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New visions for Bunda Street

johnboy 16 January 2013 67

bunda street plans

Shane Rattenbury has announced the release of concept plans for Bunda Street:

The redesign of Bunda Street will form part of the Civic Cycle Loop project, a 3.2 kilometre path that loops around the City and connects to existing paths that lead into the City. The ACT Government has so far invested $6 million for the design and construction of the Civic Cycle Loop.

“These are exciting new designs for Canberra’s city centre that we hope will encourage pedestrians and cyclists, improve safety, and also create a vibrant and user-friendly urban space,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“The Bunda Street section of the Civic Cycle Loop, between Mort and Akuna Streets, requires special design consideration as it has high pedestrian and traffic volumes and a busy retail and hospitality environment.

“We engaged three separate, highly qualified and experienced urban design consultants to participate in a design competition for the Bunda Street section of the loop. Each consultant has presented their best design proposal for the space. Each design has a unique proposal to manage Bunda Street as a high-use space for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

“We really encourage the community to get involved and provide feedback on which design they think would work best for the Bunda Street section of the cycle loop.

You can take a look on the time to talk site.

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67 Responses to New visions for Bunda Street
Livetolunch Livetolunch 2:11 pm 24 Jan 13

20 years ago when I cycled every day riders seemed to manage to ride on the road and not get squished. Are riders so mentally challenged these days that the ACT government has to waste $6 million plus trying to nanny them through town? This most recent flagrant waste of tax dollars is good reason to move across the border.

Leon Leon 12:11 pm 21 Jan 13

A cycleway on Cooyong and Corranderrk Sts will offer connections to Commonwealth Avenue Bridge via Marcus Clarke St at one end. At the other end it offers several ways to get to the bridge via Allara St.

You can get into Civic from Cooyong/Coranderrk Sts via Scotts Crossing, Petrie St, Ainslie Avenue (which is a public thoroughfare), Akuna St or Constitution Avenue.

davo101 said :

A path on Cooyong and Corranderrk won’t connect with the cycle path coming over the Commonwealth bridge and also provides no facilities to get to anywhere in Civic.

c_c™ c_c™ 1:37 pm 20 Jan 13

Dacquiri said :

Jack Waterford is in his element today on the whole Bunda Street, Civic, and the history and worrying future of a city centre which has the potential to be much better:

If by element, you mean sounding like a tired old crank with no ideas but still very able to bitch meanderingly about stuff, then he sure is.

You wouldn’t know it from the way he talks, but I’d say Civic has improved since he supposedly thinks it went off course. The fault is that of the commercial operators who have let much of Civic go stale. So if QIC wants to spend big, of course that’s going to suck people out of other areas – and other parts of Civic had plenty of time to upgrade before the Canberra Centre behemoth became what it is. Walk through Centrepoint (basically empty), place should have been bulldozed long ago.

Dacquiri Dacquiri 12:42 pm 20 Jan 13

Jack Waterford is in his element today on the whole Bunda Street, Civic, and the history and worrying future of a city centre which has the potential to be much better:

PantsMan PantsMan 8:46 am 18 Jan 13

miz said :

How about a two year moratorium on consultant’s reports and use the money saved to actually improve services. I am so fed up with pollies trying to ‘improve’ what is already pretty good, and messing it up, at massive cost.

Would that include the recent consultant’s report on having more Members of the Legislative Assembly?

It also says something about the ACT Public Service that they have who department providing advice, but the advice usually seems to be “commission a consultant.” Suppose that’s what you get when you employ the illiterate.

My taxes blah, blah, blah…

what_the what_the 1:19 am 18 Jan 13

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

I always find it lol when somebody points good examples of good things happening in Europe and how it should work here then some lack wit jumps straight in with *WELL IS EUROPE HERE? NO WE DON’T WANT TO CHANGE TO THAT! F@$$&! STRAYA C$&@*

So bring on the autobahn then! Tuggeranong Autobahn, has a nice ring.

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