2 November 2007

Normal drivers caught as chronic speeder in Tuggeranong Pkwy

| IntimidatedDriver

I have serious concerns over the speed camera/s installed near/under the bridge of
Cotter road overpass on Tuggeranong Parkway. It appears to be a notorious speed camera that detects regular gentle commuters as traffic speed offenders!

I have heard of a number of people receiving 5-7 speeding tickets issued on offences (ranging from 110 Km/h to 120+ Km/h with fines and demerit points) detected by this particular camera only to normal law abiding commuters/drivers who travel through a number of other traffic cameras on their daily travel/commuting without any problems. In all cases they were supposedly caught by this particular camera only!! And in most cases the offences caught by this camera being the only traffic offences they have supposedly committed in their entire driving life!

This raises a question on the accuracy of this camera. I strongly believe we (all sufferers of this notorious camera) MUST make representations to relevant authorities or Ministers to look at this issue.

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DMD – I’m over the flaming, not the topic.

As for the real topic – I’m over that too. I keep reading them then out of sheer morbid curiosity (ie what new way can we collectively bitch about speed cameras this time).

I wasn’t suggesting for a moment that you did. You are as free to do what you want as I am free to bitch about it.

Deadmandrinking5:10 pm 02 Nov 07

And Cam, why are you still reading this topic if you’re ‘so over it’, princess?
Sorry to double post if I did.

Yeah fair enough, i dont really care about this new argument either. I will do what i want, and i didn’t need your permission. cheers though.

Deadmandrinking5:07 pm 02 Nov 07

Oh and Milord of Rings, on your earlier comments about Ralph having his degree (did you get him confused with Thumper?) – it’s a bit different from you having an imaginary plot of land in Scotland. A degree is supposed to be an indication that someone has enough intelligence to debate on a certain topic. Someone not being able to debate on a topic whilst supposedly having attained a degree is a real worry. Having a lordship just indicates that you’re oudated (as well as inbred, as Tap pointed out). Claiming to have a lordship means you’re just very very lame, if all you can muster to prove yourself is a stupid title (and further on that…wtf are you doing in Australia if you have land in Scotland??? You could make a lot more over there than you could here considering current exchange rates!), that’s just sad, very sad.

Not meaning to double post my life away, but keep seeing something new by the time I post…

Anyway – I haven’t really found any of it amusing because I couldn’t care less about Occam’s Razor and it surprises the hell out of me that two people will go hard at each other about it for two days.

Perhaps my lack of care for the subject matter is why I’m so over it. *sigh*

Ok maybe its time for a new argument, surely you are doing exactly what you don’t want to see right now?

Unashamedly – simply trying to get things back on course. Unlike you and LM, I’m not going to spend the better part of two days letting my point turn into a flame war. You want to start one, go for it. I’ll bow out, you can have this thread to yourself and you can dance your dance of victory for as long as it stays fun – if that’s how strongly you feel about it.

There certainly were ‘on topic’ posts yesterday, after which your flame war started. Can’t argue about today because I couldn’t be bothered looking.

cameron, you’ve got to admit it was a little amusing when Mealinar blew his top before… lol

And my comment before last probably should have been delete everything between (and including) “take” and “will” for the sake of you know, making sense.

Deadmandrinking4:59 pm 02 Nov 07

I actually find it amusing because it looks like our mighty Lord Maelinar is tripping over his imaginary robe.
Call it stockpiling ammunition for further debates…

Ok maybe its time for a new argument, surely you are doing exactly what you don’t want to see right now? And i disagree about people still discussing speeding in here, there has not been any comments today in here not relating to the occams razor debate in some way.

Come on, Cam, flame wars are fun.

Yeah… but only if I’m in them… 😉

But seriously: They have their place, and they happen here occasionally. My beef with this one is that it is dragging on, it isn’t really that funny (IMHO) and I suppose it irks me more that it happened in this thread that has happened a thousand times already.

We should really have a seperate topic called ‘lefties vs. righties’ on here.

I’d be all for it – at least then people actually would be able to tune out if they weren’t interested.

Yeah flame wars are kind of good aren’t they?

