Narrabundah Tyre Slasher (yes again)

fukuro 13 November 2010 30

Look, we just can’t take it anymore. I don’t know who it is or what their problem is but as a young family on a low wage we cannot afford to keep replacing our tyres all the time.

We’ve had 3 single incidents of 1 tyre being slashed on different nights – but last night they’ve slashed all 4 tyres of our only car in our driveway. No verge or street parking to be seen…

So.. who is interested in catching this bastard once and for all. Its been going on way too long, I cannot believe they haven’t been caught and whilst I understand its difficult to catch them I also see that many people have experienced the same thing.

Even this post is pointless I guess as the perpetrator is probably reading, if so, thankyou very much mate, as you can see we have 2 small child restraints in our car and you are not only putting us in danger but also my innocent children. May maggots infest your undergarments.

So upset. 🙁

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30 Responses to Narrabundah Tyre Slasher (yes again)
Jivrashia Jivrashia 6:12 pm 23 Aug 11

farnarkler said :

Your name sounds Japanese. Perhaps the Yakuza could give you a hand………..and cut off the offenders’

Little weener??

I think I’ve been watching too many speeding ads…

damien haas damien haas 5:58 pm 23 Aug 11

lilykins said :

this happened to me about seven times when i was living on sturt ave back in 2007. if the problem’s been going on for that long (and still happening), the police probably won’t ever do anything to stop it.

I have cameras pointed down my driveway 24 hrs a day. IR CCTV or IP Cams are pretty cheap. Drop into Jaycar and talk to the blokes there.

Collect the evidence and present it to the AFP. The Lord helps those who help themself.

lilykins lilykins 4:32 pm 23 Aug 11

this happened to me about seven times when i was living on sturt ave back in 2007. if the problem’s been going on for that long (and still happening), the police probably won’t ever do anything to stop it.

breda breda 10:13 am 15 Nov 10

Without being too specific, what part of Narrabundah are you in?

I live here as well and have not heard of any such problems. Sorry to hear this is happening – and having them come on to your property at night must be very disturbing.

There are some pretty good social networks around here to deal with this kind of stuff. We had a bit of schoolkid vandalism a while back that was quickly nipped in the bud with a combined community and school response. A few would-be burglars have also discovered that the pickings are not as easy as they thought.

If you are in Old Narrabundah (the half around the shops), call in to the newsagency and talk to John and Cheryl Keeley, the proprietors. They can help with contacts and suggestions.

fukuro fukuro 9:54 am 15 Nov 10

Thankyou everyone, really, it was nice to read so many people wanted to help and I’ve got lots of useful information so thankyou 🙂
We just moved here from interstate at the beginning of the year and our rental we had lined up in Chifley fell through so we took what we could get in the peak time and here we are :p

Our lease is up in a month or so, so we will definitely be moving. It really is a shame, Narrabundah is really a beautiful suburb with the birds and the trees and its proximity to the rest of Canberra is amazing.

Yes we do have dogs, ironically they are kept inside at night from 6pm until the morning to avoid disturbing neighbours during the night. If we left them outside there is no doubt the coward wouldn’t be so bold as to come up our driveway!! But its a catch 22 when renting, you don’t want to annoy the neighbours and you want the security of having your dogs out during the night.

I completely agree that whilst I’d like to take to this piece of turd with a baseball bat it would be a stupid move, and I’m not exactly an ironwoman. I think the cameras would be a good idea but I read another post saying that footage of some dude in a hoodie would be pretty much useless to police. If we weren’t renting we would have a security light up for sure, that would solve much of the problem!

Unfortuntately our real estate agent/owner couldnt really care less (infact they don’t even care enough to come and fix the tiles on our bathroom floor which have lifted off and broken everywhere – try negotiating that with a 4 yr old and 6 month old, pretty sure that’s a violation of some kind of health and safety regulation but that’s a whole other post ! )

So I suppose all we can do is deter them from striking us again for the moment, the wireless door chime is an awesome idea. I just hate it how someone can get away with this for so long, its happened to so many people!!! Perhaps one day he/she will do it to an off duty police officer who can apply force and arrest, or at the very lease some guy who works nightshift and is built like a brick shithouse.

I feel a little uneasy, as its like they are monitoring us every day. After we first realised our tyres were being slashed from parking on the verge (yeah I’d like to see this guy get 2 small kids from a car into the house in -3 temps and rain in winter from a driveway that is on the opposite side of the front door ! My Bad!! ) we always put our car in the driveway. We forgot one night to put it in the driveway after floriade (the rain kids to front door issue when we got home) and our tyre was done that night! So they obviously roam my street regularly, even daily. The attack the other day though, 4 tyres while our car was parked in our driveway – really concerning. Usually they only do 1, and usually only if you park on the verge so either we’ve really jacked them off or they are completely random and there is no motive behind it, Hoping for #2 as my 4 year old’s bedroom is the side of the garage and I don’t really like the thought of someone roaming up there with a sharp object 🙁

Anyway thankyou for letting me vent and for all your suggestions, its been most helpful. I hope next time they attack someone that has the means and the manpower to stop this once and for all.

Captain RAAF Captain RAAF 8:42 am 15 Nov 10

In Narrabundah? I thought we had a topic on this joint a couple of weeks ago espousing the suburbs delightful nature and general all-round safeness?

Move house or go Ford Torino on thier arses because only you can sort this problem out.

