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New Protected Cycle Lanes for Civic?

By Horrid 12 November 2009 49

The Canberra Times reports that separated ‘Copenhagen’ style cycle lanes are being considered for Civic, along with a ‘shared space’ zone on Bunda St where all users have equal rights. Pedal Power seem to think it’s a good thing and a bit of digging on their website soon revealed where the idea came from- looks like part of some kind of orbital cycling route around the whole of Civic.

Personally I reckon it’s a great idea- you could ride round this cycleway thing in quarter of the time it would take in a car in rush hour, methinks. And get to just about anywhere in Civic you needed to go on it. And give the people screaming about cyclists in their way exactly what they want- the cyclists off to one side somewhere. Now me, I don’t mind riding in Civic now, but I’ll bet that the shopper set, trendy uni students, office workers and the like would all go for this and get on their bikes to ride it.

So hopefully it’s something that Canberrans will get behind and support. I fear not all will- nothing brings out the hatemongers and rednecks faster than the prospect of taxes that cyclists pay being spent on cycling, instead of yet another freeway or carpark. But there is probably a lot more people who reckon if it works in Copenhagen, or Melbourne like the CT story says, then it’ll probably work in Canberra as well.

What’s Your opinion?

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New Protected Cycle Lanes for Civic?
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Deckard 8:39 pm 15 Nov 09

Thumper said :

I’m sure it does. But probably not quite as much as being flattened by a car.

It also hurts when your car meets a truck, like 4 kids found out this morning near Yass, but that doesn’t stop anyone driving.

Thumper 8:29 pm 15 Nov 09

It hurts a lot when you headon another cyclist.

I’m sure it does. But probably not quite as much as being flattened by a car.

toriness 5:01 pm 15 Nov 09

as someone with both a car and a bike, i pay the car taxes a lot of you are talking about, as well as a suite of other taxes which doubtless get used on road infrastructure – the ‘slap a tax on cyclists’ argument really does get a bit old and we ALL know (or we should) that it’s not the case that every dollar you pay in car-related taxes get spent on roads, or your property rates on local (ie your postcode) infrastructure etc etc. not to mention some of us pay craploads more tax than others but we all drive or cycle on the same roads.

surely people who drive cars can see the benefits in encouraging people to cycle. you can’t? here’s a few simple benefits off the top of my head. more people cycling means less other cars on the road. this means those who have no choice (or who perceive they have no choice) about driving have less cars on the road to content with – you get to your destination faster, safer and easier. it means less wear and tear on our roads so lower cost of upkeep ie less taxes (or less increase in them)! it means less pollution – making our local and greater environment better which leads to healthier happier populations.

it’s really not rocket science.

Aeek 4:34 pm 14 Nov 09

annoyedcan said :

Why do cyclist’s want to ride on roads. Paths are a better opion. It hurts alot when you get hit by a car.

It hurts a lot when you headon another cyclist. The paths are dangerous this time of year.
Too many people think that “the paths are safe” so they don’t need to stay on the left for blind corners.
Monday, as I turned off the path I saw ambos holding up a saline bag with bikes in the grass by the blind corner.

vg 1:08 pm 14 Nov 09

dvaey said :

So, will cyclists be paying extra for this infrastructure that they have exclusive access to? Will car drivers get a discount because the available road is being reduced? Will roads such as Northborne lose a road-lane or will they lose pedestrian area? You cant add a cycle lane without sacrificing one of those two. Cyclists are ‘wheeled pedestrians’ and should be given the same allocation and rule-set as pedestrians, imho.

I’m willing to guarantee that I pay more tax than you and I ride, so I guess I’m already paying ‘extra’.

You might also need a refresher on definitions of parts of the road rules as well.

phototext 9:45 am 14 Nov 09

“Why do cyclist’s want to ride on roads. Paths are a better opion. It hurts alot when you get hit by a car.”

Not all do but the law is the law.

annoyedcan 11:10 pm 13 Nov 09

Why do cyclist’s want to ride on roads. Paths are a better opion. It hurts alot when you get hit by a car.

Aeek 10:07 pm 13 Nov 09

I’m quite comfortable cycling along Bunda St as it is, the cars slow me down as much as I slow them down – and they keep the pedestrians away.

OYM 5:21 pm 13 Nov 09

Bit late into this discussion, but the protected cycle lanes are a great idea. I’ve seen how well this works in cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Canberra is an awesome city to cycle around in and everything done to encourage cycling is a positive step for our city.

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