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New Business Levy to clean up Civic

atnas 26 April 2005 47

The Electronic version of Channel Ray (NineMSN), is reporting here that Pirate Quinlan is planning to introduce a new levy on businesses to help pay for increasing clean-up costs of Civic.

Apparently, there was a levy imposed on civic parking spaces, but the clever darlings have decided that did not work, so they have decided to gouge ACT businesses to fund the clean up.

One hopes that this levy is only applied to businesses in the Civic area, or things may get ugly. Another option would be to stop outsourcing essential government functions (such as gargabe collection, and say THINKING) and get back to the good old days of actually thinking through policies before launching on a rape a pillage mission of ACT businesses.

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47 Responses to New Business Levy to clean up Civic
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LurkerGal 11:31 am 27 Apr 05

I am yet to find a PM, Premier or Chief Minister that I feel is honest or trustworthy. So I liked Kate Carnell, and I didn’t think she did such a bad job, ok? (And I am a member of the bloody ALP, before you start with the “pro liberal” bullshit.)

At least she had a presence. I didn’t know who Jon Stanhope WAS until the fires.

atnas 11:28 am 27 Apr 05

Easy Anon. Some people vote for people because they like them, some vote for parties because they like the party, some vote purely on one policy or idea. That’s the cool thing about a democracy, you can vote for who you choose.
Carnell overall, did a good job but came a cropper in the end. And that aint bad, every dog has her day, then paints an oval green.

11:16 am 27 Apr 05

So it doesn’t matter what she did, if you liked her then it’s OK?

LurkerGal 11:07 am 27 Apr 05

I don’t have a short memory at all. I liked her, ok?

11:02 am 27 Apr 05

Even though she was forced to quit in shame? What short memories we have.

LurkerGal 11:00 am 27 Apr 05

I liked Kate Carnell….. If she came back I’d probably vote for her!

10:26 am 27 Apr 05

I never said you were party political, just your last comment. I’d say any feeling of “cultural richness” under the Carnell government was entirely coincidental and subjective as I certainly didn’t feel any. Conversely I feel that we currently have a government that is leading the country on areas such as social justice, industrial relations, and reproductive freedom actually representing the views on those issues of the majority of Canberrans. Again YMMV but I’m not sure what “fun” things apart from the V8 Race Stanhope and Co. have scrapped and we now also get the Celebrate Canberra festival and the Australia Day Concert, half decent NYE fireworks, along with things like the Garema Place film screenings over summer and Jazz at Reconciliation Place, none of which we used to get under Carnell. For me at least there is a lot more that I’m interested in going on now than there was then.

Spiny-Parrot 8:38 am 27 Apr 05

oops now sorry

Spiny-Parrot 8:37 am 27 Apr 05

Look on the bright side JB. We know have more revenue from N/bourne Ave with drivers constantly being booked for 70k’s. The water restrictions will allow us to pay more for our water. however we will still be billed under the current system. Why change a system that has everyone in the higher rate. Bunda Street will be a shopping mekka. Don’t know where they will park but still it will be there. We still have the bush fire inquest to come ….now really what more do you need .

Thumper 8:30 am 27 Apr 05

I’d have to agree. The late 90s were a kind of vibrant time, even though they may have come at a price.

However, you can hardly call now vibrant and exciting. It appears at the present that our current government is hell bent on making this place as dull and boring as possible, and using our bloody money to do so.

Or is it that they are4 simply to inelpt to actually make a big decision and so instead they simply snipe around the sides, make superficial changes here and there, do lots of studies and planning, but not much else.

johnboy 6:34 am 27 Apr 05

Well it’s always good to be breaking new ground.

In ’97 when I came back to Canberra after being away for a few years it was a city transformed. Ihere was energy, There was fun, there was a cultural richness bubbling along.

This is purely a subjective judgment, but I don’t feel you can say that about Canberra these days.

We have a squalid inner city, decaying infrastructure, permanent water restrictions because we’re too gutless to engage in sensible pricing.

we’ve buggered up our arterial roads to make a useless cycle path.

We’ve taken the best economic conditions of our generation and the first blush of the GST revenues, and still the city looks and feels worse than it was.

That’s just my opinion, but if you think i’m “Party Political” then frankly you don’t read much around here. Or perhaps you just don’t read very well?

1:02 am 27 Apr 05

That has got to be the most one eyed party political, factually untrue statement you’ve ever posted JB, and that’s saying something. I’m not sure where to begin with it…

The Carnell government managed to maintain surpluses though selling off public assets (half of ACTEW for example) and not raising the rates of pay for the public service, loosing a lot of the best people to the Feds and the private sector. It’s like in the end of Ansett where they were making profits by not maintaining the planes, sure it made the balance sheet look good but it just digs you into a deeper the hole.

Conversely this mob have managed to catch up with federal rates of pay, not have to sell off assets and still deliver hefty surpluses.

And if your idea of leaving a city better than you found it involves painting dead grass green then I’m doubly glad I don’t live in a city you run.

johnboy 7:31 pm 26 Apr 05

Carnell Government got the ACT into surplus budgets through difficult financial times and left the city looking better than they found it.

What can we say of the current lot?

On the original point, this sort of service is supposed to be covered by basic rates.

Maybe the ACT Government should incorporate Civic as a city in its own right and leave the locals to look after themselves?

Can’t see them giving up that kind of power.

Too distracted with looking after their mates and pursuing the chief minister’s social agenda to look after the basic things they were actually elected to do.

Thumper 4:21 pm 26 Apr 05

It doesn’t matter who outsourced cleaning, it is a core responsibility of government and if this current government stopped wasting funds on things like $500K on the new bus lane plan, etc, then maybe a new levy (tax) wouldn’t have to be introduced.

Frankly I think this government’s financial management is as bad as the Carnell government.

atnas 4:12 pm 26 Apr 05

No I am just worried that all businesses in the ACT, wether they are in the city limits or not will be paying for something, through this levy that they no tangible benefit from. What is the point of a hardware store in Tuggeranong paying for bueatification that brings very little economic benfit to it?

3:07 pm 26 Apr 05

Poor bloody pigeons! I hope I don’t come back in my next life as a pigeon in Civic.

RandomGit 3:03 pm 26 Apr 05

That’s what the pidgeons are for.

2:55 pm 26 Apr 05

I wish that places like SouthPac, ICBM, etc had to clean up all the vomit around Civic after a Fri/Sat night!

GuruJ 2:24 pm 26 Apr 05

Fair go, atnas. The money has to come from somewhere.

Would you prefer that the ACT gov’t lifted rates on all residents of Canberra?

2:22 pm 26 Apr 05

It was the libs who outsourced the garbage wasn’t it, and with long term contracts I’d doubt they could change it all that easily even if they wanted to. From my understanding it will be civic business only, which is fair enough as they seem to spend all their time whinging about the mess *COUGH* JOHN HANNA *COUGH*.

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