New $1 million playground to revitalise the heart of Gungahlin

Lachlan Roberts 24 July 2019 33

Labor member for Yerrabi Suzanne Orr has been campaigning for better play and green space in the town centre since 2017. Photo: George Tsotsos.

A new playground and more green space are set to revitalise the heart of Gungahlin, as the ACT Government allocates $1 million to new play space in Gungahlin Place.

The project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, will deliver playground and landscaping improvements on the central median between Efkarpidis Street and Hibberson Street in the Gungahlin Town Centre.

The new playground has been designed for children of all ages to complement the existing playground and will include a range of play equipment including a birds nest swing, stepping stones, stepping stumps, walking planks, drum kit, talking tubes and totem poles.

The playground will be resurfaced with rubber soft fall and surrounded by trees and garden beds contained by a fence adjacent to the existing road. The works will also include new turf and a new bike rack shelter installed on site.

The ACT Government’s design for the new playground. Image: Supplied.

Labor member for Yerrabi Suzanne Orr has been campaigning for better play and green space in the town centre since 2017 and she believes the play space will improve the overall amenity of the Gungahlin Town Centre.

“These improvement works will help create a great place for children and adults to play and rest right in the heart of the Gungahlin Town Centre,” Ms Orr said.

“I think it is fair to say that there has been a wish from the community to see this particular area invested in.

“This area is pretty much all concrete and a few trees so to see the addition of grass and more trees and some nature play opportunities as well would be welcomed by the community. It will be quite different to what we have had previously.

“This will really revitalise this area and it will bring a bigger focus to this part of the town centre. This project will make this area a focal point where we will see people come here to meet friends and sit out here in the sun after doing grocery shopping.”

The existing playground will be closed during the works. Photo: George Tsotsos.

The ACT Government has allocated $1 million to the project while the Gungahlin Rotary Club has made a $12,000 investment, a move which highlights how valued the new play space will be to the Gungahlin community.

“This project has a strong focus on community, and as part of this, we have been working with the Gungahlin Rotary Club, who have donated $12,000 for the birds nest swing and a refurbished bench adjacent to the swing,” Ms Orr said.

“I think the donation from Gungahlin Rotary Club really shows how Gungahlin Place is really valued by the community and they want it to be the best it can be.

“It is great to see this community interest in the project and we know this will be a much used and loved local playground when completed.”

The existing playground will be closed during the works, with the playground expected to reopen by late 2019.

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33 Responses to New $1 million playground to revitalise the heart of Gungahlin
Zahidul Alam Zahidul Alam 11:26 pm 28 Jul 19

It will be revitalised as all the parents just love taking their kids to centre

Darron Marks Darron Marks 9:24 pm 26 Jul 19

Have a big whinge why don't you Tuggeranong 🙄

Megan G Guarino Megan G Guarino 5:18 am 26 Jul 19

That’s great news. In Italy at the moment and people of all ages come out into the green spaces to relax and socialise. Much more fun than sitting inside in front of 📺 or 📱. We need more of this in all suburbs. Thanks go to our Gungahlin member for working hard to organise this for us🙏🥰

Dave Lenihan Dave Lenihan 10:11 am 25 Jul 19

$1 000 000 for a playground?

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:25 pm 24 Jul 19

Someone in the government has suddenly realised that apartments don’t have backyards.

Phillip Weier Phillip Weier 8:52 pm 24 Jul 19

And across the road from young and frisky 😉🤣

Mat Barber Mat Barber 8:15 pm 24 Jul 19

Hope it has a fence, the people up here are constantly complaining about the lack of fences, sure they could just watch their children play but their phones are more important

    Kate Carey Kate Carey 11:38 pm 24 Jul 19

    Mat Barber a three year old can race on to a road in seconds. A fence can slow them down just long enough for an Inspector Gadget-style parental lunge, phone or no phone.

    Darron Marks Darron Marks 9:20 pm 26 Jul 19

    I asked for a fence to be erected and for the speed limit of the buses to be lowered from 40kmh. It looks as if both recommendations have been implemented so I am happy they have included this.

