New Revenue Speed Cameras Active

Jazz 16 August 2007 63

John Hargreaves has put out this media release on the activation of 4 new permanent speed cameras around Canberra.

New locations are Canberra Avenue/Captain Cook Crescent/Manuka Circle; Gungahlin Drive/Gundaroo Drive, Tuggeranong Parkway, near the Cotter Road Overpass; and Federal Highway, southbound, approaching the Antill Street roundabout.

With these ones yet to come.

Federal Highway, northbound, approaching the Antill Street roundabout
Tuggeranong Parkway, both directions, near the Hindmarsh Drive underpass
Barton Highway, both directions, between Curran Drive and Gold Creek Road
Barton Highway, both directions, between Gungahlin Drive and Ellenborough Street
Monaro Highway, both directions, near the Hindmarsh Drive overpass
Monaro Highway, northbound, between Lanyon Drive and Sheppard Street
Monaro Highway, southbound, between Mugga Lane and Isabella Drive

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63 Responses to New Revenue Speed Cameras Active
Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:45 pm 16 May 08

I suspect it’s a you. When I lived in Queensland, where streets that are 80km/h streets in Canberra are 60km/h (or sometimes – gasp – 70 km/h) and the highways 100km/h, everybody said that if the limits were just 10km/h higher they’d never speed. Well, Canberra has all that – 80km/h between town centres, 60km/h on suburban arterials, and 110km/h all the way to Sydney. Everybody still does 10km/h over the limit.

Reprobate Reprobate 4:30 pm 16 May 08

Yeah, I could – and do – glance at my speedo* but few cars’ speedos read 100% accurately. An argument usually espoused under these circumstances is to drive say 10km/h under the speed limit. Trouble is, that sort of driving style will either get you mercilessly carved up on the mean streets of Canberra (actually, anywhere in Oz) or will either earn you a liberace from the driver behind if you suddenly slow approaching a speed camera. (*- when I say “glance” in reality it seems more like “check speed constantly from the first warning signpost/glimpse of the van until you are past the camera with the occasional glimpse at the road”. How crazy is that for road safety purposes???)

On a sidepoint, as others have observed, it seems when people pass a speed camera they resume their “normal” speed. Is that because they feel the extra 5-10km/h (and generally speaking that’s all it ever is, never 30km/h plus) is the actual appropriate and safe speed for the conditions, or is it a subconcious “f#!k you!” to authority?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:08 pm 16 May 08

Can’t you just glance at your speedo? If it’s over the speed limit, you’ve done the wrong thing. If you didn’t see the large white van with the huge sign on top or the endless signs leading up to the fixed camera, you probably wouldn’t notice a flashing sign either.

Reprobate Reprobate 2:07 pm 16 May 08

What gets me the most about speed cameras – fixed or in a van – is that you don’t know that you have done the wrong (or right) thing unless you get a love letter from the ACT/State Govt two weeks later. So if speeding is bad (mmmkay) shouldn’t an infringement be instantly notified to the driver – ie have a display that flashes up “left lane speeding 92kmh, illegal” or “right lane keep driving safely” – as well as sending out the revenue request?

PS Driving for 23 years, last fine 18 years ago, been speeding since then…

bigred bigred 1:47 pm 16 May 08

Kramer, didn’t say I owned one, just that it was a solution. Riding the Bigred machine down the Parkway, just need to remeber the Cotter slowdown and all is well. After all, they only want you to do 100km/h or less at that point. Don’t they? Otherwise they would link the soon to be 2 cameras and charge you on the average speed over the distance like they do in Victoria.

Kramer Kramer 1:09 pm 16 May 08

“the parkway cameras are at the cotter road overpass, not hindmarsh…”

Bartron – There are currently cameras operating on the Tugger Parkway at Cotter road, and there will soon be new cameras at the Hindmarsh overpass. Plus the red light & speed camera at Kambah, it could lead to some expensive commutes for Tuggers/Belco travellers.

Kramer Kramer 1:04 pm 16 May 08

Bigred – you are supposed to purchase and mount an additional number plate for your bike rack if it obscures the standard plate fitted to your vehicle. That said, I purchased a bike rack plate, but it’s too damn big, so I can’t get my bike onto the rack with it fitted – so I drive around with my plate obscured too.

bigred bigred 12:19 pm 16 May 08

Just by earlier model Forester GT, fit a towbar with bike rack fittings and no speed or red light camera will ever catch your rear plate number. If you wanna be a real “wayne kerr” drive around with annoying fog/spot/driving/auxillary/whatever lights on as well.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:05 pm 16 May 08

they have zero impact on safety.

That’s just not true. Do you want me to start posting links to the hundreds of national and international evaluations showing that speed cameras have a significant and measurable effect on public safety, or can you use Google and find them for yourself?

