News readers on WIN – we need a local Sandra Sully

DawnDrifter 23 July 2008 63

Im getting over it…

Watching local news with Jessica Good, Phil Small and co is really starting to get to me… Its got a very plastic, uncomfortable, awkward feel with nearly zero expression/emotion to it.

I know I can change the channel but I need my nightly fix of Canberra Raiders updates with some local news thrown in.. When is WIN going to discover a Sandra Sully or someone of that quality and stick em on at 630!?!?

We had Peter Leonard as our last anchor and he was as exciting as a floor board although did know how to read the news very well

what do you all think of the local news/journo talent we have in the ACT?

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63 Responses to News readers on WIN – we need a local Sandra Sully
Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:30 am 24 Jul 08

Sandra Sully sounds like she has taken far too many anti-depressants.

Alan Kohler makes finance sound exciting on ABC TV.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 11:27 am 24 Jul 08

Thumper said :

I’d like Jessica to show a bit more cleavage.

Ditto! Or once at least do the news in a bikini. Can we get at least one of the parties to lobby for that in the upcoming election? That’d improve ratings and nobody would care what the news actually was.

fnaah fnaah 10:32 am 24 Jul 08

And I’d rather have Jessica Good on air than Sandra Sultry any day 🙂

I like sultry. Rawwrr. 🙂

Meanwhile, I can’t decide whether I like or hate the Prime weather guy. he alternates between hilariously insane and downright cringeworthy.

Tom Petrovsky from Commsec went from slightly unusual to brilliant when he started doing the bits on Rove, even though that’s probably scripted. His delivery is great though.

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 10:19 am 24 Jul 08

fhakk they should consider this as feedback then.. small sample i know but there are some common views re the set design, program format and the zero emo style of presentation… they should direct them to lighten it up a bit…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:38 am 24 Jul 08

Getting rid of Phil Small, or pairing him up with someone who can display emotion and has a human personality would be a good start, too.

DJ DJ 9:06 am 24 Jul 08

fhakk: “As a former journo…”

What did it cost to buy your soul back? Not that I have anything against jurnos….

fhakk fhakk 1:15 am 24 Jul 08

You know every journalist in Canberra will read these comments and go “oooooooo”…It’s a very tight-knit industry here and this is a widely-read blog. To WIN’s credit, they’ve actually stuck around and provided a TV news service over the years, unlike Southern Cross Ten and Prime where they stripped back the news to the bare minimum. As a former journo, I know the ppl at WIN work with average pay and tight deadlines. It’s not an enviable position to be in. I doubt things have improved over the years, either.

And I’d rather have Jessica Good on air than Sandra Sultry any day 🙂 Sandra’s a bloody fembot whose voicebox is broken.

Overheard Overheard 10:27 pm 23 Jul 08

Er, that should read ‘Blonde + thin [does not equal] hot’.

My symbol thingies got wiped out.

Overheard Overheard 10:25 pm 23 Jul 08

SBS has gone way downhill too. (No pun intended, he says, glued to to the Alpine descent.) Their EP has obviously told Anton Eanis and [insert Tweedledee’s name here] to ape the commercial network’s cheesey interactions and it just sucks like an Electrolux. Bring back Lee Lin Chin or Mary Kostikidis (excuse all spelling, alstuwblieft).

Now in my opinion, Jessica is a very good-looking woman and probably very engaging, great personality, etc. But ‘babe’? ‘Hot’? I can’t see it.

Blonde + thin hot.

Natalie Forest: I’d bet a fistful of fifties that she’s been to elecution lessons or some ofther form of speech lessons, because deadset, she used to sound like a chipmunk. She’s got the silky smooth delivery down-pat now, but it’s very deliberate. As for any timing issues about when she’s doing some of her bulletins, I think the phrase you’re probably after is ‘pre-recorded’.

Kee-rist, I watch more TV than I thought…

ant ant 10:05 pm 23 Jul 08

The ABC team for sure. Virginia Hausegger is good, but she used to freeze the previous weatherman solid. “Thanks. John” brrrrrrr. And poor Mark Carmody copped it, and raised eyebrows, when he first got going. But now she interacts better with him, although she refuses to do any gardening. Carmody’s great.

