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Name our new Hospital

Crikey 30 May 2008 37

The Canberra Times is reporting (see below) that there is a competition to name our new women’s and children’s hospital. Not sure what you win, perhaps a free child birth.

With the talent in here I thought we would be best to come up with a new name.

I’ll kick off with –  The Jon Stanhope Memorial Hospital. 

Hospital name sought

PUT YOUR thinking caps on. A naming competition is now open for the yet-to-be built women’s and children’s hospital as part of a redevelopment of the Canberra Hospital. “In keeping with the establishment of this centre for excellence, we are looking to name this new facility after a woman who has contributed significantly to the advancement of women’s and children’s issues in the territory,” Minister for Health Katy Gallagher said. “As part of the naming process, I will also be seeking the views of the Place Names Committee and will be writing to schools to seek their input into the naming process.” The new hospital will move the paediatric unit, and co-locate it with maternity services, the neonatal intensive care unit, gynaecology and foetal medicine, and specialised outpatient services and is scheduled to open in 2012. Nominations will be open until August 31, 2008, and the public is invited to submit entries at yo ttrh e al tho tarp ri o ri ty@ a c t.go v. att

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37 Responses to Name our new Hospital
PBO PBO 11:20 am 30 May 08

How about “The Derek Zoolander Hospital for people who are sick and want to get better and stuff”. Sorry, but thats all i got right now.

Thumper Thumper 11:21 am 30 May 08

Kate Carnell Memorial Hospital

Canberra Gardener Canberra Gardener 11:28 am 30 May 08

I was going to say “The Katie Bender Memorial Hospital”.

Mælinar Mælinar 11:37 am 30 May 08

Sec, Kaan, Thay and Jast Human Resources Centre for the infirm and unwell.

Thumper Thumper 11:43 am 30 May 08

Moras uma?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:46 am 30 May 08

Bill Henson Childrens Hospital.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:48 am 30 May 08

I vote for the Katie Bender hospital.

That, or Caroline Chisolm.
Immigrant spokeswoman, washerwoman, and ratcatcher.

Thumper Thumper 11:53 am 30 May 08



LG LG 11:55 am 30 May 08

Al Grasby Memorial Hospital?

Siev X Memorial Hospital (they could move the poles)

LG LG 11:55 am 30 May 08

Oh.. and I like AD’s suggestion

Sammy Sammy 12:13 pm 30 May 08

How the hell does Katie Bender fit into “a woman who has contributed significantly to the advancement of women’s and children’s issues in the territory”? Or any of the blokes mentioned. Do you people even read the specification?

Sammy Sammy 12:17 pm 30 May 08

I would think Rosemary Follett would be a good candidate, for these reasons:

* First woman to lead an Australian state or territory government

* Currently the ACT Discrimination Commissioner

* Recipient of the Centenary Medal

* Officer of the Order of Australia

Sammy Sammy 12:20 pm 30 May 08

Actually, i’m not so sure she is still the ACT Discrimination Commissioner, but the point still stands.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 12:32 pm 30 May 08

The Michael Jackson Centre for Explosive Medical Excellence.

farout farout 12:42 pm 30 May 08

Seymour Beaver Gynaecology Centre and Wee Butts Pediatric Unit

poptop poptop 12:46 pm 30 May 08

Don’t you have to be dead to have stuff like this named after you by the Government? While that works for Katie Bender, it will involve another fiddly step in the project for most of the others.

I’ll put in an early vote for Sylvia Curley. She’s dead, she was local, she worked in the health trade and they still owe her after imploding Sylvia Curley house, along with the rest of the old hospital. I don’t think the old dairy flat bridge is enough.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:04 pm 30 May 08

Kate Carnell has the fact she worked in the medical(pharmacy) profession working in her favour, and that she’s considered a notable local who has worked for women’s issues at some point, but naming a hospital after her would also have the effect of ensuring ACT Liberals were never elected again.

Besides, she is dead (politically).

justbands justbands 1:05 pm 30 May 08

> I was going to say “The Katie Bender Memorial Hospital”.

Me too. It’s perfect.

sepi sepi 1:34 pm 30 May 08

Do we really need this ‘centre of excellence’?

Wouldn’t it be better to actually concentrate on fixing up any one of the health areas in which we lag behind the national average. We are behind in every single area according to the paper today.

eg: waiting times
Eye surgery in ACT – 173 days
Nationally – 71 days.

Semi-urgent emergency wait in ACT – 63 mins
Nationally – 36 mins.

The report says the waiting times in our hospitals are the longest in the country.

ant ant 1:59 pm 30 May 08

Agree, Sepi.
And if we must have it, it should be called a Mothers’ and Children’s hospital, as it seems to be primarily focussed on procreation activities and the results of same.

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