New cryptic road safety signs

Jonathon Reynolds 7 February 2008 75

Yesterday, John Hargreaves, ACT Minister for Territorial and Municipal Services (an individual who is no stranger himself to road safety issues and the possible consequences of drink driving), proudly announced that a series of 30 new road safety signs are being installed around Canberra.

Whilst I agree with raising general awareness on road safety, two of the new sign slogans are a bit strange verging on obscure, to the extent of almost being distracting in their own right.

I wonder what focus group they used to come up with the wording:

Speeding – “Speeding hurts” – could someone please explain what this actually means?
Distraction – “Drive n text UB Next” – looks like the ACT Government are rewriting the dictionary for TXT Speak.

It would be interesting to know what the RiotACT readers think would be more effective messages for the sign topics: Speeding, Distraction, Drink Driving, Seat Belts & Fatigue

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75 Responses to New cryptic road safety signs
howdy howdy 9:58 am 08 Feb 08

When I see a sign about txt messaging I normally go ‘ oh that’s right I just got a msg I haven’t read yet…’

I think they should put a sign up about “distraction” just down the road from the txt one saying – ‘If you know what that last sign said you took your eyes off the road for too long’.

And then there would be a speed camera further up and a sign saying – ‘speeding? pay attention to the speed limit’

Mælinar Mælinar 9:50 am 08 Feb 08

I say exploit the pinkie, all else will fail.

Another ingenious sign would be ‘if you are still in the right lane since the parliamentary triangle, you are an inadequate driver’ at the Woden roundabout.

hingo hingo 9:42 am 08 Feb 08

Speeding Hurts? I have never noticed, actually, I reckon it makes me feel good, like a big man!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:38 am 08 Feb 08

How completely ridiculous and lame is “Speeding Hurts”. It would be like putting a warning on a pack of cigarettes say “Smoking may cause a tingling sensation in the back of your throat that could be cancer but might just be the beginnings of a cold, go for it Tiget, it’s worth the risk”.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:30 am 08 Feb 08

“and LOL VYBerlinaV8.. there should be one followed soon after saying “STOP TAILGATING ME DICKHEAD, I’M ALREADY DOING 15KMS OVER THE SPEED LIMIT” for the morons who do when you can’t possibly change lanes. some of us do value their lives just a bit lol”

Love it!

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 9:15 am 08 Feb 08

Saw one of the “Drive n text UB Next” signs being installed on Northbourne this morning, going south just before Fenner Hall. Amusingly it was difficult to see because of an overhanging tree covering it…

Mælinar Mælinar 9:11 am 08 Feb 08

I always thought that was S4anta’s handiwork.

I must admit, Mr Evil will assuredly agree, I do miss the witty political statements graffiti’d on the side of a road somewhere as you are driving around New Zealand. In this solo instance, I did find the graffiti funny.

Thumper Thumper 9:07 am 08 Feb 08

I have nothing more to say except;


Mælinar Mælinar 9:03 am 08 Feb 08

ramblingtd – stop reading it like its starwars script, and read it as your car would encounter it.


actually reads ‘form one lane’…

Alternatively, everytime you drive over it, start humming the starwars tune and yoda speak it ‘Lane one form, you must’.

Thumper Thumper 8:54 am 08 Feb 08

I will admit I love the signs for speed bumps.

They seem to say to me to watch out for Loch Ness Monsters crossing…

bighead bighead 11:36 pm 07 Feb 08

The text one distracted me for a minute because they seem to be using part english/ part text speak. So I was trying to read it in text speak first.

All I really see in it is that it is a good message to spread. But it won’t affect very many people, if any at all

Sands Sands 11:34 pm 07 Feb 08

It’s not just canberrans who don’t read signs.

Primal Primal 10:34 pm 07 Feb 08

See, if we had an effective light rail system none of these signs would be required…

caf caf 10:16 pm 07 Feb 08

For all those buggers taking the southward “shortcut” you mention, I can’t wait until the first day southbound traffic is directed through the new road – they’ll all discover that the old temporary way south is now blocked, and they’ll have to continue on to the city 🙂

p1 p1 10:14 pm 07 Feb 08

“Don’t slow to 60km/h for a speed camera in an 80km/h zone”

I like the “No lines marked, don’t overtake unless safe” signs after roads are resurfaced. It always implied to me that if lines were marked, you can overtake whenever…

ant ant 10:11 pm 07 Feb 08

“Aggressive drivers are wankers”?
“Tailgaters Suck”?

bd84 bd84 10:06 pm 07 Feb 08

Again an utter waste of our money, at least if they were going to waste the money on this useless crap they could have done better than getting some 50 year old sitting in an office to attempt writing a sign in so called “text speak”.

The government should realise by now nobody in canberra pays attention to signs beside the road.. speed limits, give way, stop, form one lane, keep left unless overtaking signs mean nothing except I will do the exact opposite. But in the interests of safe driving the government instead of hiring another more police with the funds they spend it on these signs that wouldn’t make any difference even if they were flashing and dancing around.

and LOL VYBerlinaV8.. there should be one followed soon after saying “STOP TAILGATING ME DICKHEAD, I’M ALREADY DOING 15KMS OVER THE SPEED LIMIT” for the morons who do when you can’t possibly change lanes. some of us do value their lives just a bit lol

Sands Sands 9:56 pm 07 Feb 08

What about the campaign on ACTION buses a while ago that said “Take your eyes off the road”. I did, but to this day I still don’t know what the ad was about.

Tixylix Tixylix 9:51 pm 07 Feb 08

I really don’t understand the dashed line designating a “slip lane” on a left hand turn. So I used to have right of way, and now if I want right of way I have to fail to indicate?

Am I the only person having a problem with this?

ramblingted ramblingted 9:30 pm 07 Feb 08

still mystified by the “Lane One Form” requirements when merging…

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