Loris Manns Loris Manns 7:01 pm 24 Jul 19

Should be much nicer than just concrete. Greenery is needed.

Kate Cuthbert Kate Cuthbert 6:53 pm 24 Jul 19

Why only in Gungahlin? I havent seen a decent upgrade or new playground in Belconnen anywhere recently?

Feli Cia Feli Cia 6:47 pm 24 Jul 19

Just what Gungahlin needs, another construction site and traffic delays haha

Daniel Absolom Daniel Absolom 6:36 pm 24 Jul 19

Jamie-Leigh Fardell

Told you there was a good vibe out there

Mick Devine Mick Devine 6:28 pm 24 Jul 19

Look Henry -even more playgrounds for the North!!Unsurprisingly, nothing for the rest of us!!

    Jerome Boland Jerome Boland 6:33 pm 24 Jul 19

    Mick Devine how about the new nature Play spaces currently under construction in Woden and Farrer?

    Mick Devine Mick Devine 6:36 pm 24 Jul 19

    Which are 7km and 14km, respectively, from where I live, so a little too far for my kids I’m afraid!

    Rob Sanders Rob Sanders 7:39 pm 24 Jul 19

    Oh they just opened some new ones in Molonglo where literally no one lives (yet), completely ignoring the established suburbs. Blind Freddy couldn't be worse at planning.

    Stuart Herring Stuart Herring 11:20 pm 24 Jul 19

    They're building things in unfinished suburbs but they're not building things in built suburbs! Clearly the suburbs that already had money spent building them need the money earmarked for the suburbs that still have building to do, otherwise it's not fair!

    Warren Young Warren Young 11:25 pm 24 Jul 19

    Probably no need for community consultation when building in am uninhabited area.

    Alexandra Craig Alexandra Craig 11:46 pm 24 Jul 19

    Rob Sanders I live in Molonglo... with thousands of other people 🤔

    Kieran Angus Kieran Angus 4:05 pm 28 Jul 19

    Guess where the majority of small children are...

    Mick Devine Mick Devine 4:13 pm 28 Jul 19

    Kieran Angus The same areas people pay the least rates...

David Jackson David Jackson 6:23 pm 24 Jul 19

And Tuggeranong gets sweet stuff all

How surprising

    Jerome Boland Jerome Boland 6:32 pm 24 Jul 19

    David Jackson didn't Tuggeranong get that water play area not that long ago?

    Also new Nature Play spaces coming to Woden and Farrer.

    David Jackson David Jackson 9:39 pm 24 Jul 19

    Jerome Boland what water play area? Last time I looked Woden and Farrer are not in Tuggeranong.

    Emma Hannan Emma Hannan 7:43 am 25 Jul 19

    Yep nothing in Tuggers

    Kieran Angus Kieran Angus 4:04 pm 28 Jul 19

    Death, taxes and whinging Tuggeranong residents. The inevitabilities in life.

Jarrod Sean Jarrod Sean 6:17 pm 24 Jul 19

Hope they get rid of that so called art rocks in the middle of the foot path. Don't understand why they thought it would be a good place to put

Cathie Alston Cathie Alston 6:16 pm 24 Jul 19

Matt Leddy right so that’s what’s happening!

    Matt Leddy Matt Leddy 6:35 pm 24 Jul 19

    Cathie O'Sullivan fantastic 🙄, so much for a nice spot for a quiet lunch break outside lol

    Cathie Alston Cathie Alston 7:28 pm 24 Jul 19

    Matt Leddy now we get to play on the equipment yayyyyy

noid noid 5:38 pm 24 Jul 19

Nice for Gungahlin, well done, but does the Government know there are other suburbs with kids in Canberra too? The Gungahlin area has two very new playgrounds already.

    JC JC 7:27 pm 28 Jul 19

    It has more than 2 new playgrounds. There are at least 4 in the new suburb of Taylor alone.

    But why is that an issue anyway, of course a new suburb will get new playgrounds paid as part of the new suburb construction with money coming from land sales.

    And FYI think you will find at the last budget upgrades to play grounds all over (older) Canberra were announced. As they are every year. But hey something in Gungahlin is dead easy to attack.

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