Murder in Canberra

Vonbare 11 February 2010 22

We are thinking of holding a murder mystery night for my friend’s hen’s night in June and would love some suggestions on a suitable location for eating, drinking, dining with atmosphere in Canberra and surrounds. We will be a mixed group of ages and abilities.

Anywhere that would be a little spooky and in theme ….any ideas?


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22 Responses to Murder in Canberra
cleo cleo 12:44 am 25 Jun 10

VONBARE: How about the hens night take place in the jail or remand centre then you will get that you know real for feel for such an excting night! Amongst them all – Isnt that the answer you would most prefer to hear and act on? Perhaps the legal system could arrange it for you????

childrenmatter childrenmatter 1:44 am 23 May 10

Does anyone know what is actually wrong with the Justice system in the ACT? No convictions in around 15 years but a couple of murders each year.
I am trying to protect a young child from ongoing domestic abuse with the other parent. So far this has proved impossible due to systemic failures in every ACT Government agency I have accessed.
What is the root cause?

cleo cleo 11:21 pm 21 Feb 10


The murder was 2008 not last year durrrrrrrrr

cleo cleo 12:34 am 20 Feb 10

Buzz if you say you knew one of them, maybe you should be interviewed!

cleo cleo 12:32 am 20 Feb 10

No your wrong wrong wrong, one was an ex-bikie, he hadn’t been a bikie for at least five years before his death,the female was an ex brothel madam about five or six years ago, the murder is a monster, who knew both of them, monster knew the female for twenty years, I don’t know how long he knew the male who was murdered, a few years I think. So you don’t know, they were only all friends together, monster also knifed another friend in Queensland over thirty times, he got three years for grevious bodly harm and attempted murder, so that makes him very dangerous,justice was not done, if he had served a longer sentence the two inoccent victims would be alive today.
So don’t go around saying things you know nothing about, this site is watched by the detectives, I doubt that you were interviewed, only people who knew them were.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 4:05 pm 16 Feb 10

That should read “…one of the victims …”

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 4:04 pm 16 Feb 10

Cloe … I’m not sure who you’re defending here but knew one victims, so I do happen to know what I know.

cleo cleo 12:21 am 16 Feb 10

Trial will start on the 5th October 2010, DPP are going for double murder and arson, just waiting for the back log of the supreme court, thats why it’s taking soooooo long, it just sucks that the families have to wait so long for trial, as they say justice is a slow beast!

a lot is two words a lot is two words 8:09 pm 15 Feb 10

Cleo what’s happening with that case do you know? Haven’t heard anything for a while.

sepi sepi 3:46 pm 13 Feb 10

Clancy’s is long gone. It was great – old style – you could tie a dog up outside. they did get ito line dancing at night, but you can’t have everything…

It was/is part of the old Canberry Fair block next to the servo on the Federal hwy which is slated for tourism, and is full of really old buildings, but it about to become yet more apartments.

Such a shame. the over crowded northside could really do with some local activities.

anonymoose anonymoose 1:25 pm 13 Feb 10

Buzz2600 said :

Clancy’s Pub in Watson.

I never knew there was a pub in Watson or is it closed down now?

cleo cleo 12:07 am 13 Feb 10


Of course you have got it wrong, it wasn’t a love triangle, they were all only friends, an ex-bikee, and no prositution involved, you are one of these persons who start rumours, get your facts straight idiot!

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 10:15 pm 12 Feb 10

I reckon Rose Cottage at Tuggeranong would be worth a look. The party is in June and they have nice warm fires. You mention varying ages and abilities, and they have several buildings all around a courtyard. At night they look a little spoooooky.

LMR LMR 7:10 pm 12 Feb 10

LOL @ paperboy

paperboy paperboy 1:14 pm 12 Feb 10

Doesn’t matter who did it; the cops will never get a conviction

Funky1 Funky1 1:03 pm 12 Feb 10

Didn’t the Carrington out at Bungendore used to run these??
Even if they didn’t, what better place for a Murder Mystery then somewhere that has a resident ghost.

P Taker P Taker 12:48 pm 12 Feb 10

That homestead behind Hume? You could make a cluedo theme there

PM PM 12:01 pm 12 Feb 10

A murder in Canberra? Needs a bikie theme!

misspris misspris 10:48 am 12 Feb 10

Urge’s suggestion sounds good (I’ve heard the food there is excellent).

Rose Cottage might be another good place.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 10:45 am 12 Feb 10

The last *alleged* murder was in Downer last year … a love triangle double murder and arson with links to bikie gangs and prostitution. That should get your guests hearts racing…

Clancy’s Pub in Watson was *alleged* to be one possible watering hole for one of the victims, try there for a starters.

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