Hopefully Meal-in-ear will think twice before calling someone he doesn’t know a dumbass in future… Probably not though…

Don’t make this about me not liking the subject matter of this thread and that I should therefore just avoid it. There was a legitimate discussion (albeit one that has been had many times over) happening here before you two hijacked it. In fact, there were still a few attempts at continuing the legit discussion in and amongst your spat.

IMHO, if anyone needs to take their business elsewhere, it is you and your argument that needs to go – not me and my wish to read comments that you know, have something to do with the thread they’re in.

But anyway it appears that this conversation is finished so i spose its all a bit moot anyway.

Exactly my point.

Though for the record if he does respond to me I will respond to him.

“Must have the last word” Syndrome.

Ok im pushing it now

Not to mention proving my point that you’re pushing a dead issue.

Ill take your silence as you accepting that you are wrong and will move on.

A thinly veiled attempt to bait LM. Delete everything between (and including) “take” and “and” and you have what you probably should have said.

Deadmandrinking4:49 pm 02 Nov 07

Come on, Cam, flame wars are fun.

We should really have a seperate topic called ‘lefties vs. righties’ on here.

Ok im pushing it now, but Lordy, you said:

‘You are a c–k. Even your insults have lacked inspiration.’

Pure gold mate, pure gold.

Ill take your silence as you accepting that you are wrong and will move on.


I don’t mean to be rude to you, but i still think if you are not interested, then don’t read. There are plenty of other articles for you to read.

But anyway it appears that this conversation is finished so i spose its all a bit moot anyway.

Though for the record if he does respond to me I will respond to him.


ive got it all over this joker, im actually right (which is handy)

I have been paying zero attention to the facts, and don’t really care about Occam’s Razor, or who is right or wrong. If you’re right, or at the very least believe yourself to be right, then good for you.

and im better at insulting than the pretentious git is.

Now that is a matter of opinion.

This has been awesome fun!

For you, perhaps. I’m certain, however, that there are other ways for you both to entertain yourselves without flaming eachother on RA (and thus exposing the rest of us to a ‘discussion’ that was less about the supposed subject matter than it was about scoring points for the insult containing the most wit).

I was going to ignore this from now on, but while I was out at lunch an interesting example came to me.

It is this: Maelinar, you yourself have demonstrated employing Occam’s Razor. You have related recently the story of finding damaged oranges on the ground near the golf course, along with observations made by another of loud booms nearby. Now, there are plenty of complex explanations for these two pieces of evidence, but the simplest one is that someone nearby has built an orange cannon and is using it to propel the aforementioned fruit. In the absence of further evidence, you have assumed the simplest explanation, which is what the Razor tells you to do.


You have to understand how much fun this is, ive got it all over this joker, im actually right (which is handy) and im better at insulting than the pretentious git is. This has been awesome fun!

Call it a day already.

*saw swears, wasn’t impressed*

Sir Clownlord the Simple,

You sound a little upset? Did the big kids bully you in the school yard today?

You still don’t understand. This is getting a little sad. Occam’s razor is not saying that flowers will start to propogate by themselves. At all. It is saying the simplest way for flowers to propagate is through the bees. Thats why it happens. This is not rocket surgery here, seriously.

And you forgot to explain how occam’s razor is saying im about to grow another dick?? Explain that, really demonstrate where your misunderstanding is coming from and ill be able to help.

… oh and did you just pick a fight over the internet?? You big toughie, im all of a quiver!

Lord Mælinar2:51 pm 02 Nov 07

*Warning Big Swears*

Remove the bees, the flowers will die (propagation). Remove the anenome, the clownfish will die (eaten).

Occams Razor, as I have already clearly stated, points out that since nature does not employ two where one will suffice, is contravened (and sometimes broken) whenever ANY symbiotic relationship exists between two separate species. Occams Razor supposes that nature will take its course and flowers will gain the ability to propogate other flowers, and clownfish will develop a defence mechanism (teeth), the anenonome will learn to clean itself, and bees will obtain their own food via cultivation.

