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New Party to contest ACT Election

cranky 26 May 2007 21

Todays CT reports that ‘The Australian Motorist Party’ has been registered to contest the next ACT election.

Chairman Geoff Develin states the Government and Opposition had underestimated the depth of disenchantment the electorate held for the major players.

It would not be a single issue party, but would welcome input from SOS and 2003 fire victims, amongst others.

The party has been developed to promote the Dragway, which of course Sonic has reneged on.

They hope to have 2 members elected and hopefully hold the balance of power in the next assembly.

What’s Your opinion?

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New Party to contest ACT Election
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p1 9:01 pm 28 May 07

That last post should have started with the quote

.. example.. GDE 1 lane either way WTF!

i’ve not been having much luck with the html coding lately

p1 9:00 pm 28 May 07

is there a straight section long enough for drags? it has a wall down the middle and is closer then western sydney.

bigred 8:18 pm 28 May 07

policies could include no speed limits anywhere (including around schools), free rego, abolition of injury insurance, every road to become a drag strip, removal of speed and red light cameras and shutting down ACTION.

Nemo 6:44 pm 28 May 07

From the ‘motoring enthusiasts’ I see regularly doing burnouts opposite my house, I wouldn’t expect a quantum leap in IQ just yet.

cranky 6:12 pm 28 May 07

This party could be planting in fertile soil. There are a whole range of motoring related gripes the current mob seem to have no interest in addressing. The one lane GDE has already been mentioned. Add in the Majura Lane/Airport/Monaro Highway fiasco, the Tharwa Drive/Monaro Highway disaster (where the plod goes out of it’s way to book motorists trying to avoid the bottleneck), the policy of reducing parking to force increased bus useage, the promotion of pushbike riding to appease a small minority, revenue raising speed cameras, and my favourite, the ripoff that is 3rd party insurance. This list is certainly less than complete.
And yes, we should have a Dragway/motor sport complex in Majura.
If the candidates put forward by the party are of similar calibre to the original clever gents who built the original dragway from nothing into a well conducted venue, we may certainly be introducing a quantum leap in IQ to the assembly.
I wish them well.

Thumper 3:44 pm 28 May 07

Human rights are essential, but then again, so is resposible government.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 3:35 pm 28 May 07

Humans rights are a wanky time for the ACT considering it can get canned by the Feds so it is a wanky waste of time…

Thumper 1:58 pm 28 May 07

Actually, what exactly does Mr gentleman do?

GnT 1:55 pm 28 May 07

VY – Human rights are wanky time and resource wasting crapola?

I disagree, and so I think would the millions of people who have theirs denied.

Mr Evil 11:24 am 28 May 07

Not a single isssue party – but just had to call its self the “Australian Motorists Party”.

Well, Mick Gentleman got voted in on a single issue, and he’s getting paid a shiteload to sit around and do stuff all. Let’s all get on the bandwagon, eh?

Steve666 9:53 am 28 May 07

ant: what an excellently informed opinion – there is no dragway at goulburn, there is only the track, which occasionally runs 1/8th mile drags on the main straight, which last time i was there was one car at a time, it also has no walls, no proper drag racing surface.

The nearest track is Western Sydney, and for the most part street cars are only really run on wednesday nights, so to actually have a run you need to take a day off work and drive 600km + racing.

I think there’s a bunch of motoring issues that should be sorted in the ACT, and there’s a hell of a lot of room for people in govt who actually know what they are talking about.. example.. GDE 1 lane either way WTF!

I think anyone that steps up with some sensible, useful policies instead of blowing hot air about human rights, statues, gay marriage and other wanky, time and resource wasting crapola, will stand a serious chance. Besides, if we stop paying for all this other horsepoo, theres probably money for a dragway anyway!

Thumper 8:13 am 28 May 07

Why is it that sonic can’t keep his promises?

ant 9:40 pm 27 May 07

Obsessed dragway idiots. Why can’t they drive up the road to the Goulburn facility? After all, they love going driving.

Pandy 9:34 pm 27 May 07

Stoopid fracking turds.

AstralPlane 9:30 pm 27 May 07

Hmmm… I don’t care what they say, I think these people are none of the above. They look suspiciously like a single issue party – build a dragway. That’s it.

Nik_the_Pig 7:56 pm 27 May 07

I can. Motorist IMO would want improved road safety therefore it improve public transport can reduce traffic congestion it’s a win for both. Likewise improved alternative transport systems decrease traffic whic is a win for drivers, but I can see the agruement to remove those systems from space sharing with road users (eg get the cycle paths OFF the roads!)

GnT 7:14 pm 27 May 07

I wonder what their policies are on climate change? I can’t see the ‘Motorist’ party calling for improved public transport and bike lanes.

bigred 5:53 pm 27 May 07

What a joke. Just like such creatures seen in recent elections as the Gungahlin Equality Party and the Nurses party. Will make a lot of noise and blow a lot of $$$ though.

Pickle 10:21 am 27 May 07

Anyone that promises to fix the airport traffic jam gets my vote, shame the Qbn people cant vote too

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