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New mosquitoes in Canberra?

By Katietonia 14 February 2011 24

For the past 6 months I’ve noticed that the mosquito bites I have received whenever I go outside have changed from the usual itchy 10 cent piece sized bump to huge, sometimes 15cm across welts. Sometimes I’ve had to ice them to control the swelling or take strong anti-histamines and they take weeks to heal. After a quick facebook poll (I know I know), a lot of my friends have also noticed that they seem to be more “allergic” to the mosquito bites this summer, having experienced the same huge welts.

Does anyone know whether a different type of mosquito has moved into the area due to the extra rain or if this is another type of insect that has arrived? Any remedies? I’ve been bitten inside the house a few times now too. I was really just curious whether this had been noticed by more people in Canberra and whether anyone knows what is causing it.

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New mosquitoes in Canberra?
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smilesr 7:14 pm 15 Feb 11

There seem to be new mozzies around this year: big monster stripey ones that hurt when they bite but are slower and not so cluey as to evading a swatting hand. But it sounds like it might be the midges you could be suffering from: tiny things but pack a punch if they bite you. Haven’t seen them before this summer either.

Gantz 2:12 pm 15 Feb 11

Katietonia said :

Gantz said :

Perhaps your body is becoming weaker…less immune or perhaps it all in you and your friends heads. And who the hell measures their mossy bites?! I was not aware there was a ‘standard’ for the size of the things these days.

Don’t worry though, Ill seat outside tonight with measuring tape.

If anything an increased allergic reaction would mean my immune system is working too well I believe.

So how did you go last night? Measure anything worthwhile? There is no standard size that I am aware of, however there are definitely sizes that are considered below average…. 😉


Well I did, and it was worthwhile, and totally well above average, but no mossy bites…

I thank you for your consideration in asking though 🙂

switch said :

Vegemite said :

This summer I have had bites that have turned into pussy lumps (within a couple of hours) that take a few days to firstly stop itching and then longer to heal.

Pussy lumps?

dodgy waxing job?

Katietonia 1:46 pm 15 Feb 11

BlackIce said :

Katietonia said :

Interesting, my mother had bites on her stomach the other day that looked like the “mozzie” bites I’ve been getting, I had them on my shoulder last night after sleeping. I’ve sprayed all around my room and there isn’t anywhere that mosquitoes could be getting in.

If they’re biting at night while you’re sleeping, have you considered bed bugs as a possible cause?

I have considered it but the bites are not only appearing in the bedroom while sleeping. How would one get bed bugs in Canberra?

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