Pitchka Pitchka 8:37 am 15 Nov 10

Its all well and good to camp out and deliver some justice to the wanker doing the slashing, but don’t forget he is carrying a knife, so may i suggest a baseball bat be in the near vicinity..

gdt gdt 3:24 am 15 Nov 10

We had a group of tyre slashers in Port Adelaide. It’s an old area and many houses lack driveways. You’d wake up in the morning, walk outside to go to work and the entire street would be jacking up their cars to remove the two road-side tyres (A hint, the new tyres go on the footpath-side, if the slashers strike again at least you’ll have four new tyres). The slashers were slowly driving the residents paranoid; after two or three episodes people were sleeping in their cars. Such was the frustration that the police started to become very concerned that a resident would catch the slashers and apply a little too much rough justice. Whilst the police claimed to have intelligence pointing to the perpetrators the slashings continued and the police response was ineffective.

Eventually the slashers overreached and had a spree outside a meeting of a one percenter motorcycle club. The following issue of the local freebie paper contained a classified from the club with a substantial reward for whole or part of one or more of the slashers, in working order or otherwise (and to have run that ad you’d have to think that the editor had experienced a little tyre trouble herself.) That ad pretty much put a stop to it. There’s no doubt in my mind if the slashers had been caught they’d have been roughed up and delivered to the motorcycle club for “disposal” (insert comment about thinness of veneer of civilisation, blah, blah, blah).

MJay MJay 2:13 am 15 Nov 10

A dummy camera (available from dick smith and the likes) would be a cheap option and perhaps be enough deterrent to keep the scumbags away if sign posted well with signs saying ‘property under surveillance’ etc.

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 10:53 pm 14 Nov 10

Wow! We seem to have an army of internet blogging vigilantes. We can all sleep safer tonight! 6:40 pm 14 Nov 10

I-filed said :

What a bummer. If you’re having to pay so much to replace tyres, how about investigating the cost of getting a security camera installed at your house, along with a movement sensor light? You might be able to get a good price if you tell your story to an electronics shop – I’m sure they will sympathise!

I was thinking the exact same thing. A security camera is much cheaper than 4 new tyres.
Hey fukuro (ahh, interesting name by the way, who’s ro?), I can do even better than that. I have sitting at home a never been used (much) before wireless video camera and reciver with an (allegedly) one hnundred metre range. The unit plugs into things like a TV, video recorder etc via a yellow and white cable which I do not have.

Drop me an email at fs at urbanadventure dot org before the 23rd November and I’ll happily lend it to you free of charge for a month or so if you want, on the proviso that I get it back, and that you do the responsible thing with the video captured. EG, don’t go killing the bastard, no matter how much they deserve it. I also second the ise of getting a motion sensor light installed.

I think that’s a pretty low act, and yeah, obviously those tyres must cost you a heap. Not good when you are on a low income.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 3:37 pm 14 Nov 10

I just bought one of the cheap non-light-beam motion sensors door bells for the traditional application. If you’re looking for one they are $20 at jaycar.

Brianna Brianna 2:47 pm 14 Nov 10

Auntyem, a really good idea about the door chimes. Affordable in the short term. Not everyone is able to move house.

farnarkler farnarkler 10:38 am 14 Nov 10

Your name sounds Japanese. Perhaps the Yakuza could give you a hand………..and cut off the offenders’

Auntyem Auntyem 9:24 am 14 Nov 10

We got security cameras that record to a hard drive (with night vision) and they%u2019re fantastic. They cost under a thousand bucks (four cameras) and in the long run they%u2019ve really paid for themselves.

In the interim, while I was saving up for the cameras, I got a couple of cheap battery operated door chimes and placed them in places in the yard so that if anything crossed their path they%u2019d go off.

I put them about chest height so they wouldn%u2019t be set off by animals. For about two weeks they%u2019d go off occasionally at night and that gave us time to get up and check things out. I%u2019d move them around each night and after a while they didn%u2019t go off any more and I suspect it was because whoever was hanging around didn%u2019t like the surprise of the noise.

What I really wanted to do was tool up with a few guns and wait on the roof every night, but hubby wouldn%u2019t let me %u2013 he%u2019s such a kill joy.

q-hole q-hole 10:41 pm 13 Nov 10

Happy to furnish and brandish baseball bats, cricket bats, shovels, rakes, knuckle-dusters or whatever it takes.

When we catch him we will slash more than his tyres.

In the meantime, I trust you’re looking for another place in a more friendly neighbourhood?

screaming banshee screaming banshee 8:59 pm 13 Nov 10

Where’s that guy in the white van when you need him?

He can beat the snot out of the tyre slasher and steal his phone to boot.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 7:58 pm 13 Nov 10

Set up some cans and other items in such a manner that people approaching will set them off to make a racket from hell.
This will alert you to their presence without having to stand guard.

The Frots The Frots 7:58 pm 13 Nov 10

I think that you really need to do a night shift my friend…………..and everything that happens after that stays with you…………remember, three can keep a secret if two are dead!

And no, I’m not advocating you kill them………………….really, I’m not…….really………….just some attitude behavioural changes should do the trick. Let us know how you go!

Brianna Brianna 5:30 pm 13 Nov 10

It is something to wonder about. It really does sound like a vendetta. Try and arrange for some surveillance cameras. Do you talk with your neighbours? Does anyone else in the area have similar problems? Start a neighbourhood watch group. Good luck and WHEN you catch the maggots, publicise it.

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