFP when they are sitting down…

gooterz 1:25 am 24 Apr 10

Perhaps one of the road crews taking photos of the road?

Maxxiz 7:39 pm 23 Apr 10

Doubt it.
Did it have the inside amber lights aswell, like the undercover cars? The speed camera vans have hazards aswell as the interior LED amber colour lights.
Most likely though just some twats doing something stupid.

MrNurseRatchet 7:11 pm 23 Apr 10

Speaking from experience and a ~$160 speeding ticket, yes, yes they are exactly what you think they are.

bd84 7:01 pm 23 Apr 10

The mobile speed camera vans are set up with flashing orange lights when the emergency lights are activated. The drivers activate the lights when they are setting or packing up in a location, guessing an OH&S thing. ACT Government rangers have had blue uniforms since the start of the year. The van would have been travelling slowly after pulling off the verge.

NickD 5:41 pm 23 Apr 10

Wraith said :

Who cares, drive round it (to where the camera isn’t pointing) flip em and leave….

Oh and smile too.


Wraith 4:07 pm 23 Apr 10

Who cares, drive round it (to where the camera isn’t pointing) flip em and leave….

Oh and smile too.

Inappropriate 4:02 pm 23 Apr 10

It was probably a speed van that was about to park on location, or was leaving location; they turn on the hazards when they’re coming and going.

astrojax 3:37 pm 23 Apr 10

or it could have been terrorists – be alert, but not alarmed, remember?

troll-sniffer 3:32 pm 23 Apr 10

The van might have been doing calibration checks so that when the prez arrives any anomalies between the data sets would show up… ?

They would have to all three lanes though so unless they have been spotted again, that theory can join the Elvis Presley is Alive folder.

p1 3:05 pm 23 Apr 10

BenMac said :

With a discription like,

“wearing something that looked like an AFP uniform”

doesn’t give me much confidence that is was the AFP.

With a description like that, it is quite possible they they were parking inspector types.

BenMac 1:55 pm 23 Apr 10

With a discription like,

“wearing something that looked like an AFP uniform”

doesn’t give me much confidence that is was the AFP.

Rawhide Kid No 2 1:18 pm 23 Apr 10

AFP don’t do the the Camera Van . The van might be a prerequisite to the Presidents visit. Or that new toy they (the AFP) have to check whether your vehicle is registered or not. You know stuff like that.

deye 12:44 pm 23 Apr 10

They were probably just leaving the position they were located in, or were trying to get into the next position safely. They are often set up in the island in the middle there. It can’t be the easiest thing to get to when there is traffic.

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