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New Canberra Paintball

By che 22 March 2006 39

There’s a new paintball business just opened in Canberra for those of you tired of Fairnbairn Pines or the long drive to Michelago or who want to get their kids involved.

Adventure Consultants has opened up at the Tuggeranong Pines, Old Tuggeranong Rd opp Chisholm.

They offer Laser Sports for those aged 7 and up and Paintball for those over 18.

Laser Sports is an exciting outdoor game for 7 year olds and up. Played entirely outdoors it is great for school groups and kids parties. Open every day. Special School holiday discount rates of $15 per person for 1 hr and $25 for two hours. Minimum Group sizes apply.

Paintball is a great activity for any occasion and they offer special organiser bonuses and pizzas for groups over 20. At the moment they are offering a Sunday Special: $50 for all day play, 200 paintball and all equipment hire included.

The fields are in the pine trees and they are in the process of developing some great open area fields. They have great packages for all occasions including an awesome all day/all night ultimate party pack.

For the Canberra desk warriors (Defence) they offer a bonus 100 paintball per person because they know you can’t shoot straight, or $5 off Laser Sports.

Any questions ring 6262 4242.

And remember if anyone else wants their business or hobby promoted by RiotACT, our tagline is “Beer for Comment” and we mean it.

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New Canberra Paintball
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kieran AP 10:25 am 02 May 06

Guys, I am the NEW Owner of Adventure Paintball. We have completely relocated to a NEW location at the intersection of Monaro Hwy and Old Tugg Road and have all new fields, including Canberras only speed ball comp fields. Ne Owner, New Fields, new everything…Try it before you knock it! And I offer bonuses to RA regulars…

Kerces 9:36 am 30 Mar 06

Tate Alec, I’ve still got a mark on my back from being hit in the spine paintballing back in November.

bubzie 8:33 pm 29 Mar 06

i agree..the people out there have been doing paintballing and such for ages (what? i live out that way!) and well..i havent been their yet (too young for paintballing, too..apathetic to go and play with lazers..)

Kramer 9:56 am 29 Mar 06

I wouldn’t say this is a new paintball business, it just a new name for a half-arsed painball business. These guys have been running paintball out at Tuggers pines for a long time now. Their presence at Tuggers has done nothing but destroy the forest with the heaps of garbage they leave lying around the place.

So if you are looking to play painball in a garbage tip, where you have to watch out for flying mountain bikers (yes I have heard of some guys on bikes being shot at, but also collisions between flying bikes and paintballers) and have a selection of three very average and similar painball fields – then this is your place. Otherwise, go to Fairburn which IMHO is the best paintball in Canberra – has no piles of garbage, very few mountain bikers, and great varied selection of fields.

tate_alec 11:04 am 28 Mar 06

I’ve got some nice red welts on my back from our yellow gloved friend.
No one would have guessed that we had a mole on our team until he turned on us.

bulldog 9:42 am 28 Mar 06

Sounds like fun – count me in next time.

Maelinar 12:25 am 28 Mar 06

Bulldog, it was Gold, pure gold.

The cruel irony was that one of our team members got bored during one game due to inactivity and shot up about 5 of our own team members and we still won the game…

There’s nothing like a paintball challenge vs – well anybody actually, it’s very thereaputic…

Plans at this stage are for a rematch in about 3 months, although since everybody had so much fun it’ll possibly be a larger group than on Saturday.

Currently we’re working on entering about 4 seperate teams of up to 10 peeps that will challenge each other (insert sponsorship and radical discounts from new paintball field here)

schmerica 7:34 pm 27 Mar 06

Just didnt want to come across like I was getting deeply offended or something.

bulldog 4:05 pm 27 Mar 06

Schmerica – I don’t doubt that there’s a lot more to you than the fighting with pillows, but it does you no justice to finish “I’m deeper than you think” with “haha”. 😉

Mael & Thumper – how was Paintballing on Sat?

schmerica 2:02 pm 25 Mar 06

Oh great! So now I’ve been labled as that ’19 yr old pillow fighter girl’!

Theres alot more to me you know – i’m deeper than you think! haha

Spot the wog 7:57 pm 24 Mar 06

Ohhh the black and blue i can see it already.

I’ll definately See you there and to finally Spot the wog

RandomGit 11:28 am 24 Mar 06

What you need to do is make an ornage gun and just tip a whole hopper worth down the barrel. Obviously, you’ll still need the orange to plug the hole.


Thumper 10:24 am 24 Mar 06

Cool, a paint ball claymore….


Maelinar 9:55 am 24 Mar 06

There are various support weapons avaliable, however mostly are American based and not currently in country.

Yes there are mortars (artillery) which fire a ball of paint, and grenades that squirt everything in a radius with paint as well.

IMHO the best support weapon there is, is the shotgun. Picture this; 6 consecutive barrels each filled with 10 paintballs, 1 trigger.

60 paintballs heading in anybodys direction can’t be a good thing, although I presume that if you’re under cover at the time it would just be an example of money better spent.

Several targets however, patrolling along the same line of travel would have a wonderful claymore-style effect.

Thumper 8:38 am 24 Mar 06

To big and unwieldy.

You want something light and easy so you can move fast.

bulldog 8:37 am 24 Mar 06

That is true jb, but the thought of a shoulder mounted weapon that fires a big fuck-off ball of paint kinda brings a smirk to my face.

johnboy 5:25 pm 23 Mar 06

you have guns with different rates of fire, but as you pay real money for each round a fast full auto would be a mixed blessing at best.

they do have grenades.

with no armour, anti-armour weaponry would be a little wasted no?

bonfire 4:58 pm 23 Mar 06

in paintball can you have heavy or medium paint ball weapons ? can i set up proper ambushes with support and assault elements ? what about paintball mortars or carl gustavs (oh yeah) ?

Absent Diane 3:14 pm 23 Mar 06

Being a Gamer doesn’t help…. I thought playing heaps of counter strike would improve my shooting skills… but nup

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