Now, you are a persistent little c–t aren’t you? I don’t give a flying f–k about this, and have only stayed here out of curiosity about what bulls–t you would come up with next. As I said earlier, I was tiring of this subject, and even inspired by my cut and paste r–tine, I am bored of this topic again.

Your head is so f–king thick that you can’t accept a simple error – and for what f–king purpose ?

Are you related to Mr Occam or something you f–king retard ? Why are you being so defensive ?

You are a c–k. Even your insults have lacked inspiration.

Go and wimper back to under your bridge, troll.

And by the way, again, it’s Lord. Since you can’t even get that right, you little f–ktard, why the hell should I read anything else you are trying to bleat out of your ram-hole ?

Learn some f–king dignity and I might start resp–ding back to you, but welcome to the black list.

From herein I’ll talk about you, but not to you.

You are welcome to try your size most Fridays at the D–ham Arms chicken s–t. Come have a discussion. This is not a threat – I’ve made it well known I’m usually there for a very long time.

True I don’t, but I’ve come this far, might as well see it through. And im right, so im enjoying this.

hang on… i was going to ignore your insult… but can you explain just how you think the theory of occam’s razor says I am about to grow a second dick?

Oh I have to read it now, I’m bracing for the swears.

In any case, you don’t have to argue about Occam’s Razor in a thread about potentially inaccurate speed cameras.

*also watches space…*

Your Clownlordshipness,

What they do is have a mutual relationship. The fish live in the anenome, in return for defending it. Another example of a similar relationship is bees and flowers. Im going to assume I do no need to re cap how this fits in with the theory?

Seriously, I don’t think I can make this much clearer, perhaps its time for you to give up trying to understand this?

And Cameron, sorry if this is bothering you, but you do not have to read it.

*watches this space*

Lord Mælinar2:18 pm 02 Nov 07

I’m preparing for some big swears – watch this space Cameron 🙂

(unless you don’t like swears – then I suggest you don’t read it)

All this because someone decided it might be prudent to discuss speed cameras for the 471st time this month.

Times likes these make me which RA had some sort of private message system so these two could bash their heads together in private.

Lord Mælinar2:13 pm 02 Nov 07

I doubt you have even understood half of the insults I have leveraged your way tap.

In the case of the Clown Fish and Sea Anenome what they do can not be done by means of one, therefore is not superfluous – what is it they do then ?

It’s laudable that you are glossing over what seem to be quite serious and relevant points and investing so much effort in informing me that I am glossing over contextual information.

To end with an appropriate insult; According to Occam’s Razor, you are about to grow a second cock which is totally useless. What are you going to do with this new appendage ?

I’ll presume that the majority of that insult will go straight over your head because it’s interwoven into the conversation, but I’ll let you focus on the phallic item.

Ok you want that bit spelt out for you as well? ok sure. But im warning you that considering you have failed to understand understand so far then I doubt you will get this either. But anyway:

It is only superfluous to do something by means of several if it can be done by means of one. In the case of the Clown Fish and Sea Anenome what they do can not be done by means of one, therefore is not superfluous. It fits with the theory. I think the trouble you are having is that you seem to just start and end quotes at random points throughout the sentence then work off that, which means you are completely out of context.

All insults aside, you do understand this right? Im starting to get concerned that you are a little too simple to type and breathe at the same time…

Lord Mælinar1:52 pm 02 Nov 07

Something new.

You omit the superfluous point in ‘tap’s razor’ which is a major contributor to a little something called evolution.

Deconstruct ‘It is superfluous to do it by means of several’ and you will find my answer to tap’s razor.

Given I’m considering evolution has skipped a few beats with you, unfortunately my hopes are not high at the moment. Surprise me.

Your quote:

“If a thing can be done adequately by means of one, it is superfluous to do it by means of several; for we observe that nature does not employ two instruments where one suffices”

Therefore, if a thing can not be done adequately by means of one, it will be done by several. For we observe that nature that does employ two instruments where one will not suffice.

Good Lord, how can you be so simple as to not understand that? You fool.

Lord Mælinar1:37 pm 02 Nov 07

Tell that to the bees and wasps and the spread of pollen from flower to flower.

Oh that’s right, it’s just bees because wasps don’t exist under occam’s razor.

