New compliance team to patrol suburbs and dangerous dogs are on its hit list

Ian Bushnell 2 April 2019 24

The new compliance team will be targeting irresponsible dog owners.

A new roving compliance team being formed to police Canberra’s suburbs will issue on-the-spot fines as part of a crackdown on offences such as illegal dumping, tree damage and dog control breaches.

Minister for City Services Chris Steel said that over the next two months Transport Canberra and City Services would recruit and train staff for the new six-member team, with the program ramping up to full operations in June.

This team will be in addition to the recently boosted Domestic Animal Services, whose staff has doubled to 16, as well as the four-member investigations team which deals with more complex matters.

There will also be a public engagement program to educate the community on what they should and shouldn’t be doing but there will be little leeway for irresponsible dog owners with Mr Steel saying the new team will target them consistently.

“Irresponsible dog owners, illegal dumping, tree damage, verge maintenance, moveable signs and the use of public land will be the focus of the new engagement and compliance program,” he said.

“The new compliance and engagement team will provide extra teeth for the existing licensing and compliance area, if you don’t do the right thing you are at risk of receiving an on-the-spot fine.

“You will see the compliance team out and about for an initial six month period and we will extend the program if it is successful in improving community safety and amenity.”

TCCS will also boost street sweeping by 15 per cent, increase streetlight maintenance crews by 40 per cent, and begin planting more than 400 additional new trees this autumn.

“Canberrans are going to see cleaner streets, a quicker response to streetlight outages, more trees being planted and more waste collection services. Whether you live in Dunlop or Deakin our investments in city services benefit all Canberrans,” Mr Steel said.

He said improved technology, revised crewing and a move to split-shifts meant that crews were operating street-sweepers for longer and with better results, while a new contract means streetlights were more efficient and more reliable.

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24 Responses to New compliance team to patrol suburbs and dangerous dogs are on its hit list
Ash McAtee Ash McAtee 8:02 am 05 Apr 19

Off-lead out of control dogs are a problem in Kaleen! So sick of irresponsible owners 😑

Jodie Conna Jodie Conna 7:07 am 05 Apr 19

Dan Conna this is what I was telling you about.

Nikki Ray Nikki Ray 8:04 pm 04 Apr 19

Any of you own dogs? Any of you have complete control of your dogs. I’m both. Quit winging!

Kali Kali 9:25 am 04 Apr 19

Awesome news…unleashed dogs are a massive issue in Tuggeranong and every time I (nicely) try to inform irresponsible dog owners, I am told to…ahem…mind my own business (or worse). It will be tough for the Inspectors but needs to be done…we should feel safe walking our dogs on leash around the lake etc..

Michael Ahern Michael Ahern 6:15 am 04 Apr 19

Go to yerrabi pond- dogs off their leads constantly

Ale Csomor Ale Csomor 7:00 pm 03 Apr 19

If a dog is trained to be off the lead and listen to commands, I have no problem with a dog being off lead. It's when the dog/owner is not trained, and nether have conttol. I hope this is what they are going to patrol and hopefully owners will start to think about how well they can control their dogs 👍

Vanessa Jones Vanessa Jones 10:41 am 03 Apr 19

Kippax Ovals are an off leash dog area. Often dogs run towards me, off the leash, and they don't stop, even if the owner says stop to the dog. I often wonder about little kids, if I was a little kid, what might happen to the kid, with a dog running towards a kid, off leash? Are dogs more important than kids, these days?

Kim Mule Kim Mule 7:49 am 03 Apr 19

The hoarding, dumping and animal problems have been a problem in Kaleen for years. We've been trying to resolve an ongoing issue for about 5 years with a hoarder and animal problem next door. In another part of our Suburb the problem has gone on for 25 years. Slow or no action at all has allowed the problem to continue. The offenders continually get around the system with the public paying the price. The legislation is too weak and needs to be rewritten. We've been trying to get the Minister's to engage and take action and responsibility but to date they keep fobing us off. Without stronger, clearer legislation supported by firm action, follow up and policing this is just another costly diversion not addressing the real problems.

Liz Lyell Liz Lyell 3:17 am 03 Apr 19

It's about time, something was done about the dog situation.

Bernadette Griffiths Bernadette Griffiths 12:14 am 03 Apr 19

Kimuel Jetter could we try this avenue?

Joanne Gardner Joanne Gardner 10:38 pm 02 Apr 19

What about trail bike riders who ride illegally on our footpaths?

Duncan Whiterod Duncan Whiterod 10:08 pm 02 Apr 19

How about illegal parking

Nick Stone Nick Stone 6:52 pm 02 Apr 19

Yes, about time!

Rachel Fearn Rachel Fearn 5:30 pm 02 Apr 19

Meg Doepel they just need to sit on Mt T and they will fine plenty!!

    Meg Doepel Meg Doepel 8:14 pm 02 Apr 19

    Rachel Fearn Did you mean Mount Taylor Nature Reserve ?

    Yes....there are always irresponsible dog owners letting their dogs off lead in a very special place that is a refuge for four types of macropods; Eastern grey kangaroos, wallaroos, swamp wallabies and red-knecked wallabies!

    Meg Doepel Meg Doepel 8:15 pm 02 Apr 19

    Meg Doepel I just really wanted to spell it out!

    Meg Doepel Meg Doepel 8:15 pm 02 Apr 19

    A two inch sign isn't really doing the trick.

    Rachel Fearn Rachel Fearn 8:23 pm 02 Apr 19

    Yes! Mt Taylor. Hate running into people with their dogs off lead when I'm always doing the right thing with mine on a lead. And like you said the animals that love there can't do so in peace 😠😠

James Shaw James Shaw 5:21 pm 02 Apr 19

Why not just be done with it and introduce stop and frisk?

    Matt Donnelly Matt Donnelly 5:30 pm 02 Apr 19

    Don’t give them any ideas, James Shaw! This govt would love to charge us for such a “service”.

Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 5:09 pm 02 Apr 19

Pity this is after the murder of that poor alpaca !!! Has that POS dog owner been caught yet?

Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 4:50 pm 02 Apr 19

Good. Yesterday I crossed the road to avoid 2 dogs running free (no owners in sight) only to encounter a dog with its owner, and no, the dog was not on a lead.

Grimm Grimm 9:41 am 02 Apr 19

Maybe they should spend a few bucks putting rubbish bins back at all the recreational areas. Might help curb the illegal dumping a bit. Go down to Uriarra and other places like it and see the rubbish left all over the place. The lack of bins doesn’t excuse peoples crappy behaviour of leaving their rubbish behind, but it was never that bad when there was a place to put rubbish rather than cart it home.

    tim_c tim_c 5:19 pm 04 Apr 19

    AND … it was never that bad when we had ready access to a plastic bag to put rubbish in to cart it home

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