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New prison not big enough?

By johnboy - 25 October 2006 23

AAP’s Kate Corbett is reporting a bit of a disappointment in the new prison.

ACT Opposition justice spokesman Bill Stefaniak said he was concerned some low-risk female prisoners would be mixed with those awaiting sentence. He said that would breach the ACT Government’s own human rights act.

Simon Corbell thinks the problem can be overcome with careful management. If only careful management were a hallmark of Governance in the ACT.

I am however pleased to see that “The Opposition agreed with Mr Stefaniak’s comparison of the jail to the Taj Mahal”. Good to see Bill agrees with himself.

So is the prison too soft Bill? Or is it breaching human rights? Or would you like more rights to be breeched?

UPDATE: VYBerlinaV8 has sent in the following picture he took of the “7 foot long by 3 and a half foot wide, and about 6 and a half foot tall” cells from Alcatraz as a possible example of the sort of thing Mr. Stanhope doesn’t want to have at his prison.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
New prison not big enough?
S4anta 12:44 pm 26 Oct 06

Master Plan

Big Al 12:24 pm 26 Oct 06

Technically those convicted of a crime and given a custodial sentence go to gaol AS punishment, not FOR punishment.

Absent Diane of the 12:09 pm 26 Oct 06

I might be asking something dumb (if I am sorry).. but does anyone know the size of the cells at this thing?

Thumper 12:04 pm 26 Oct 06

A house in Gungahlin you mean?

S4anta 12:02 pm 26 Oct 06

“7 foot long by 3 and a half foot wide, and about 6 and a half foot tall” …

Sounds like a house in Jerra…

FC 12:02 pm 26 Oct 06

For fucks sake. they are supposed to be going to prison for punishment.
Make the cells 5 foot long by 3 foot wide, and about only 5 foot tall I say. And sleep 3 per cell.

Absent Diane of the 11:34 am 26 Oct 06

seems like a good size to me.

Special G 11:32 am 26 Oct 06

VY I agree go old school onthem. Chain gangs and the works.

VYBerlinaV8 10:38 am 26 Oct 06

Anyone seen the size of the cells in Alcatraz? Now THAT’S a jail.

snahon 10:26 am 26 Oct 06

Turn the cells into sleeping cubicles like they have in Japan – Stack em’ floor to ceiling.

Small enough VY ?

Mr Evil 10:20 am 26 Oct 06

It will not be too small.

Once the Revolving Door of ACT Sentencing is installed at the main gate to the prison, no one will be staying more than 3 nights in the place!

VYBerlinaV8 10:14 am 26 Oct 06

Make the cells smaller. MUCH smaller.

Jazz 9:54 am 26 Oct 06

A hallmark feature of governments is their ability to take capacity planning head on and completely fuck it up every time.

Absent Diane of the 9:26 am 26 Oct 06

stefaniak wouldn’t know his elbow from his arse.

Thumper 7:43 am 26 Oct 06

What a white elephant.

Not even built and it’s too small. No kidding, a f*cking 10 year old could have that out.

And we already have Corbell saying that all this can be fixed by careful management?

Come on Simon, admit it! The whole thing is a fiasco designed to further your party’s credentials as a loving caring human rights abiding bunch of dreamers.

So in years to come we will still be sending prisioners to NSW.

Great, the solved a lot.

Take a deep breath, stand in front of a mirror and repeat, ‘We do not need a gaol, we do not need a gaol.’

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