*sigh* more cutting and pasting.

You do realise your last post contravened the rule of Occam’s Razor don’t you frothyboy ?

Occam’s Razor says that nature will do it because one will suffice because that’s the nature of Occam’s Razor – albeit my point since the start.

Froth some more.

Oh! it hurt even more the second time! damn! but wait… I think ive got the comeback: ‘No you are!’

Your simpleness,

Shall we all go to cut and pasting?

Nature didn’t. Because one did not suffice. Get it?

The simplest explanation, ClownLord, is not necessarily simple.

Lord Mælinar1:29 pm 02 Nov 07

@tap – the only clown around here seems to be you at the moment. You are continuing to froth.

this is a cut and paste response from LM

Lord Mælinar1:27 pm 02 Nov 07

Am I in a room of mirrors ?

So, appointed that you haven’t even bothered to read what I posted earlier, or you have elected to misread what is blatantly in front of you (your not Areaman by any chance are you ?) I submitted my resignation that you are a tool with a set of blinkers on the size of a barn wall. I have not changed in this opinion since my last post.

Whilst I can change many things, your opinion it would seem, I cannot. I have provided sufficient ‘professional’ opinion on this matter, given as I have already explained, my ‘professional’ opinion is as worthwhile as any other PhD who lines up to post on this site.

Yes, you are going to get cut and pasted until you come up with something new.

What no more death threats Your Lordjesty?

Oh and I was really hurt by the ‘No you are’ comment back there. Wow man, that cut me deep.

You’re clearly not listening.

Lord Mælinar1:11 pm 02 Nov 07

lol @WMD – my title comes from my land in Scotland. Am I allowed to call myself Lord ?

The answer is yes.

@tap – the only clown around here seems to be you at the moment. Be careful, you are starting to froth.

I can even see your sentence structure starting to merge into multi-para’s with trailing…thoughts. Get a grip, you are starting to lose it bigtime.

Yeah keep going! Show everyone how childish you really are. I almost feel sorry for you watching you embarrass yourself like this… almost. Just a thought, but do a lot of ‘debates’ you have on here end like this? With you refusing to talk about the point and instead ramble on about killing? hmmm? It does doesn’t it? How very sad. Oh but don’t get me wrong, im absolutely terrified of you, seriously. Im shaking over here… I think ill be too afraid to stand on water towers contemplating scenery any more!

You clown.

Deadmandrinking12:54 pm 02 Nov 07

My Grandad comes from Transylvania, Maelinar…am I allowed to call myself ‘Vampyre’ or something equally lame without sounding like a complete wanker?

The answer is no.

Lord Mælinar12:50 pm 02 Nov 07

@tap it was advice, not a threat.

Proving you only read and understood 60% of my post didn’t take long.

The advice, whilst inspecifically mentioned, relates to when you are on top of a water tower contemplating the scenery.

Lord Mælinar12:47 pm 02 Nov 07

@caf – I understand occam’s razor in the context of relational data design. I have my own reservations about the merits and faults of normalisation.

Your own first fault in this normalisation debate is that you are confusing the source issue being debated.

The second, whilst inspecific, is that everything that is inherently different can be subjected to categorisation and normalisation. Lets not forget the ruckus it caused when the platypus was first found – hitherto an egg laying mammal completely f-cked any previous work done on categorisation theory – same principle being debated here.

Yay interweb death threats!! You’ve really out done yourself this time! Now that truly proves that your elevated opinion of yourself is warranted! You loser.

Lord Mælinar12:39 pm 02 Nov 07

Erm, to apply even more clarification as it appears to be warranted, a Lord does not necessarily have to have Royal blood.

As it still appears that I am the only member of this particular thread of conversation who is actually providing explanation or topically relevant additions, I find your own high horse stature quite compelling.

Had I the time or the inclination, I would probably have a pip at addressing this situation, but I’ll have to unfortunately forfeit and leave you to thrash out your issues with representatives from the public medical system, if indeed you ever make it that far. I wish you the best of luck, and remember to duck if you see a red targetting laser tracking onto yourself.

