NCA forcing car clubs off the grass?

johnboy 11 February 2009 17

The Canberra Times has an interesting snippet on moves by the National Capital Authority (NCA) to stop Canberra’s vintage car clubs doing their show and shines on the grassed parts of the Parliamentary Triangle.

The car clubs are unfortunately dragging the tent embassy into the debate:

    Coordinator of the Canberra Chapter of the Vintage Sport Car Club, John Phillips, said the decision, apparently taken in December, would significantly reduce tourism to Canberra.

    He questioned why the Aboriginal tent embassy was permitted to occupy national land illegally when car clubs had been banned.

Apparently a major community amenity is being curtailed so the NCA groundsmen can lead a quieter life.

We could ban visitors from the triangle entirely and all would be eternally perfect!

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17 Responses to NCA forcing car clubs off the grass?
seekay seekay 8:56 am 11 Feb 09

Why unfortunately? The tent embassy is an eyesore inhabited by some left-over seventies people peddling discredited ideologies. I still remain amazed the Howard government lacked the balls to put a bulldozer through it – particularly given what the Victorian Labor government did to a similar band who tried some funny business in Fitzroy Gardens.

caf caf 9:02 am 11 Feb 09

It’s supposed to be an eyesore and it’s supposed to make you uncomfortable. Sounds like it’s working.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 9:12 am 11 Feb 09

Again – what are these guys there for? It seems the NCA is good at saying no to lots of stuff (water spout only on for a couple of hours a day etc)but no so good at doing what we expect them to do. Provide a national capital with the amenities that we can al be proud of….

p1 p1 9:24 am 11 Feb 09

It is unfortunate because the situation is polar opposites – car clubs couple of times a year vrs political demonstration ongoing for years.

I can’t believe that the NCA would make such a statement, what is the grass there for exactly?

p1 p1 9:24 am 11 Feb 09

Although the Summernats grass driving event should probably be kept out of the parliamentary triangle.

toby101375 toby101375 9:39 am 11 Feb 09

NCA is nothing but a bunch of self serving pack of a.holes. They should have been completly disbanded not just cut in half.

Thumper Thumper 10:03 am 11 Feb 09

Maybe the car clubs could just set up tents or claim they are living in their cars?

Swaggie Swaggie 10:12 am 11 Feb 09

Just go ahead and do it guys – stuff the NCA

MsCheeky MsCheeky 2:08 pm 11 Feb 09

The article in the paper suggested that the events could be held on a hard surface such as a car park. Middle of summer in Canberra, I know what surface I’d rather spend the day on, to say nothing of the paucity of trees in car parks. And its just so nice there, which adds to the rather genteel atmosphere of these events. It will be a loss if this stupid decision is implemented.

The NCA need to realise that Canberra is home to people who want to live in their city, not just have it the subject of pristine maintenance.

bd84 bd84 9:31 pm 11 Feb 09

I’d give them permission to park on the site of the aborignal squatters. The more they take out the better.

cranky cranky 10:32 pm 11 Feb 09

What do the NCA expect these areas to be used for?

As residents of this city, why are we to be denied access?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:47 pm 11 Feb 09

Well, Auto Italia should be safe, but the Shannons Wheels (all marques) day looks in danger, so too the Battle of Waterloo (British v French marques). German Autofest will be an interesting debate, I guess, technically, Rond Terraces is inside the PT.


Kroozer Kroozer 10:04 pm 15 Feb 09

Many other auto displays/shows will also lose out. Let’s face it, there’s not much left for auto enthuisiasts in Canberra. But why are just car shows being targeted – this seems pretty hypocriticial of the NCA when many other activities held on Commonwealth land cause a great deal more stress to grassed areas – Australia Day celebrations, Balloon Fiesta and Multicultural festival to name a few – and what about Floriade and all other events held in Commonwealth Park? Give us a break and be fair – why should car clubs not have the same rights as other groups? Bad form NCA – how about some public consultation? Invite the car clubs in to talk it over – let’s work together for a positive outcome!

vg vg 10:59 pm 15 Feb 09

caf said :

It’s supposed to be an eyesore and it’s supposed to make you uncomfortable. Sounds like it’s working.

If there were any Aboriginal people there I may feel something other than humour when I look at the clowns who occupy that space.

I don’t think the tent embassy has made anyone feel uncomfortable for at least the last 25 years. True Aboriginals are ashamed of the place

p1 p1 11:20 pm 15 Feb 09

…when many other activities held on Commonwealth land cause a great deal more stress to grassed areas…

What about that Foreshore music festival? I’m pretty sure it chopped up the grass…

willo willo 12:45 am 16 Feb 09

the parliament house lawns belomg to the taxpayers right?
well i’m a taxpayer
all car clubs feel free to use my lawn at parliament house

willo willo 12:49 am 16 Feb 09


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