New Supportive Housing Proposals?

queeg 16 November 2009 16

Does anyone know what the deal is with some recent proposals for supportive housing in Canberra? After seeing a planning notification go up at the car park on the corner of Henty, Ijong and Ipima streets in Braddon (just over the road from the Rex Hotel), I checked the ACTPLA website ( There are no fewer than seven planning applications for “supportive housing” proposals across Canberra. The proposals range from 12 up to 47 new units in Braddon, Chapman, Curtin, Dunlop, Harrison and Kambah.

It goes without saying that public servants are going to be outraged by the loss of yet one more place to park for free (the free parking near the Rex is always highly sought after), but did I miss a press release? Did I miss a letter from our Planning Minister? This seems like some pretty significant development and it seems to have just appeared out of nowhere. Can anyone shed some light?

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16 Responses to New Supportive Housing Proposals?
aussielyn aussielyn 9:12 am 18 Nov 09

The Braddon DA appears to have a lift not long enough to hold a recumbent ambulance stretcher that is 2200mm long. The patient or dead body will have to be put in the upright position.
This will make access for ambos a nightmare.
Making building access ambo friendly will add cost so it is not mandatory!

queeg queeg 7:10 am 18 Nov 09

Re #8: I don’t care about the impact on car parking at all and if you’d read the whole paragraph that would have been obvious. I am more concerned about the fact that either ACTPLA or our Planning Minister seem to have botched proper consultation on this issue.

Further investigation on the DHCS website shows that some consultation took place about the Curtin, Chapman and Kambah proposals prior to the plans being developed ( I can’t see anything about the proposals being discussed for Braddon or the other suburbs. Why not?

Having had a look at the plans themselves, ACTPLA should get their architect ready for some major redrafting, as I don’t see how this won’t have a major impact on the surrounding properties and roads.

taninaus taninaus 6:56 am 18 Nov 09

This is your federal tax dollars at work – the ACT got a lot of $$ to build new housing that will either be ACT Housing or a community housing provider. There has been publicity on housing wanting to move the older people out of the 3-4br homes they have had since they raised their kids into smaller places and be able to give the larger homes to genuine families in need. Unfortunately the timeframes imposed by the cwth didn’t allow for perfect planning.

cleo cleo 12:46 am 18 Nov 09

There seems to be a person or persons living on a piece of land near housing along Condamine St, and Forbes, it really is shamful that the government have no accomadation for them.

bd84 bd84 10:47 pm 17 Nov 09

You will find the majority of the supported care properties will be government housing for the elderly or disabled. Housing ACT don’t otherwise build/purchase a large number of properties in the same development anymore.

aussielyn aussielyn 9:36 am 17 Nov 09

Definitions in the Territory Plan

“Supportive Housing means the use of land
for residential accommodation for persons in
need of support, which is managed by a
Territory approved organisation that provides
a range of support services such as
counselling, domestic assistance and
personal care for residents as required.
Although such services must be able to be
delivered on site, management and
preparation may be carried out on site or
elsewhere. Housing may be provided in the
form of self-contained dwellings.”

Maybe aged care flats @ $450K and no unit title, controlled by the organisation or govt aged care. Battery hen aged housing for the aging population.

smilesr smilesr 8:49 am 17 Nov 09

I noticed that the one at Kambah will have 47 x 2-bedroom units and a smaller number of 3 bedroom units. That’s a lot of public housing in one spot! If it isn’t an aged care facility then I predict a future ghetto!

Public housing is all well and good but works a lot better if it can be sprinkled throughout the community rather than lumped in one spot. So I do think they mean aged care when they say supportive housing (well, I hope they do!).

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 8:40 am 17 Nov 09

caf said :

What’s Supportive Housing when it’s at home?

toriness said :

do i also assume that supportive housing is a euphemism for public housing? because that’s what braddon needs more of doesn’t it? not.

Supportive Housing is a hybrid model of combining a pleace to live with a focal point to provide whatever social services required to break them out of the persistent cycles of challenges that keep them marginalised (typically homelessness).

The priority for combatting homelessness is “Housing First” in that once you have somewhere permanent to stay each night you have a basis to build on, and get people out of the cycle of homelessness.
Once you start building someone up off the streets, you then provide supportive services tailored to their needs, to prevent them from regressing back into homelessness.
(Hence “supportive housing”)

Putting the supported housing in focussed locations also makes it easier to target & provide these services, while also making it easier for those with the need to access those services.

PS: I don’t work in the community sector, if anyone wants to explain it better, feel free.

T1G3R T1G3R 1:54 am 17 Nov 09

I’m only assuming here but you’re upset that you are going to lose some free parking spaces? There is a shortage of public housing and even on the private rental market. I’m more outraged by your last silly paragraph. Yes Canberra sucks to park and get any public transport but maybe you should try carpooling? or find alternative means of transport, maybe even wing it since there aren’t as many parking inspectors in Canberra than there is in Melbourne. We need more public housing, not for just those silly stereotypes, junkies or untrustworthy characters but there are low income families trying to get by, the disabled and pensioners.

cleo cleo 12:51 am 17 Nov 09

Yay more housing, less people homeless! About time the government built more homes, after they had taken Kingston, Woden flats away from public housing.

harley harley 12:14 am 17 Nov 09

The curtin one is at the back of the old North-Curtin Primary School site. The front end is soon to be vacated by the Emergency Services mob.

The plans have big “Kevs Stimulus” (Nation Building I think is the term) labels on them.

Primal Primal 12:06 am 17 Nov 09

The development in Chapman looks like it will be pretty boxy… could be public housing, I suppose…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:10 pm 16 Nov 09

toriness said :

do i also assume that supportive housing is a euphemism for public housing? because that’s what braddon needs more of doesn’t it? not.

Yeah, but if it’s being run by ACT Housing, what could possibly go wrong?

toriness toriness 10:48 pm 16 Nov 09

do i also assume that supportive housing is a euphemism for public housing? because that’s what braddon needs more of doesn’t it? not.

toriness toriness 10:46 pm 16 Nov 09

i just noticed that development sign today at the carpark by the rex too – out of the blue for me too. i only park there occasionally but it was a useful place to park for free when i did have to drive into work for whatever reason (usually i cycle).

caf caf 10:24 pm 16 Nov 09

What’s Supportive Housing when it’s at home?

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