Just because *you* don’t understand the principle, despite the best efforts of people to beat it into you with the blunt end of a clue-bat, does not make the principle wrong.

The principle itself is, when you get down to it, nothing more than uncommon sense.

I use the parkway most days and haven’t been caught yet. I am silly enough to use cruise control set at 100 to make sure I don’t err.

On the other hand, I have been passed by lots of cars and vans doing a lot more than 100. Mostly, they slow down at the cameras and then burn off again like mad things – this is mostly in the pre-7am timeslot. I have been wondering whether the AFP will ever wise up enough to put a mobile camera a few hundred metres either side of the fixed cameras. It would only need to happen for a few days.

Lord Mælinar12:27 pm 02 Nov 07

Tell that to the bees and wasps and the spread of pollen from flower to flower.

Oh that’s right, it’s just bees because wasps don’t exist under occam’s razor.

Your royal Anusness,

Erm… we are discussing pretentiousness… did you forget? What we appear not to be discussing however is the original point. Make no mistake: I don’t like you. I have no interest in speaking to you if you are just going to keep trying to change the subject. The closest you came to answering my original comment was not actually on subject, and since then your arguments have degraded even further. Do you really believe you have explained anything? If so that is further evidence that you are not as intelligent as you think. Or is this some kind of ‘professional’ strategy to hide the fact that you are wrong?

Oh, and using big words is not going to convince anyone that your arguments are more solid than they are. So you can resign your phd submissions rectally for all I care.

His Lordjesty misunderstands the principle of Occam’s Razor.

Put simply it is that where there are two competing explanations for an observation, with no evidence to further choose between them, the simpler explanation should be assumed. ie, if you hear the clip-clopping of hooves in the night, you should probably assume “horse” before “zebra”.

Lord Mælinar11:46 am 02 Nov 07

It’s “my Lord”, not “Your Lordjesty”. A title is a title, irrespective of how you may feel about it, who’s discussing pretentiousness now ?

I don’t normally use my title, but used it in response to Ralphs assertion that his PhD $ amounted to something actually valuable. I countered with the fact I’m a Lord. Equally, it means sweet f-k all, but that’s the point.

So, appointed that you haven’t even bothered to read what I posted earlier, or you have elected to misread what is blatantly in front of you (your not Areaman by any chance are you ?) I submitted my resignation that you are a tool with a set of blinkers on the size of a barn wall. I have not changed in this opinion since my last post.

Whilst I can change many things, your opinion it would seem, I cannot. I have provided sufficient ‘professional’ opinion on this matter, given as I have already explained, my ‘professional’ opinion is as worthwhile as any other PhD who lines up to post on this site.

My next ‘professional’ opinion is that you will only understand 60% of this post. I suggest you seek to rectify this through your own resources.

Your Lordjesty,

You never did quite find Nemo did you? I was commenting on what you said about Occam’s razor, and specifically the quote you gave to point out the flaw you thought you found (whilst acting all high and mighty). Which was entirely wrong. So don’t try and change the subject here, the fact is that the theory does account for your supposed flaw.

You may be intelligent, granted I have seen no evidence of that thus far, but maybe you are. However that does not give you any right to be as pretentious as you are. Also I have to say that I have seen plenty of evidence that you are in no way as intelligent as you think you are.

I could go on, why anyone in Australia would call themselves Lord (and I don’t care if you are a lord, except in as much as it might explain a few things, what with you being of royal blood, probably means your parents are brother and sister) is absolutely beyond me, but does go to show in a big way how you need to feel superior to others.

Goodbye you pathetic little man.

Lord Mælinar9:47 am 02 Nov 07

tap – think long and hard about this, preferably whilst banging your head against a brick wall.

Go to wikipedia, search for symbiosis and read ALL of that page. Pay particular attention to the comments on mutualism, and interdependent co-evolution.

I tire of this game however, so will simply acknowledge that you are inferior, and need to address the symbiotic relationship with the bug up your ass that is causing you to be in such grief.

With mirth, Ciao.