Here’s one from the UK to get you started:

“Evaluation of the safet camera partnerships over the four year period from April 2000 to March 2004 identified their success in reducing speeding and the resultant casualties…vehicle speeds reduced by 70% at new fixed camera points and 18% at new mobile sites. Reductions in the proportion of vehicles breaking the speed limit by 15 miles ber hour or more were even greater. Both casualties and deaths were down…there was a 22% reduction in personal injury collisions at sites after cameras were introduced. Overall 42% fewer people were kiled or seriously injured. After allowing for both regression-to-mean and long-term trends in collision frequencies, the average effect of a sample of 216 cameras was a reduction of 19% in both personal injury collisions and serious and fatal collisions.”

– Road Policing and Technology, House of Commons Papers 975

mouthface mouthface 12:01 pm 16 May 08

No seriously,

I believe the number of road deaths in Canberra actually increased in the last year, even though we now have more speed cameras than ever.

The speed camera near my place is strategically placed at the bottom of rather downward sloping street which I’m sure has never been an accident hotspot, but is now subject to the pedal-power mafia introduced 50km law. I’ve actually tried it a couple of times, and if you roll without any use of the accelerator pedal, you hit about 65km/h. Please somebody tell me this is not revenue raising. I know I’ve contributed to the ACT Government bank balance a couple of times on this very spot whilst actually believing I was driving with care.

But truly we are sheep. We accept whatever is thrown at us and do nothing more than complain on re-vamped blogsites. Maybe someone with a bit more balls than can be found here should bomb the f***ers!

mouthface mouthface 11:51 am 16 May 08

Hey.. I’m sure I’ve had a fine from a camera whilst in my Monaro…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 11:40 am 16 May 08

Speed cameras are pure revenue machines – they have zero impact on safety. In many respects, forcing drivers to travel at speeds they consider unreasonably low causes more problems due to frustration and lack of concentration. Jemmy’s point about speed limits ideally being set set at 85% of unconstrained speed is well made.

So the question becomes – in good weather what speed would you choose to travel at along the Monaro Highway? For me (unconstrained) it would be perhaps 115km/h on the section with intersections and 140km/h on the sections without? That gives us about 95km/h and 115km/h respectively. Why not set the limit (and, if we must have them, cameras, at that level)?

Hamilton Hamilton 10:56 am 16 May 08

I’m no fan of speed cameras but I would be interested to see what the ACT Government does with the revenue. Is it put into consolidated revenue of to they use the money to improve the quality of roads, driver education etc – thus making the roads safer?

I would like to see the revenue put into more police – If I had a better understanding of what the money is being used for then I may not have as big an issue with the cameras.

No doubt the money is being pi$$ed up against the wall on something like a $100 million jail, sorry I should say resort – Have you seen the conditions those prisoners will be living in!! What a joke.

shanefos shanefos 9:33 am 16 May 08

madman said :

you know what. I actually sped through the camera heading north on the monaro a month back and never got a ticket……..

Wow! What a mad man….

madman madman 6:38 am 16 May 08

you know what. I actually sped through the camera heading north on the monaro a month back and never got a ticket……..

Bungle Bungle 10:48 pm 15 May 08

The difference between the NSW fixed speed cameras and the ACT ones are that in NSW they put them in accident black spots – like the pacific hwy before Coffs. In the ACT we have them on the straightest, safest sections.

And the new camera warning signs are so huge I don’t even think it could be revenue raising. You would have to be blind, or blind drunk, to get done. What’s the point of them?? What a waste of money!! I’d like to see how many people have been stupid enough to be caught.

Also, have you noticed that they’ve moved the water usage sign that was suspiciously placed in front of the speed camera sign heading south on the tugg pkwy.

deezagood deezagood 8:46 pm 15 May 08

I don’t think the Monaro cameras are operational yet; or maybe they are just for show. Has anybody actually had a fine from a Monaro camera??

Special G Special G 7:33 pm 15 May 08

Whinge whinge about speed cameras again.

Voluntarily speed and voluntarily pay the speeding tax. It’s exactly the same with parking in Civic. Some people choose to run the gauntlet and not pay as by the time they get a ticket it’s cheaper than paying for parking every day.

More Police booking people is revenue raising, more speed vans is revenue raising, more cameras revenue raising. It’s what governments do get over it.

shauno shauno 7:03 pm 15 May 08

Caf I drove on that road last week. And honestly there are two speed cameras now positioned on overtaking double lane sections. They may be new Im not sure because I havnt driven on that road for ages. I didnt say all of them for god sake.

Note I said ”some” of them unbelievably positioned on the few double lane overtaking lanes.

So whats bollocks about that.

caf caf 5:44 pm 15 May 08

Bollocks, I’ve driven that road several times in the last few years and while it is in terrible condition, at least half of those speed cameras are located in towns (all those houses should be a clue that the speed limit has dropped from 100!).

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