No second coming for the Canberra Liberals

johnboy 5 February 2007 27

The Canberra Times has the non-news that Kate Carnell is not going to return to the toytown parliament and save the Canberra Liberals.

More interesting is that the business community is casting around for someone, anyone, who can be a messiah for the conservatives (they’re not much chop as Liberals under Bill Stefaniak). You can be a long time waiting for messiahs and gods tend to help those who help themselves, so you would think they’d be better off trying to build an effective team with what they have.

It’s a bit like the old question: “Did I start drinking because my wife left me? Or did my wife leave me because I started drinking?”

Are the Liberals fragmented because they’re performing badly? Or are they performing badly because they’re fragmented?

I suspect that if they did look a chance at forming Government they’d all be lined up and singing like choirboys for Big Bill.

Certainly if the people of the ACT want an interfering busybody looking to improve us, rather than represent us, we can do quite well with the devil we know.

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27 Responses to No second coming for the Canberra Liberals
Pandy Pandy 6:51 pm 07 Feb 07

She looks a lot OLDER than her claimed 51.

If she was 60 tthen she would have Buckleys chance given that at the next election she would be around 62 and be seen to be a has been.

At 51 she still has a chance of getting back in.


johnboy johnboy 9:30 am 07 Feb 07

Not quite sure what you’re talking about there TAD, in that case we’d deleted the problem comment off our own bat, in this case we were happy to do the same and the offended party agreed to our course of action.

We’ve never been happy to be used as a mud pit by people we don’t know.

terubo terubo 8:26 am 07 Feb 07

Does Pandy’s comment actually relate to anything?

publius publius 7:55 am 07 Feb 07

Kimba: fyi not a staffer – and definitely not a rusted on voter. We desperately need an effective Opposition in the ACT and clearly don’t have one. Stanhope and his team need to be kept on their toes. The best way for that to happen now is for some independents to emerge and for the ALP to have to keep a cross bench on side after 2008.

johnboy johnboy 7:32 am 07 Feb 07

The great Kimba knows better than the person involved?

I think not.

Always great to see a a bull go at it in a china shop.

Pandy Pandy 10:01 pm 06 Feb 07

She is 51? Gee I would have thought at least 60. So she is still young enough.

TAD TAD 7:57 pm 06 Feb 07


About time you did some maitenance on the logs don’t you think?

If the request comes, get some legal advice first.

simbo simbo 6:16 pm 06 Feb 07

Yes, JB, in exchange for the ginoromous fees we pay you to maintain the site, we demand you be polite to us.

What’s that, we don’t pay you ginormous fees, so we should shut up and go somewhere else if we don’t like it? Okey dokey.

kimba kimba 6:10 pm 06 Feb 07

Well perhaps you should have said that in the first place rather thn being a smart arse now!

johnboy johnboy 5:46 pm 06 Feb 07

Kimba as I’ve actually spoken to the staff of the person involved, and they wanted to go this way with it, I humbly suggest you shut your stupid hole.

kimba kimba 5:40 pm 06 Feb 07

Not a fair call when it was posted and read by some bloggers already. Johnboy, someone should verify the statement – either put up or shut up. If the accusation is wrong it should be stated in this room and an apology forthcoming

I was originally thinking that publius was a ALP Assembly hack but he/she (it) is more likely a disgruntled Liberal – and there are plenty of them in the ACT Libs at the moment.

Thumper Thumper 9:16 am 06 Feb 07

Fair call JB….

johnboy johnboy 9:10 am 06 Feb 07

Just to clear things up, an allegation was made here that we weren’t comfortable leaving up without more information so a couple of comments were deleted.

Sorry about that folks.

terubo terubo 5:17 pm 05 Feb 07

Now you’ve bagged and utterly vanquished all the Lib MLAs, publius, you’re welcome to start on the rank and file.

publius publius 3:58 pm 05 Feb 07

The Liberals are in dire straits. Z is wet behind the ears and has achieved nothing. He scored zero on “Epicentre-gate”. Corbell was totally cleared. I’d remind readers the Z man went on a trip to Korea just after being elected as an MLA which was funded by the Moonies…some judgment there. Mulcahy needs to clear his name before he attempts to become leader. He just doesn’t want to face the political reality that what he did before becoming an MLA actually matters. He should deal with the AHA matter now, and not drag it out. He is their only shining star – but has this dark cloud hanging over him. Dunne is completely self-centred, too right wing and not trusted by any of her fellow MLAs. Stefaniak is stop gap at best, and bit one track and way out of his depth. Smyth is a dumped leader who must serve more time in the sin bin. The other two Liberal MLAs are very mediocre and simply not worthy of comment. Clearly the Libs need an injection of talent and quickly. If they act now they may fluke a good result in 2012. 2008 is all over for them. Obviously the email fiasco did not help. But it is the lack of an effective cut through leader that is the real problem. All the negative vibes in the community towards Stanhope -and there is plenty – will lead to an enhanced vote for the Greens and a new middle of the road independent emerging. The Libs will probably hold onto seven seats.

barking toad barking toad 2:48 pm 05 Feb 07

The heading of this thread unleashed long repressed memories of katie and the wine merchant

Maelinar Maelinar 1:29 pm 05 Feb 07

He just got my vote with that comment as well.

It’s got more substance than a bowl of All Bran cerial.

TAD TAD 1:23 pm 05 Feb 07

If Phil Thompson (retired Special Magistrate) put his hat in the ring (as he indicated last year) I would vote Liberal for the first time in my life.

An intelligent, honest bloke with common sense in my dealings with him (professionally)

Canberra Times 30.09.06
“Mr Thompson said he had formerly held middle-ground political views, but had been driven to enter politics by the ACT Labor Party’s lurch to the ”far left”. He raised the example of the territory’s human rights laws, saying they were not unnecessary and misused. ”Mums and dads want to see schools and things,” Mr Thompson said. ”They’re not interested in a human rights Act. It’s only used by people who try to access things that they’re not normally entitled to … the lunatic fringe.”

Preselections are supposed to happen mid 07

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:09 pm 05 Feb 07

Bring back Trevor Kaine!

Sammy Sammy 10:45 am 05 Feb 07

I think the Z man has ambitions beyond the odd media release

And hasn’t he been quiet on the media release front of late.

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