If you DO IT – OWN IT!!! Those white signs with a red circle featuring a number… They are NOT suggestions 😛 (Maybe you could wikipedia them)

I’ll be thinking about all the above-posted excuses as all the traffic overtakes me whilst I’m doing the **SPEED LIMIT** through the GDE road works (yes, that was me – and I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH I PISS U OFF!!!)…

JD114 – good suggestion – especially as there is a series of speedo check signs IMMEDIATELY prior to the north facing camera.


Nature didn’t. Because one did not suffice. Get it?

if i can claim speeding tickets on my tax returns then id be ok with them. they are tax after all and have zero impact upon decreasing speeding or any other statistic.

Ok LM, it wasn’t (just) about you specifically, more of a general observation I guess.

Lord Mælinar12:15 pm 01 Nov 07

I responded to the fact first and then added a dismissal second.

I agree, frequency of posting being a measure of intellect or strength of argument is baseless.

I’m sure you will also agree, when some lurker finally decides to out themselves, more often than not, their first post is downright suicidal.

If we track back to the source of the blow-in, I think you will find that it was actually tap calling me a bit simple, with a hole between my ears that I was responding to.

Something that I find quite easy to dismiss as I’m not a bit simple, and there is a brain in my head between my ears.

If that makes me sound elitist, I suppose I will have to disclose that I am, actually, not Elite. I think the highest rank I ever attained was a Commander.

I’m not going to bother getting to Elite either as the game is a bit dated nowadays (please, please consider redeveloping it Ian Bell) unless it gets re-released as Elite IV I think the series is up to.

I am, still, a Lord though. Comes with the territory, which is in Scotland, where I own it.

Lord (not Elite) Mælinar.

blow-in, part-time poster, newby etc

With the respect to the “old-timers” here, surely frequency of posting isn’t a measure of intellect or strength of argument so much as it is of free-time.

(Not that most people here do try to dismiss the comments of new-comers on this basis but this kind of elitist posturing does come up from time to time)

Lord Mælinar9:16 am 01 Nov 07

dumbass. How has nature, using occams razor as the rule, combined a clownfish and an anenome because according to the rule, ‘one will suffice’ ?

Oh that’s right, it hasn’t. They are an exception to the rule.

A pedantic blow-in dumbass, now there’s an occam’s razor for you, the only thing that changes is the login details.

Heres a hint: What do you think the part of the theory that says ‘where one will suffice’ means??

clown anenome,

I mean Maelinar,

You’re a bit simple aren’t you? Can you see how your hole in the theory is more of a hole between your ears? Or do you need someone to point out how you are wrong?

And another easy way to check your speed is to use the 5km speed check signs (Monaro Highway for example) using a second hand, at 80km/hr constant yu should travel each km in 45 seconds, or if you’re on the freeway and you are doing 110km/hr, each km will take you 33 secs. To calculate the speed you are doing from the time taken, simply divide 3600 by the number of seconds taken to travel the km, or if doing the whole 5km, 18000 divided by the total no of seconds for the 5km.

From my own calcs my Forester speedo is 2km/hr fast at 80km/hr, 4 at 100, 6-7 at 120, and once when it said I was doing 160 I was lucky to be doing 145. However most Commodore and Falcon speedos I’ve seen of late have been within 1%.

After reading GF’s comment about “tax on the stupid”, it made me wonder how often Minister Hargreaves gets pinged by this camera . . .

And you can download speed camera locations or add your own, so that the GPS unit can beep at you several hundred metres before you get to one.

Felix the Cat10:27 pm 30 Oct 07

While I agree there is no need to drop your speed down to 80km/h as you go past this speed camera there is no guarantee that the speedo in your car is accurate, even if you own a brand new car just driving home from the dealer. Car manufacturers are only required to have accuracy of +/-10% with the speedometer. Most of the time the error is very minor and the speedo reads slightly higher than the speed you are actually travelling at.

Older cars of course can have a whole range of reasons why their speedos are inaccurate, wheel size is one already mentioned, another is the gear cog on the end of the speedo cable (the end that goes in to the gearbox). Quite a number of older cars have several different options of these cogs depending on what diff ratio the car has. An incorrect one can easily be substituted and appear to work OK, until you go through a speed camera and receive a fine in the mail.

