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New wind sculpture on Adelaide Avenue – Dinornis maximus

johnboy 18 August 2008 78

[First filed: August 14, 2008 @ 13:47]

When approaching Woden’s great Round-a-bout ‘O Destiny from the North drivers can now be distracted by a majestic wind sculpture.

It went up yesterday and the blokes building it reckon there are no motors, just the wind on the blades.

I think I saw something very similar at the last Bondi Sculpture By The Sea, but I’m liking this installation. More info when it comes to hand.

YouTube of it in action and a slideshow below.

UPDATED: The infamous Canberra art critic, prisoner of war, and conservative politician, Steve Pratt has responded predictably:

    The Stanhope Government have unveiled yet another wasteful public art project on our roads instead of devoting attention to basic infrastructure, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Steve Pratt said today.

    The new public artwork, described as an 11 metre tall, wind activated kinetic sculpture, recently installed at the junction of Yarra Glen, Melrose Drive and Yamba Drive is not only unnecessary, but also poses a serious traffic hazard for motorists on this busy intersection.

Another Update: artsACT has a brief on it:

    Dinornis maximus has recently recently been installed at the junction of Yarra Glen, Melrose Drive and Yamba Drive.

    Dinornis maximus is a prominent 11-metre tall wind-activated sculpture. The title refers to an ancient flightless bird.

    The artwork forms a striking gateway on the northern edge of Woden Town Centre.

    The sculpture uses fully-sealed rolling bearing systems designed for longevity and environmental resilience to create ‘a wind powered ballet in the sky’.

    In describing his artworks New Zealand artist Phil Price says he seeks a ‘… combination of movement that provides a flow and a dance’.

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78 Responses to New wind sculpture on Adelaide Avenue – Dinornis maximus
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fnaah fnaah 3:02 pm 14 Aug 08

So, it’s a crazy inflatable flailing arm tube man, except slower, and less interesting.

blueberry blueberry 3:00 pm 14 Aug 08

I quite like it actually. Woden is a good place for it too because it is always quite windy around here.

Personally, I think that if you can be distracted enough to cause and accident, that easily then you probably should not be driving in the first place.

New Yeah New Yeah 2:52 pm 14 Aug 08

I hope the blades are bolted on tightly – wouldn’t want one of those bad boys flying off in a strong easterly.

Overheard Overheard 2:28 pm 14 Aug 08

Maybe Sonic’s contemplating a panel-beating-led economic recovery?

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 2:25 pm 14 Aug 08

Bad art bores. Good art engages. Public art causes car crashes.

Thus, public art wins.

H1NG0 H1NG0 2:22 pm 14 Aug 08

I drove past it yesterday and I initially thought it was some wierd ass clock, then I realised it was some weird ass sculpture and I had spent the last 300 metres not looking at the road in front of me.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:20 pm 14 Aug 08

Speaking of crumple into the boot of the car in front…

The folk in blue were doing vehicle checks on Northbourne yesterday. Commented to workmate about the woeful traffic control and that they’d cause an accident with all their jumping out in front of people in the far lane. Love the way they wave people in to the side even when there’s another car coming up the outside lane. Of course people figure there’s a cop giving me a direction, so I must obey it, and fail to look first.

So it was not a surprise a short while later to see some poor sod pulling up with the crunched bonnet from exactly that happening.

Ponkygirl Ponkygirl 2:18 pm 14 Aug 08

I like it too. Does it remind anyone else of the big red sculpture that was going to be behind Old Parliament House and celebrate women’s suffrage or something? It was called Fan I think (not Fanny, just to head off the hilarious puns this forum is known for)and moved in the wind … until it was canned – as being too different?

jakez jakez 2:16 pm 14 Aug 08

It seems decent enough from the photos however the proof will be when I drive to Woden from Civic Saturday night.

Although this one doesn’t bother me aesthetically, I again renew my opposition to coercive taxpayer funding going to art of such a nature.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 2:10 pm 14 Aug 08

I fuggin hate that roundabout already, especially those who slow to a stop when driving south in the left / slip lane. Even for the right lane, you can see for miles if there’s anybody turning right on it – there almost never is, so there’s no need to slow down. Saw the traffic backed up last night and figured it was more of the same, but no, it was people looking at this spastic plastic thing. I thought the new prison was rear ender heaven.

Overheard Overheard 2:09 pm 14 Aug 08

I like the look of it, but yeah, I suspect it won’t be long before the first goober finds him/herself crumpled into the boot of the car in front of them.

barking toad barking toad 2:07 pm 14 Aug 08

Yes Thumper.

For gawd’s sake, won’t someone think of the earless pelicans!

Ggreg Ggreg 2:06 pm 14 Aug 08

I nearly dropped my mobile and my VB, such was my surprise at seeing an acceptable public sculpture in Woden.

Fortunately cruise control was on …

Thumper Thumper 2:04 pm 14 Aug 08

It just needs a few chopped up pelicans at the base to complete the effect.

shanefos shanefos 2:01 pm 14 Aug 08

peterh said :

oh, great. wait for the “what the hell is that??” accident…

Don’t ever go driving in Melbourne then, mate!

LG LG 2:00 pm 14 Aug 08

I like it (needs some landscaping though). Huge improvement over the rubbish littering the GDE – and that red thing outside the Waldorf Apartments.

SilP SilP 1:57 pm 14 Aug 08

I like it.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:57 pm 14 Aug 08

There was a thing in the CT a whie back about all the art Stanhope had acquired for Canberra at no cost to himself, and where to expect it to be placed.

Primal Primal 1:53 pm 14 Aug 08

Distracting? Yes.
Majestic? No.
Waste of time and money that sticks out like a sore thumb? Definitely.

Definitely a GDE leftover.

peterh peterh 1:52 pm 14 Aug 08

oh, great. wait for the “what the hell is that??” accident.

why didn’t they put a turbine in it? may have generated some extra power…

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