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Naughty naked DSL

By seekay - 16 June 2009 29

Optus – amazingly – say they can’t get a line from Telstra to run into our new home in Red Hill. 

I say they can go and get screwed – but I also always say “Don’t get even, get ahead.”

It’s time to stick two fingers up at the telcos and go for naked DSL.

What services are good in the ACT and what are bad  ?

What’s Your opinion?

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Naughty naked DSL
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el 4:44 pm 17 Jun 09

although people are correct in saying most any connection will still involve a lease of the copper line from the exchange to your house, which is owned by telstra.

Yep. A place I was living in in Woden was due to lose it’s ADSL2 access (thru iinet) due to the relocation of a Telstra sub-exchange.

And yes, iinet definitely DO charge for uploads with their naked plans.

pembina 4:20 pm 17 Jun 09

Another for iiNet.

Years ago, I did a comparison of broadband providers using forums and and decided to call up iiNet (whom I’d never even heard of at the time) based on what I heard about their service and the packages I saw.

A year or so later, Telstra called to ask if there was a way they could help me save on broadband. I told the guy calling that I was with iiNet, how much I paid per month and what my download limit was and asked him if he had anything better at ADSL2+ speeds. He said, “No, that’s pretty good, actually.” I told him he ought to check it out himself and the Telstra guy says, “I will.”

I agree with everything said above about their customer service as well, including that I have always spoken to a competent person – whether they had a foreign accent (like myself) or not.

p1 11:04 am 17 Jun 09

@Jerry Atric, i have zwhat sounds like the same iinet deal, and they DO count my uploads. Maybe you signed up before the started doing it?

jazza 9:53 am 17 Jun 09

personally i use exetel naked adsl2+, i get excellent download speeds and quota for a very low price. i’d heartily recommend them.
although people are correct in saying most any connection will still involve a lease of the copper line from the exchange to your house, which is owned by telstra. i think even transact uses those copper lines? unless you have mad expensive FTTH.

Jerry Atric 8:45 am 17 Jun 09

I have used iinet naked dsl for the last 18 months without a hitch. My kids have it in Brisbane which means free calls from them as well as to them. We have never had a
sound quality problem. Uploads are NOT included in the allocation, I have 16 gigs a month for 59.95 all up, and this includes all local and national calls to fixed lines. Call costs overseas are minimal, around 2c a minute. The only expense is the cost to mobiles which indicates how much the telcos are ripping us off. The setup and cost of a good wireless VOIP router is soon amortised. My phone/internet bills are always around $70 a month

Check that they can operate from your local exchange. If not try another firm (you may have to be content with basic ADSL, but even that should be cheaper than the scam deals offered by the telcos.)

(PS: I DON’T work for iinet!)

JC 5:13 am 17 Jun 09

Jono said :


Been very happy with iiNet – very speedy, reliable internet and the times I’ve had to call their support line they’ve been polite and very helpful. And while I believe their after-local-hours support is outsourced internationally, the guy I spoke to sounded like a South African, which was a pleasant change from speaking to Mumbai (or wherever) with TPG.

They are WA based, which would explain the South African accent. I have been with them since the early dial-up days when Ozemail was seperate and cannot speak highly enough. Biggest killer is price, but that is common for all good Aussie ISP’s

Ivan76 12:43 am 17 Jun 09

I stopped using Telstra Mudpond a few years ago when it took a total of 4 1/2 hours over 2 days of phone calls just to reset my email password as each person I spoke to kept dumping my call to another department.

I also kept getting bills for months after closing the account.

iiNet sounds good but as bd84 stated without a phone line you may have trouble..

bd84 10:23 pm 16 Jun 09

Wasting your money with Bigpond, why would you pay $60 for the slowest connection possible, when you can source a top speed reliable connection from most other ISPs for cheaper. Hell I cancelled and transferred my connection a year ago and I keep getting bills from them. They suggested I log onto my bigpond account when I’m not even a customer.

If you can’t get a phone line from Tesltra, you’re screwed. Naked DSL won’t work without a working phone line.

MrPC 10:20 pm 16 Jun 09

@Jono: iiNet’s customer service is not outsourced. It’s all in house, staffed by their own employees. They have call centres in Auckland (mornings/daytime), Sydney (daytime), Perth (afternoons/evenings) and Cape Town (evenings/overnight).

In 2004-05 I worked at their Melbourne call centre prior to it being closed (they didn’t need 2 call centres in AU EST).

Outsourced suggests that the employees are somebody else’s employees. They’re not. They’re simply offshored out of hours. It saves on penalty rates. Funnily enough penalty rates costs more than international VoIP.

@Jono (again): As for TPG, their support is in Manilla. Filipino call centre workers usually speak fairly good English, except for the Boston accents.

@p1: With Naked DSL you aren’t specifically paying line rental. You pay an amount to the ISP, and a (very small) amount of that money ends up with Telstra. Substantially less money than just about every alternative. If you dislike Telstra as much as I do, it’s about as good an option as you can get.

I am looking forward to RuddFTTH though.

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