New Woolworths going up in Dunlop

Phaceman 19 January 2011 12

This morning construction fences were going up on the corner of Shoobridge Cct. and Lance Hill Drive in Dunlop in the commercially zoned area just there with the playground. According to the workmen a new Woolwoorths is going up on that corner zone at the roundabout of Shoobridge and Lance Hill!

Its only going to be a small-ish one of about 700m sq. with the loading dock facing Lance Hill, and 2 carpark entries, one from Shoobridge and one from the Lance Hill/Kerrigan st. direction. I therefore assume the front of Woolworths will be facing the small playground that is already there.

The guys were saying that once construction starts, it will take 6 months. I speculate it won’t be long before other shops start moving in, hopefully a chemist and post office!

Curiously there have been no letter drops or advice for all this. The land has been sitting vacant as commercially zoned for about 8yrs now? It all seems a bit sudden, but certainly from my perspective welcome. I can mostly see upside to it. Do property values typically rise when this happens?

Anyway, I thought i’d ‘get it out there’.

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12 Responses to New Woolworths going up in Dunlop
lionelve lionelve 10:14 am 19 Feb 11

You might be interested in this discussion in the Legislative Assembly last year about the shops:

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 7:19 pm 28 Jan 11

I agree with Mick, that the Charnie Woolies is the worst. Got there one afternoon with about 20 folks lining up with trollies and they closed the only register that was open. So everyone had to wait while the 2 staff at the “express lane” catered for everyone. This was around 5pm. Very clever staffing. I’ve seen it at Kippax too, more customers, less staff.
I do agree that a small scale “corner shop” is always handy and in an area like that could prosper quite nicley. Wish there was one within walking distance of our house! [Instead of 3km away].

Mick Mick 4:07 pm 28 Jan 11

As a Dunlop resident who lives a stones-throw from the shop site I am glad they have finally gotten around to building something there.
Charnwood shops are a pain to get into with a dodgy carpack, dodgy drivers and even dodgier shops (worst Woolies in Canberra?)
Kippax shops are fine, but not exactly walkable.

Dunlop is becoming a monster suburb so I am glad they are supporting our suburb with some community facilities…

Would love to know which shops are going there. I’d personally prefer an IGA to yet another Woolies. Even a Foodworks would be fine!

Kick-Ass Kick-Ass 11:06 pm 20 Jan 11

Chop71 said :

Won’t believe it, till I see it

Kick-Ass Kick-Ass 10:57 pm 20 Jan 11

Why do we need a shopping centre in Dunlop? We have Charnwood! God forbid! A Butcher in Spence and Chemist, Kippax! and Fraser shops! It is a waste of time and I think most who live here pass either of these shops daily!
I think bus services would better service dunlop than a new shop!

Chop71 Chop71 3:06 pm 20 Jan 11

Won’t believe it, till I see it

Keijidosha Keijidosha 9:02 am 20 Jan 11

Agreed. Sounds odd for Woolies to be interested in such a small-scale premises. Whatever is going to be built I’ll take a gamble and say it won’t last very long – local shopping centres built in fringe suburbs rarely do. Holt and MacGregor are good examples.

bd84 bd84 11:59 pm 19 Jan 11

A corner block with 2 entries? a Caltex Woolworths would be a better bet.

Mystery2Me Mystery2Me 11:03 pm 19 Jan 11

Plus Kippax is close as well and Woolies supposed to be going in at Giralang at some point. Seems a little silly to put another one out there, but then again, it is Woolworths.

Ian Ian 8:48 pm 19 Jan 11

It would surprise me if they put a Woolies in Dunlop when Charnwood is so close.

JC JC 6:31 pm 19 Jan 11

Wollies isn’t normally into building small supermarkets so doubt this will be a wollies. Most of the small supermarkets they own, like Charnwood nearby were brought with the intent of making them bigger. Besides Stonehope has made a point of expanding competition in the supermarket business by excluding Wollies and Coles (still don’t understand how excluding certain players expands competition if anything it is anti competitive) so why allow one here?

paperboy paperboy 6:26 pm 19 Jan 11

mmm, I doubt it.

The Chiefly one is backing anyone BUT Coles and Woolies for such centres these days.

The Chronicle had a front pager on the new shops yesterday, but my quick scan couldn’t find a reference to the shopping chain to go onto the site.

IGA might be the go.

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