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New wind sculpture on Adelaide Avenue – Dinornis maximus

johnboy 18 August 2008 78

[First filed: August 14, 2008 @ 13:47]

When approaching Woden’s great Round-a-bout ‘O Destiny from the North drivers can now be distracted by a majestic wind sculpture.

It went up yesterday and the blokes building it reckon there are no motors, just the wind on the blades.

I think I saw something very similar at the last Bondi Sculpture By The Sea, but I’m liking this installation. More info when it comes to hand.

YouTube of it in action and a slideshow below.

UPDATED: The infamous Canberra art critic, prisoner of war, and conservative politician, Steve Pratt has responded predictably:

    The Stanhope Government have unveiled yet another wasteful public art project on our roads instead of devoting attention to basic infrastructure, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Steve Pratt said today.

    The new public artwork, described as an 11 metre tall, wind activated kinetic sculpture, recently installed at the junction of Yarra Glen, Melrose Drive and Yamba Drive is not only unnecessary, but also poses a serious traffic hazard for motorists on this busy intersection.

Another Update: artsACT has a brief on it:

    Dinornis maximus has recently recently been installed at the junction of Yarra Glen, Melrose Drive and Yamba Drive.

    Dinornis maximus is a prominent 11-metre tall wind-activated sculpture. The title refers to an ancient flightless bird.

    The artwork forms a striking gateway on the northern edge of Woden Town Centre.

    The sculpture uses fully-sealed rolling bearing systems designed for longevity and environmental resilience to create ‘a wind powered ballet in the sky’.

    In describing his artworks New Zealand artist Phil Price says he seeks a ‘… combination of movement that provides a flow and a dance’.

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78 Responses to New wind sculpture on Adelaide Avenue – Dinornis maximus
amarooresident amarooresident 11:38 am 18 Aug 08

Anything that annoys Steve Pratt is fine by me.

Granny Granny 11:32 am 18 Aug 08

*hehe* Isn’t somebody paid to do that already?

; )

jakez jakez 11:03 am 18 Aug 08

I’ll inform the poor people of Canberra that they should all feel much richer due to the wonderful public art we have.

Granny Granny 10:59 am 18 Aug 08

The world would be a poorer place without public art, but it can all seem a bit “let them eat cake” as far as the public perception goes – depending on the circumstances and how tough people are doing it.

I would agree that it also does not help to situate an expensive work of art behind a tacky fence and two whopping great lightpoles.

I think the Rhizome could be quite beautiful in a large paved space or open grassy area.

peterh peterh 10:46 am 18 Aug 08

bigred said :

Should have been a wind turbine.

bigred, great point!
but then, it would have raised “concerns” with the local residents….

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 10:43 am 18 Aug 08

It’s easy points for Pratt to trot out the populist line on art. And every new piece gifts another free hit.

But here’s thing thing with the so-called “basic infrastructure” – the list never runs out – there’s always more. So if you were to focus on “basic infrastructure” first, then there would never be any art anywhere.

Now I may not agree with the placement of some of these pieces (use them to break up boring bits not distract people at places they should be concentrating on other things), and they do seem to be tending towards the very expensive, and I think some of them look crap, but on the other hand I’m happy we don’t have a sterile culture-free zone.

It takes a brave pollie to hold the line against cheap populism, so I give Stanhope credit for this.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:36 am 18 Aug 08

I actually quite like it too – even though it looks nothing like a Moa to me. It actually looks more like flax waving in the wind, but then I’m just a commoner with no artistic talent, so what would I know!

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

We need to put a generator on it, and connect it to a big neon sign that says “DON’T LOOK HERE, WATCH THE ROAD, DICKHEAD!”, so it can randomly light up when the wind blows.

I just hope that no teenagers kill themselves by crashing into it – or heaven forbid, we’ll all have to endure another episode of “I’m like, just so much more upset and traumatised than youse about Ashlee’s/Crystal’s/Magenta’s/Brock’s/Tyler’s/Guido’s death, and I’m going to bash youse, and sh1t, if youse go anywhere near her/his funeral, and sh1t”.

Roland GRNS Roland GRNS 10:32 am 18 Aug 08

quite fun to look at when you are a passenger in a car or a bus though

johnboy johnboy 10:26 am 18 Aug 08

Lovely as it may be, it has moving parts.

If you want it to last like the Sphinx you gotta be building it out of stone.

Possibly you could do something in heavy glass or ceramic…

Anyone know about carbon fibre?

bigred bigred 10:06 am 18 Aug 08

Should have been a wind turbine.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 10:03 am 18 Aug 08

We need to put a generator on it, and connect it to a big neon sign that says “DON’T LOOK HERE, WATCH THE ROAD, DICKHEAD!”, so it can randomly light up when the wind blows.

Thumper Thumper 9:56 am 18 Aug 08

To be fair to pratt, he was commenting that he wants to see basic infrastructure fixed, etc, before public artworks get slapped up all over town.

Interestingly Stanhope drew comparisons with the Sphinx when talking about this new structure although I’m not really sure how….

i will admit it looks pretty cool, although i’m not so sure on the location.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 3:58 pm 16 Aug 08

Personally I like it but agree with many of the posts stating it is distracting. I drove past earlier this week when it was being put up and thought “WTF is that?” No I know WTF it is, I wonder WTF it is doing there!

Negotiating that roundabout at peak hour is tricky enough without having people in front of you slowing down to see where the ‘arms’ of sculpture are now pointing.

illyria illyria 10:50 am 16 Aug 08

I think it is kind of cool!

May change my mind when we find out how much it ends up costing.

I think it creates a great opportunity to all those Year 12 Kids out there looking for some new muck up day challenges around Canberra. The possibilities are endless……….

First student to succeed in getting the principles tie, anybodies undies, opposing rugby team jumper(always a good red herring) hanging off the end of one of those blades would gain immediate legend status.

someoneincanb someoneincanb 9:04 am 16 Aug 08

Another memorial to a closed school.
I propose that there be plaques on all the public art, acknowledging the demise of closed public services.

Granny Granny 3:15 am 16 Aug 08

I reckon Sonic is looking to his legacy … a bit like George Dubyer.

minime2 minime2 2:51 am 16 Aug 08

Oops … DO NOT have periferal vision.

minime2 minime2 2:50 am 16 Aug 08

Bkluberry and RAGGD obviously do have periffial vision that works. Sounds like World Youth Day advise … “if you don’t ….” – I suppose you have no hair growing on your palms either! Stupid simplicity.

sepi sepi 6:05 pm 15 Aug 08

I bet it cost less than the proposed ‘fesibility study into transport down Constitution ave’ but noone is complaining about that.

Anyway – done right, art buying actually increases in value.

The Public Watchdog The Public Watchdog 5:42 pm 15 Aug 08

It looks silly.

How much did it cost us?

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