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No more Mark Carmody on the ABC News

By johnboy 30 March 2012 35


The ABC types are getting excited on Twitter about the departure of the in equal parts loved and loathed Mark Carmody from the evening news:

Siobhan Heanue ? @siobhanheanue
The irrepressible, inimitable Mark Carmody is leaving @abcnewsACT. Who will plunder the OPH rose gardens now?

For those still watching the ABC News Mark Carmody tended to be an acquired taste, but one much admired once understood.

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35 Responses to
No more Mark Carmody on the ABC News
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Ben_Dover 12:09 pm 31 Mar 12

XO_VSOP said :

This would be the best news I’ve heard all week.

My god, what a depressing life you must lead!

Merle 10:14 am 31 Mar 12

XO_VSOP said :

This would be the best news I’ve heard all week. He was a loon of massive proportions.

That’s why he was so wonderful! I’m going to miss him. The next one had better be even more eccentric.

gentoopenguin 9:22 am 31 Mar 12

I will miss Mark, particularly since we’re just coming into the season for “early morning frogs” 🙂

astrojax 8:33 am 31 Mar 12

i don’t mind carmody’s eccentricities, as such; just his voice!

and yes, the virgin housesitter needs to go and ms he-knew should get the gig on a more permanent basis…

Gungahlin Al 11:28 pm 30 Mar 12

EvanJames said :

c_c said :

It just wasn’t the right role for him, just as you wouldn’t have Costa the organic gardener reading the news.

Guess who the new boss of Gardening Australia is?!

Costa? Oh wow that’s awesome. What a bold move by ABC.That’ll get me watching again.

EvanJames 10:47 pm 30 Mar 12

c_c said :

EvanJames said :

c_c said :

It just wasn’t the right role for him, just as you wouldn’t have Costa the organic gardener reading the news.

Guess who the new boss of Gardening Australia is?!

I noticed that and a fine choice I think. I’ve only seen a few snippets over the time since Peter Cundall left, but each time it lacked the energy and passion it had with Peter getting arm deep in blood and bone in his Hobart garden. Costa’s enthusiasm should be great.

Peter Cundall still writes a column in the Weekly Times and it’s bloody useful. Do a google search for growing garlic or tomatoes or soemthing, and it’ll come up. Reallyl good stuff, a lot of cunning secrets that I didn’t know for cheating with tomatoes.

Loved Costa’s SBS show, and the absence of fake garden makeovers. Hope he does well on the ABC. Maybe he can get Mark Carmody a job.

I-filed 10:26 pm 30 Mar 12

Dear country bogan Mark Carmody of all topical people this month deserves the Mully …. surely!

clp 10:26 pm 30 Mar 12

The criticism in our household was his lack of knowledge and yes he was a bit of a goose – but I grew to like him after initially thinking he was a major tool. I think Virginia handles him beautifully – it would be terrible for him to titter away – she is completely charming.
But really when you listen to him on 666 he lacks basic knowledge about a lot of weather stuff.
If you do bother to have a weather person let them be a trained meteorologist like in the old days.

Oh and speaking of local TV weather people – how absolutely creepy is that 7 guy who pops up in the middle of shows – Daniel Giblin? My god I feel like he’s trying to sell me a car. Absolute sleaze ball.

Gungahlin Al 9:35 pm 30 Mar 12

You’re a harsh crowd RA. I liked him. I liked some character – on news as well as weather. But then I loved Clive Robbo doing the news way back when too. As for the weathergardening link – as a gardener I think it’s a natural match.

But if some of you are happy with some homogeneous kid on their first gig post-work experience, then enjoy that too. They’ll probably be rejoicing that a promotional path has finally opened up for them.

Jethro 8:49 pm 30 Mar 12

Who are these curmudgeons who don’t like Mark Carmody?

He is delightful in his eccentricities.

breda 8:49 pm 30 Mar 12

He is a genuine eccentric and looks and acts like a real person – always amazed he lasted as long as he did in the plastic world of TV. Hope he finds a new gig where he can continue to share his love and knowledge of plants.

Watson 8:41 pm 30 Mar 12

Mark Carmody made weather reports into pure kitsch! Made me smile every time.

Nifty 6:03 pm 30 Mar 12

Rollersk8r said :

He’s a likeable duffer and a good Canberran – just was never particularly suited to reading the weather.

In Mark’s very first appearance he referred to “winds light to variable” – a line that will be very familiar to Goon Show fans from The Greenslade Story.

Mark was not an identikit TV presenter – he actually has a personality, although his habit of mentioning some of the more obscure hamlets in the viewing area was probably quite confusing to anyone who wasn’t a local. However, I’d rather him than, for example, Michael Rowlands, the preening clothes horse on ABC News 24 “News Breakfast.” And Ms Housesitter needs to lighten up and not take herself and her trite opinions so seriously…

I-filed 5:58 pm 30 Mar 12

Little_Green_Bag said :

Virginia will probably be celebrating the most. No longer will she have to engage in silly banter and try to smile whenever he cracks one of his “jokes”.

Virginia has shown a complete lack of aplomb and style, the way she has treated Mark on-air all this time. Not ONE witty or friendly response to Mark’s banter in what, four or five years? Mark’s a terrific Canberran – I hope he will be back for much of the centenary celebrations after his “seniors’ gap year”.

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