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GnT 25 January 2008 37

While having a coffee at a chain coffee shop in a shopping centre the other day, I picked up the launch issue of Canberra’s newest free street mag – “twenty600”.

It looks glossy and stylish, and claims to feature “Canberra’s brightest creative talents in music, dance, fashion and design”. However there are also articles on the porn industry, cosmetic surgery and the environment.

From what I can see, there are about four contributers writing the entire magazine in a satirical style which isn’t quite funny. There are the usual book, CD and movie reviews, but nothing particularly relevant to Canberra (for example Hairspray and James Blunt – I can get these reviews anywhere). However despite my reservations, I’m willing to give it a go and I hope it does well, once it figures out who it’s market is.

Oh, and there’s a website:

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37 Responses to New street mag – twenty600
random random 12:16 pm 29 Jan 08

Wouldn’t pay for it, but it didn’t seem any worse than the other free mags. Last time I read a movie review in BMA I wanted to strangle the critic for being such an idiot, so the insipid film section here was actually a step up.

At least the graphic design was nice. Hopefully the content will improve.

Thumper Thumper 10:17 am 29 Jan 08

It’s just seems to represent a generation who spends way too much time living their lives through MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, and as a result don’t much to say beyond their own self-absorption.

I think that just about nailed it.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 10:07 am 29 Jan 08

I have to admit, I saw this mag and it was pretty crappy. As such, I’ll not bother picking up another one.

GreenAnt GreenAnt 10:04 am 29 Jan 08

I’m mostly with Kambah on this one.

Pros: Free, glossy, looks cool, good design nous, feature articles are fairly decent, an alternative to other free press, doing something different, shows promise

Cons: Trying too hard, obnoxious, self-congratulatory tone, attempts at humour embarrassing, attempts at coolness/edginess don’t ring true, mostly feels like filler

It’s just seems to represent a generation who spends way too much time living their lives through MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, and as a result don’t much to say beyond their own self-absorption.

I hope it does grow into something more substantial,as there does seem to be some talent in there. Best of luck to them from here.

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 9:06 am 29 Jan 08

Take pathetic swipes at my INTERNET NAME all you like you fat sweaty nerds but the fact remains this magazine contains exceptionally poor writing, pathetic story choice, hideously self-glorifying photos and an overall foul aftertaste that made me want to RETCH!

west_kambahs_mum west_kambahs_mum 10:32 pm 28 Jan 08

Here is some inside information: I understand West Kambah WAS rejected from twenty600. Look forward to reading his awesome mag.

Oh, by the way, sweetie, I won’t be home for a couple of days. I’ll be at the Moose, initiating some ADFA boys.

astrojax astrojax 9:54 pm 28 Jan 08

and I’m not that good of a writer. no, west kambah 4eva, you clearly aren’t of, eh.

i rekkun the magazine has legs, rekkun it is a good first edition with a great format and, if marketed correctly (which it seems to be), will clearly stand above anything else canberra offers, like the big, poor value ‘capital’ and the student rags – which could learn a lot, esp ucan’s which has the media school, not that you’d know it…

though the name is still wrong, innit? twenty six 100, not twenty 600 [20-600] which has a nought too many. just being picky, like eva…

John Tuttle John Tuttle 7:28 pm 27 Jan 08

Has anyone seen the Queanbeyan version of this?

It is called “Twenny6Twenny” and has incisive articles dealing with issues such as “when is it schnitzel night down the leagues club” and a competition where you can vote for the Allens supermodel of 2007.


p.s. on thinking about it, the fictional version I just invented would be possibly more interesting than the launch (and final?) edition of Twatty600.

Thumper Thumper 8:40 am 26 Jan 08

I was being facetious, sorry about that.

I’ll just say that I think it’s a waste of paper and Pete Garrett should ban it as being and evil and unecessary use of natural resources.

However, I will admit that there must be someone out there willing to read it.

The contributors perhaps?

ant ant 9:37 pm 25 Jan 08

I’d read Kambah’s magazine! His rant was a classic and gave me a good 5 minute laugh at work today. Rants from the heart are always good.

As for Hewie’s freebie mag, I haven’t seen it since the one with an xmas tree on the front which was meant to be made of pine needles but on closer inspection was made of rosemary! I think it’s called Aura or something. rather slick for a freebie, I quite like it.

Queenie Queenie 7:41 pm 25 Jan 08

I don’t think it was meant to be balanced and respectable, Thumper. It seemed to send a pretty clear message about that!

Thumper Thumper 7:31 pm 25 Jan 08

piece, that is.

I hate laptops.

Thumper Thumper 7:31 pm 25 Jan 08

Makes City News appear to be a well balanced pice of respectable journalism.

NickD NickD 6:42 pm 25 Jan 08

Yeah, the first edition was a pretty pointless publication. On the other hand, it’s free and glossy so I can’t see why anyone would get upset about it.

Queenie Queenie 5:32 pm 25 Jan 08

West_Kambah_4eva is just a wannabe who can’t take it that someone’s actually done something new and original in the Canberra publication scene.

I saw it on a table at work, read it, and enjoyed it, although the writing was occasionally a little obnoxious. Enough said.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 4:17 pm 25 Jan 08


You said – “but I do make a claim right here and now that I would write a far better magazine by myself”

Well I challenge you here and now to write a single decent submission for RiotACT and actually prove your writing capabilities. Based on the critique you gave on the magazine here, you make the missives of Jessica Wright in the CT look like literary prose.

Crikey Crikey 3:32 pm 25 Jan 08

I’d have a chip on my shoulder too if I was raised in West Kambah LOL

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 3:22 pm 25 Jan 08

I wasn’t… but I do make a claim right here and now that I would write a far better magazine by myself, and I’m not that good of a writer.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:47 pm 25 Jan 08

Does anyone else think that West_Kambah_4eva was knocked back for a writing gig with twenty600? 😛

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 2:25 pm 25 Jan 08

IT IS BAD! Come on people, this is why Canberra is seen as so bogan! You think THIS passes as a street press publication, a fashion publication or even a send-away catalogue? It just complete CRAP!
Have you heard of Vice magazine? That’s a standard we should be aiming for! Not this future landfill…

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