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Planning for new taxi network underway!

By johnboy 24 August 2006 16

The Canberra Times has a report on plans by Les Wassell to create a second taxi network in Canberra.

The new network will need Government accreditation which will be a bit of a test of will in the corridors of power.

If they have “call on approach” I imagine they will do very well.

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16 Responses to
Planning for new taxi network underway!
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Pandy 11:40 pm 24 Aug 06

Ah Patherat now I want to catch a bus.

Patherat 7:40 pm 24 Aug 06

I used to drive cabs for Les Wassell years ago when he was incharge of all the disabled taxis. He ran a much better system than what they have in place now and I could never understand why they took the management of these cabs away from him. I say good luck to him.
On another note about cabs, when I drove the disabled cabs they were like a stretch limo with a bubble in the middle. I think some punters used to think they were stretch limos as well, as I had passengers getting extremely romantic on a number of occasions in the back seat during the early hours. Never happened in a normal cab, just the disabled.
Remember, always check the seats before you sit down.

Mr_Shab 3:22 pm 24 Aug 06

The ACCC can’t do squat about petrol, Thumper. The only way it could make a difference would be to somehow prove that the petrol companies are colluding. That, my friend, is a profoundly difficult thing to do.

I’d say the reason that petrol prices keep going up is cause of that pesky free-market thingy (i.e – once the petrol company establishes that you’ll pay $1.50/litre, and buy the same amount of petrol, why not charge more and take the damn profit).

Petrol companies aren’t in the business of public service.

As for the taxi thing – I’m pretty sure that collusion of all types is covered by Pt4 of the Trade Practices Act – I don’t know if there’s an equivalent local statute.

shauno 2:11 pm 24 Aug 06

I usually catch Taxi’s quiet a bit when In Canberra however imagine my surprise when I arrived back in Canberra early August for a couple of weeks and tried to book a cab.
Canberra has to be by the worst taxi service just about anywhere especially with the new voice rec software. Why would the ACT Govt have any interest in keeping a monopoly?
Here in Singapore we have more then 10 Taxi companies and more then 22,000 cabs. hehe 30min ride usually around 15 Sing or 12 Aussie. Airport to the City around the same

VYBerlinaV8 2:03 pm 24 Aug 06

If it’s a govco regulated price then they will be forced to compete on service. Excellent!

johnboy 1:54 pm 24 Aug 06

it’s not price collusion when it’s a government regulated price.

which it is.

Thumper 1:49 pm 24 Aug 06

Apparently so, but the way the ACCC pussy foots around petrol, I’m not so sure.

simto 1:44 pm 24 Aug 06

I would have thought collusion would be against fair trading laws.

Big Al 1:25 pm 24 Aug 06

Does the Government regulate what the taxi’s can charge? If they do, and competitors cant charge less that Aerial for the same service then the main potential point of difference in what would be a homogeneous market would be customer service.

bonfire 11:16 am 24 Aug 06

competition improves service but can also lead to collusion.

and of course the new network can be created and bought out by a cashed up monopolist facing falling profits.

i wonder what legislation covers this in the territory.

seepi 11:00 am 24 Aug 06

It amazed me that they keep trying to improve the system, when what it clearly needs is an easy option to talk to a person. They talk of educating the public to use the system – well that won’t work for tourists, or people who catch taxis only occasionally. And there will always be various names for one place, or new streets/suburbs/restaurants etc. And ther will always be old/deaf/peopoe with accents who can’t understnad the robot voice. I changed health insurance to one that actually answers the phone, so I would definitely change taxi service if I could talk to a person.

Absent Diane 10:56 am 24 Aug 06

I just hate the fucking accent… can’t they at least try and create and australian type emulator…

RG 10:43 am 24 Aug 06

The fact that Canberra Cabs has such a monopoly over the taxi business in Canberra means they can deliver appaling service and get away with it. Their new automated telephone service is the worst thing that could have happened. The other day I wanted to be taken to the “City” and they kept saying “I’m sorry, I do not understand what you have said”. Off course you don’t… You’re a bloody computer!!!

Mr Evil 10:40 am 24 Aug 06

If they make sure ALL their drivers wear deodorant and launder their uniform, then they’ll do even better. 🙂

el 10:35 am 24 Aug 06

About bloody time.

Good to hear.

Thumper 10:21 am 24 Aug 06

If they answer the phone and turn up they’ll do exceptionally well.

Which in turn will make Canberra Cabs lift there game.

Winners all round. About time it happened.

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