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While having a coffee at a chain coffee shop in a shopping centre the other day, I picked up the launch issue of Canberra’s newest free street mag – “twenty600”.

It looks glossy and stylish, and claims to feature “Canberra’s brightest creative talents in music, dance, fashion and design”. However there are also articles on the porn industry, cosmetic surgery and the environment.

From what I can see, there are about four contributers writing the entire magazine in a satirical style which isn’t quite funny. There are the usual book, CD and movie reviews, but nothing particularly relevant to Canberra (for example Hairspray and James Blunt – I can get these reviews anywhere). However despite my reservations, I’m willing to give it a go and I hope it does well, once it figures out who it’s market is.

Oh, and there’s a website:

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37 Responses to New street mag – twenty600
Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:18 am 25 Jan 08

I’m guessing that Twenty600 is in no way related to 2600.

Senor Roberto Senor Roberto 11:20 am 25 Jan 08

Strange name for the magazine?
2600 means something quite different to us computer nerds.

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 11:28 am 25 Jan 08

It’s a f****ing piece of s***. I’ve picked it up and it is the worst highschool level dross I have ever read. I can’t believe that someone –anyone- decided to fund the printing of this, which leads me to think that it was the writers themselves…or their rich daddies.

It is yet another pallid, banal appeal for coolness that falls astonishingly far from the mark. It left me fuming at the complete lack of style and sophistication of the writers and the moronically poor choice of articles (Books into movies? You chose ‘About a boy’, ‘Practical Magic’ and ‘Northern Lights’? Am I crazy or are they idiots?). Not to mention the film section (“I hear there are some movies coming out – here’s the titles.” Thanks Mark Russell, you towering pile of arse).

Thanks for all those shots of yourselves throughout, posing like alterna-wankers, dressed like Jamie Oliver and pouting into the camera as if MySpace had turned them away. God I hated this worthless publication and I have a ton of venom left for it, but I’m at work and don’t have the time right now.

I wish I could punch all the writers in the back of the head right now and then burn every issue that was printed.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:34 am 25 Jan 08

Sure, the postcode 2600 is Deakin, Barton, Duntroon, Russell, Parkes, Harman, Capital Hill, Parliament House, and Yarralumla…

But wouldn’t 2601 (Canberra, Canberra City, Acton) be more suited to a magazine concerning itself with Canberra culture?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:52 am 25 Jan 08

“It’s a f****ing piece of s***. I’ve picked it up and it is the worst highschool level dross I have ever read. I can’t believe that someone –anyone- decided to fund the printing of this, which leads me to think that it was the writers themselves…or their rich daddies.”

Jessica Wright’s new gig, maybe?

Danman Danman 11:58 am 25 Jan 08

2600 isn’t that associated with phreakers and hackers ?

I can see Charnwood bringing out a similar magazine now calling it 2615 – New season Fashion

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 12:07 pm 25 Jan 08

I’ve been away, whats the deal with this Jessica Wright?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:17 pm 25 Jan 08

She’s a ‘journalist’ at the Canberra Times.

She loves us all at RiotACT very much indeed, and we in turn have the utmost respect for her journalistic integrity and ability.

She dun rites a colum in the CT evry Sundee, and she real gud at yousing big wurds, an stuf.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:18 pm 25 Jan 08

More about Jessica –

lisagrace lisagrace 12:32 pm 25 Jan 08

To risk being hated for going against the majority view – I have to say that I really enjoyed reading it!

Someone from work brought a copy back to the office and I read it over a few lunch times, had a bit of a laugh and was impressed with the quality and variety of articles.

Its nice to have some different street press to read – especially when its something different to the City News…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:34 pm 25 Jan 08

What happened to the magazine that John Hewson released here; is it still around?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:37 pm 25 Jan 08

Majority view?

So far its been –
People who think its a bad\confusing name, shared with a magazine on phreaking and hacking: 3
People who didn’t like it: 1
People who mentioned Jessica wright but didn’t express an opinion: 2
People who liked it: 1

There is no clear majority, but the closest candidate it “People who think the name is wrong”

pierce pierce 12:44 pm 25 Jan 08

I saw it and was impressed by the amount of big glossy ads they were able to bring in to a new mag. There’s some business nous there at least.

The content was a little underdeveloped though – trying a little too hard to be young and funky but coming off like a myspace posting.

Sammy Sammy 12:50 pm 25 Jan 08

I would assume 2600 relates to the postcode.

was impressed by the amount of big glossy ads they were able to bring in to a new mag

Unless they gave all the advertising away for free (or very cheap), which is the most likely scenario.

Sammy Sammy 12:55 pm 25 Jan 08

Just took a look at the magazine online.

Very slick looking publication. The design is very pleasing.

I like the format a lot.

There is very little advertising though.

timgee2007 timgee2007 1:30 pm 25 Jan 08

Twenty600 looks great, but it’s gunna take a LOT of advertising bucks to keep up the very nice print job it has, and I wonder how long it can/will last in a city the size of Canberra? Unfortunately, I’ve seen more of these types of publications come out of nowhere, and disappear just as quickly (Walter mag springs to mind) – there’s just not enough advertising dollars to sustain anything beyond the staple of the Times, Chronicle and City News.

Fiona Fiona 1:32 pm 25 Jan 08

Ther’s probably oalready a few too many mags floating around, but I liked it when I read it… got it just ebfore chrissy I thnk… I think it’s meant tobe quartely

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 2:25 pm 25 Jan 08

IT IS BAD! Come on people, this is why Canberra is seen as so bogan! You think THIS passes as a street press publication, a fashion publication or even a send-away catalogue? It just complete CRAP!
Have you heard of Vice magazine? That’s a standard we should be aiming for! Not this future landfill…

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:47 pm 25 Jan 08

Does anyone else think that West_Kambah_4eva was knocked back for a writing gig with twenty600? 😛

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 3:22 pm 25 Jan 08

I wasn’t… but I do make a claim right here and now that I would write a far better magazine by myself, and I’m not that good of a writer.

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