If the speedo (in) accuracy worries anyone, I would recommend buying a portable GPS unit. These can be purchased from most large department stores (Hardly Normal, Gracies etc) or specialist electronics shops (Dick Smith, Tandy etc) starting from ~$300. These give a more accurate speed reading from satellite signals (I don’t know the techno behind this, try howstuffworks.com or Google if you want to know).

I travel usually only once a week along that part of the Tuggers Parkway and so far haven’t received a fine so to the OP I’m guessing there is some inaccuracy with your friend’s speedo or they weren’t paying attention as they went past the camera.

el ......VNBerlinaV89:56 pm 30 Oct 07

Well VY, I think the only solution to that is to write to the Minister and have the cameras REMOVED and BANNED.

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best9:53 pm 30 Oct 07

Speaking of beer, sometimes I miss the speed camera signs because I can’t see while I’m actually drinking from the bottle as I drive past.

as far as i am concerned, you shall always be known as the clown anenome after that comment.
Boags Wixard for you.

i’ll add the the chorus.. I go past the cameras twice a day, five or six times a week. I stick to 100kph .. give or take a couple of kph and never had a problem. The law abiding friends musn’t be able to read or not paying attention, in either case it’s their fault. The mobile cameras are more likely to catch someone off guard who generally obeys the rules who might just happen to drive a camera a bit too fast at the wrong time, but even then most of the locations you can see them ahead miles off (and yes I know there are places they do try and hide).

As mentioned above i’m sure if they legitimately think they have been hard done by they would be welcome to contact road user services to get a copy of the happy snap.

OpenYourMind25:13 pm 30 Oct 07

One of the interesting ironies of the speed camera s is that from what I’ve seen, they tend to get the generally law abiding citizens and the speed freaks don’t get done. I know plenty of hard core hoons that have never been done by a camera (they usually know where the cameras are), and I know quite a few people that generally stick around the speed limit and are pretty cautious and safe drivers who’ve been done by the cameras for being a tad over.

el ......VNBerlinaV84:59 pm 30 Oct 07

The cameras take shots of the back of the car, if that’s what you’re asking.

el ......VNBerlinaV83:45 pm 30 Oct 07

Don’t even get me started on some of the cameras across the border and their unsavoury dealings with a certain football club in Sydney.

Joe Canberran3:37 pm 30 Oct 07

Drank your BEER! Wow. I always thought speed cameras were on, well you know… speed.

el ......VNBerlinaV83:29 pm 30 Oct 07

A speed camera once came to a party at my place and after drinking nearly all the beer seriously soiled _and_ stained our new lounge!

Disgraceful. They should be banned, or, at the very least, buy their own beer.

People should understand that they can go the speed limit and not be fined.

I see people doing that all the time when a police car is around. Everybody drops to 50kph, and the police car ends up crusing past them all. As soon as the cop is gone everybody goes back up to 70…

adeptacheese2:57 pm 30 Oct 07

are those cameras front facing? it seems you all need to get your arse on a bike 🙂

Lord Mælinar2:56 pm 30 Oct 07

Nice read on Occam’s Razor. It took me 1minute to find a hole in the theory.

If a thing can be done adequately by means of one, it is superfluous to do it by means of several; for we observe that nature does not employ two instruments where one suffices

The relationship between Clownfish and Sea Anenomes cannot be explained by Occam’s theory, they should morph into the one unit.

Funny you should mention that aa. I was down that way on saturday afternoon and had that exact thing happen. The driver in front of me hit the brakes to about 80-85 for no apparent reason as they were doing 100 before. Almost a case of ‘oh shit, theres a camera, brake!’. validates my theory that people brake and look at their speedo first rather than watching the road.

The problem with that camera is people slowing down too much. People should understand that they can go the speed limit and not be fined. But instead they decide to go 80km and they usually slam on the breaks before it causing people to panic. What is it with Canberra drivers!!! Learn to go the speed limit, and if there’s a camera, you don’t have to go 20k/hr below the limit!


