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Never Rent From Yaoxiang Wang and Shefang Bian

By 54-11 - 23 July 2009 19

The Civil & Administrative Tribunal has just posted a recent tenancy case, Xia and Yaoxiang Wang and Shefang Bian, which should give any tenant cause for thought about toxic landlords.  The Tribunal noted that the landlord “made constant unsubstantiated assertions of dishonesty on the part of the tenant and her parents”.  The ACAT also quoted from a previous 2007  tenancy case involving Wang & Bian, where:

    “this lessor continues to rent premises in wilful disregard of the provisions of the legislation, with no regard for the rights of the tenants and that his dealing with the tenants who have made application to the RTT have been characterised by bullying and deceit on the lessors’ part. In the opinion of the Tribunal both Mr Wang and Ms Bian are witnesses of little credit and their appearance before the Tribunal has been characterised by offensive and insulting behaviour directed at both tenants and Tribunal members”.

In its final paragraph, the ACAT “found as a fact that each of unlawful or inappropriate actions carried out by the lessors at para 156 above constitute breaches of the tenant’s quiet enjoyment. Even if these actions fell short of a constructive unlawful eviction they were so severe as to in fact cause the tenant to vacate the premises”.

Beware these toxic landlords.

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Never Rent From Yaoxiang Wang and Shefang Bian
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Jivrashia 2:38 pm 24 Jul 09

Have to disagree with most of the posts above.

This case has less to do with landlord vs tenant, but two parties completely losing the plot, and the tenant’s mother being in the ruck did not helped the situation either.

The thing that discredited the landlord more than the tenant is that they’ve tripped over too many legal wires. But it appears that the tenant lead on the landlord at several points (agreeing to show parents’ proof of income to allow her to rent for less).

ant 1:10 pm 24 Jul 09

Adn sadly, it’s a dead cert that they’ll be at-it again as soon as they can be.

Mr Evil 12:31 pm 24 Jul 09

I foreign – Aussie law not apply to me……..

ant 11:16 am 24 Jul 09

Not a good situation, and kudos to the girl/s for taking it to law. This kind of thing highlights the delightful human propensities to greed and bullying. I bet there’s heaps of similar cases where the browbeaten tenant forgoes their money and just creeps off out of the rental.

At least in Australia there is recognition that the little guy often needs protection from the big guy, and it’s the government’s role to provide it. In the US, tenant protection is very targetted to a narrow range of issues, with the general and common issues being left to the tenant to sort out by getting a lawyer and engaging in a civil suit, which is expensive and difficult enough to deter most people.

PBO 9:21 am 24 Jul 09

Looks like wordpress does not like chinese charactors.

PBO 9:20 am 24 Jul 09

eyeLikeCarrots said :

Does anyone know how to say “GIVE ME MONEY” in Chinese ?


Pandy 11:50 pm 23 Jul 09

Why do they do this sort of thing?

Clown Killer 11:39 pm 23 Jul 09

These guys don’t run a coffee shop called Loui’s do they?

Granny 10:00 pm 23 Jul 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Scumbag landlords like this don’t seem to realise that there’s better return to be had by treating your tenants as clients.


Wraith 8:15 pm 23 Jul 09

Easy to say, harder to do around here, but find another house if possible, then leave, but leave “presents” behind for the landlord to find.

54-11 4:26 pm 23 Jul 09

2-post nutbag – I should also point out that in two of the cases the tenants were single young women who would appear to have been vulnerable to this sort of bullying.

54-11 4:24 pm 23 Jul 09

farq, the way the judgement reads, and also previous judgements back to 2003 (these people are serial pests), they always do it themselves. They start off OK, but then degenerate into personal abuse. A pattern of behaviour that pretty noxious.

DarkLadyWolfMother 4:23 pm 23 Jul 09

I wouldn’t want to tar all landlords with that bush, bloodnut. I’ve had some shockers in the past, but my current landlord is someone I’m very happy to continue to rent from. Perhaps few and far between but good ones do exist.

bren 4:22 pm 23 Jul 09

The ACAT finding does not mention a Property Manager. So it’s fair to say they didn’t engage one.

Qbn Gal 4:19 pm 23 Jul 09

I doubt landlords such as these have a property manager.

farq 3:58 pm 23 Jul 09

Was there a property manager involved? If so, I wonder which one.

You would think professional and ethical standards would force the agent to drop the landlord from their books.

Scumbag landlords like this don’t seem to realise that there’s better return to be had by treating your tenants as clients.

eyeLikeCarrots 3:44 pm 23 Jul 09

Does anyone know how to say “GIVE ME MONEY” in Chinese ?

bloodnut 3:24 pm 23 Jul 09

Read ‘all landlords’.

i found in the past that a simple ‘We’ll just sort it out at the residency tenancy tribunal then…’ used to quickly shut my real estate agent up.

i also liked how the links in this post all worked well.

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