Night matches moved from McKellar Park after community complaints

Lachlan Roberts 27 March 2019 47

Belconnen United’s home match this Saturday night has been shifted to an earlier time slot. Photos: Supplied by Belconnen United.

Capital Football has moved night matches at McKellar Park to a different time slot after community complaints regarding the brightness and power of the floodlights at the ground.

Belconnen United NPLW side has shifted their season opener against Canberra FC on Saturday night (30 March) to a 3:15 pm afternoon kickoff instead. It is believed this was due to the Environmental Protection Authority receiving complaints from local residents.

An ACT Government spokesperson was adamant there has been no ban put in place on any night training or matches on the venue.

“The EPA has received two complaints in regards to light pollution coming from the McKellar Park during evening training sessions and games,” the spokesperson said.

“There has been no ban put in place on any night training or matches on this oval.

“The EPA are working collaboratively with the Belconnen Soccer Club on options to reduce the effects of the lighting on nearby dwellings.”

Capital Football chief Phil Brown said the ACT’s football governing body will work with stakeholders to allow night matches to return to the venue.

“We are aware of work being done to the sport floodlights at McKellar Park,” Brown said. “We are working with the Belconnen Soccer Club to support nighttime access to the iconic football venue for local sport.”

It is believed night matches will be returned to the NPL schedules in four to six weeks time.

McKellar Park hosts Belconnen United’s WNPL and NPL1 matches along with Canberra United’s home matches during the W-league season.

The Belconnen Soccer Club, who owns the venue, declined to answer Region Media’s questions.

NPLW Round One
Belconnen United vs Canberra FC
McKellar Park
5:30 pm Saturday 30 March

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47 Responses to Night matches moved from McKellar Park after community complaints
Jayde James-Ward Jayde James-Ward 10:30 pm 28 Mar 19

Nic Dahl it’s always minority groups who get everything their way

Ricky Matthews Ricky Matthews 10:21 pm 28 Mar 19

April fools isn’t for another 3days

Jules Maree Jurak Jules Maree Jurak 9:50 pm 28 Mar 19

Doesn’t the field face the main road ?

Anthony Gordo Anthony Gordo 8:43 pm 28 Mar 19

Two complaints should have absolutely no effect on a perfectly reasonable activity in which literally thousands of people participate in at MacKellar in a year. The benefits of sport, and football in particular, are far greater than a bit of light in someone's window in the evening. We shouldn't even be having this conversation.

Luca Macor Luca Macor 4:34 pm 28 Mar 19

Jacob Quinn Stefan Vucic look at this joke

Steve Forshaw Steve Forshaw 4:31 pm 28 Mar 19

As some one directly impacted by this decision I too find it difficult to comprehend. Perhaps one way forward would be for the licence club, the owners of the ground, the complainants and the major stakeholders to sit down and work out a sensible resolution. That might be something like ensuring the lights aren't on after a certain time ( 8.30pm week nights and 9.30pm weekends). I am sure the Environmental Protection Agency would prefer a negotiated settlement rather than punitive action. Over to you BSC

Lee Wakeling Lee Wakeling 10:07 pm 27 Mar 19

Give the residents a cup of cement to HTFU

Dimi Brendas Dimi Brendas 10:04 pm 27 Mar 19

Reading this has just made me dumber. Do people honestly have nothing better to do in life? These people who complain need to move out of Canberra and go live in a cave if you don't like lights.

Ben Roberts Ben Roberts 9:26 pm 27 Mar 19

Upgrade Hawker and take them there. We already have the softball most nights of the week- make it a true sporting precinct.

MaryAnn Simpson MaryAnn Simpson 9:19 pm 27 Mar 19

I live in McKellar leave the bloody lights on and close the bloody curtains

Lucas Anasdow Lucas Anasdow 8:36 pm 27 Mar 19

this is a direct result of incompetence within departmental staff and Those elected MLA’s in power...

Want to stop this pandering, vote for a change of government at the next election.

Adrienne Norton Adrienne Norton 8:25 pm 27 Mar 19

Unbelievable 😡

Jen Dee Jen Dee 8:09 pm 27 Mar 19

“Work with stakeholders” - wonder what that is code for...

Jill Howell Jill Howell 7:42 pm 27 Mar 19

This makes me laugh. I used to live right next to Manuka Oval...

Toshak Akita Toshak Akita 7:12 pm 27 Mar 19

Laughable, absolutely laughable, pandering to some self centered inconsiderate idiot's.........

So glad we left....

Go the Bells !!!!

Ale Csomor Ale Csomor 6:56 pm 27 Mar 19

Come on really, this can't be true. Surely this post was meant for the 1st of April???

Miles McCann Miles McCann 6:50 pm 27 Mar 19

Why does government pander to these kind of complaints?

Build a house beside a road: complain about traffic noise.

Buy an apartment above restaurant/hotel, complain about crowds, noise.

Buy under a flight path, whinge about that too.....

Complete lunacy that a few people who clearly find it difficult to adjust (blinds/curtains/sunglasses) get priority over a community group/community asset.

Elisabeth Wise Elisabeth Wise 6:44 pm 27 Mar 19

The stadium was there first. We live close, but it isn't a problem. Close the curtains & windows! It's not like it is every night. People enjoying sport is a good thing!

Michael McGready Michael McGready 6:09 pm 27 Mar 19

The DH factor alive and well in McKellar

Josh Faganello Josh Faganello 6:01 pm 27 Mar 19

Hahahahahahaha Old man O’Leary at it again Sam O'leary Jake Helgesen Mitchell Ward Will Campbell William Yeo Marty Raines Alex Small

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