Maybe there is another explanation. Did the person who got the fines actually view the images? Maybe someone else (who isn’t as cautious as your friend) “modified” their license plate to fool the OCR engine. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to do. Or maybe your friend got new differently-sized wheels that threw their speedo out.

Or maybe your friend’s partner/significant other/child was actually at the wheel at the time.

Any of these actually seem much more likely than “omg, the cameras are going crazy”.

Ever heard of Occam’s Razor?

I believe you feel sorry for this people IntDriver but you must understand, that 1000’s of car travel that road every day, for the last few months. It sounds a little unreasonable that this would happen only to these people. I am not arguing that they are not ‘law abiding’ people but maybe they just got careless. If the cameras were ‘faulty’ then everyone who travelled that road (1000’s each day) would get a fine. Unless the fault is intermittent and only happens randomly, and just happen to get those people, which again is unreasonable.

el ......VNBerlinaV82:26 pm 30 Oct 07

Were they speeding though?

IntimidatedDriver2:18 pm 30 Oct 07

Probably you are right RAGD. But the fines were issued to one person I know five times within the span of 10 days in late August…without any warning after the first notice! Poor thing…I feel so sorry fopr the person who I know is normally almost tail gated by others due to being ‘slower’ than normal…and copped 5 fines at once!!.

I don’t really think it matters anymore whether they are revenue raising or ‘safety’ devices. The fact is that the cameras have been there for a quite a while now. Everyone knows they are there, there is signage telling you so. If you get caught speeding there then it’s no one else’s fault but your own.

FB, I argued that the limit should be changed in a comment a few months back. Nobody listened, really. I guess nobody thought I was being serious, or thought that anybody would even *consider* the notion of raising the limit…

CONSPIRACY THEORY #46982: speed cameras booking people not speeding.

Take a pill and have a lie down.

Growling Ferret2:09 pm 30 Oct 07

Note to one trick/one post ponies – random sprays because you are too stupid to slow down for a speed camera does not endear you to other Riot Act posters.

And yes, even though it is revenue raising blah blah blah, its also a tax on the stupid.

I have also gone through the camera at an indicated 100k’s and have never been fined. I suspect that the persons spedo is out or they are just pissed they got caught.

The whole revenue raising issue annoys me. It’s a bullshit argument. It’s simple don’t speed and you won’t get caught. Those cameras are expensive to buy/install & maintain so if they didn’t think they were going to catch people then they wouldn’t put it in that spot.

Granted it may not be a black spot and travelling slightly over the limit is no more dangerous then at 100k’s, but who cares, the posted limit is 100k’s. If you exceed that then you are breaking the law. If you have an issue with that then your problem shouldn’t be with the camera but the limit. I don’t hear anybody arguing that the limit should be changed to 110.

It needs the Gatso treatment

I’ll add to the chorus of “never had a problem” posts, and I go past twice a day, every weekday. It’s the only spot on the parkway where I’m doing the speed limit, usually…

el ......VNBerlinaV81:19 pm 30 Oct 07

Complete and utter crap.

Like Joe Canberran, I pass these cameras daily, sitting at 100km/h.

Yet *another* particularly uninspiring troll regarding OMG EVIL SPEED CAMERAZ!!1!!1!1! Perhaps stricter moderation of brand new user’s and their ‘articles’ might be needed?

Ingeegoodbee1:16 pm 30 Oct 07

I’m with you GF. I’d say the reason they’ve never been done by the other ones is because they know where they are.

That said, this spot is becomming a bit of an enigma. One the one hand we have cars slowing to 80km/h in the camera zone (and I have actually experienced this), then we have people doing a 120 clicks through the same spot!

Growling Ferret1:10 pm 30 Oct 07

these people = themselves pissed off that they were too stupid to slow down for the required 100m’s

Joe Canberran1:00 pm 30 Oct 07

I drive past those cameras twice a day 4-5 times a week ever since they were installed, regularly pass them doing 103-105 on my speedo and have never got a ticket. They seem to work fine to me.

I must admit it is an easy area to have speedo creep (almost found myself doing 110 past there the other day but caught myself just in time) but that’s probably one of the reasons that the cameras were installed there.

Who are these “people” you have heard about?

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