Jessica Rowe was good when she was first on, she fluffed and stumbled her way through the simplest phrases, battling gamely on. Funny as hell. Melissa Doyle was nice but rather boring. I do rather miss Richard Morecroft. The commercial channels seem to go for plastic, rather ignorant people. I’m not even sure who their newspeople are.

bd84 bd84 9:53 pm 23 Jul 08

Correct she was 25 when she started reading, so 26 she would be now. She does look like she’s in her 30s though, I think the photographers that cover the social stuff in the middle bit of the CT stalk her too, barely a week goes by where she isn’t in a photo there.

Agreed Erin Molan is a hottie too, Janine isn’t bad either and there was another one that used to be there but disappeared, snapped up in Sydney no doubt.

As for overall WIN news, I occasionally watch the first 5-10 minutes for a hit of local news, the rest is crap though, especially the sports wrap when it’s full or Raiders bullsht. Phil Small must have the worst wardrobe adviser going around, his suits are terrible.

fnaah said :

Personally I think they need to do somehting about the quality of the digital backdrop – their tech has improved recently (no more green jaggies around people’s heads) but it’s not as nice to look at as an actual set. Ten’s “working” set where you can see stuff in the background is awesome.

Awesomely terrible and cheap looking perhaps, but then WIN’s is worse and fake also. Thank god they’ve actually built a proper newsroom backdrop for the TEN news bulletin now, still slightly see through to the happenings behind, but a big improvement. Sports Tonight presenter has suffered though, they stole his chair for a bigger TV or imposed image, haven’t looked close enough yet.

BenMac BenMac 8:18 pm 23 Jul 08

Jessica Good is only 25??? I don’t think that’s right

Jessica’s in her 30’s for sure

I remember reading that she was 25 when she took over the main gig, and her Wikipedia page says she was born in 1981, so she’s around 26-27 years old.

fabforty fabforty 7:03 pm 23 Jul 08

VicePope said :

The WIN news is pretty dreadful and it’s not helped by the Jessica Good (but not quite good enough for first grade) thing or the Phil Small stuff where he tries to make local sport sound serious. And there’s something not quite right about the shape of his head, or maybe it’s just the hair.

Brain explosion idea. Why doesn’t the ABC give Mark Carmody the Gardening Australia gig vacated by Peter Cundall and let us have an English speaker doing the weather?

Ahhh Vice Pope you read my mind. What a classic to hear Peter Cundall read the news then finish with “and that’s your bloomin lot !”

And, yes, Jessica Good should start saying “no” to her wardrobe person.

Pandy Pandy 6:58 pm 23 Jul 08
johnboy johnboy 6:46 pm 23 Jul 08

Much nicer tonight:

heinous heinous 6:34 pm 23 Jul 08

Remember when Jacinta Tynan read the local news, she was hot.

One thing I can’t figure out about Natalie Forrest on Prime is when she sleeps. When I go to bed at night at 10:30 she reads a news summary and then at 7:30 the next morning she’s on air again! Just in case you don’t know who I’m talking about, she’s the one with the smooth-as-you-like radio announcer voice.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 6:17 pm 23 Jul 08

Jessica’s in her 30’s for sure.

I’d still hit her.

Duke Duke 6:07 pm 23 Jul 08

Jessica Good is only 25??? I don’t think that’s right. Just saw a news promo and me thinks the team might read this blog. She has an excellent low-cut stylish top on tonight – but why are they always dressing her in brown?!

BenMac BenMac 5:57 pm 23 Jul 08

This is a screen grab from Youtube of one of Jessica’s many outfits. This would have to be one of the better ones.

Jessica Good is definately hot, but on most occasions, she dresses older than she is (like a 50yo) when she’s only 25. Although I wouldn’t be supprised if someone else chooses what she wears.

tuggers tuggers 5:02 pm 23 Jul 08

DawnDrifter, would magnet mart guy be more to your liking?

Magnet Mart should have never let him go. Their current ads make me want to shop at Bunnings. Are they even made for a Canberra market

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