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North v South sniping goes to parliament

By johnboy - 15 February 2012 34

Last week we noted efforts by Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh to recruit his colleagues to Northside living.

Now the southside based Member for Canberra Gai Brodtman has revved up her website to kick off a Southside Rocks campaign, complete with t-shirts.

This week I announced that the Southside was striking back against a campaign that is underway by the member of Fraser to convince members of parliament to move to the north of Canberra!

The Southside Rocks campaign needs your help to highlight everything the south has to offer. So email me your suggestions and tell me what you love about living in the South of Canberra – it could be your favourite place to visit, favourite restaurant or a walk that you like to do every weekend.

Email me at by Monday 5 March and you could win one of my very funky Southside Rocks t-shirts.

Such a shame Gai can’t think of anything good about the southside without help.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
North v South sniping goes to parliament
bryansworld 7:25 pm 15 Feb 12

A sterile, hollow debate is a safe debate.

thatsnotme 6:22 pm 15 Feb 12

The whole argument just shows how out of touch our pollies are. Andrew Leigh’s ‘Northside rools’ business really had me scratching my head. Aside from a brief nod to Gungahlin’s bike paths, he was basically trying to convince people living in some of Canberra’s most expensive areas to have a think about moving to Canberra’s other most expensive areas.

All I took from reading his speech was a mental image of a gentleman with a monocle, standing in parliament, imploring all of his esteemed Mercedes Benz driving colleagues to consider giving a BMW a go. Perhaps a sideways parking Audi too.

Not sure Brodtmann is really all that wise to join in this one.

bryansworld 5:44 pm 15 Feb 12

This thread going nowhere fast! What does that tell you?

Thumper 5:43 pm 15 Feb 12

And a large black ant just bit me on the finger which is now a blackish colour and twice it’s size.

A northside ant that is….

Thumper 5:42 pm 15 Feb 12

Is Gai Brodtmann the new Bob McMullen?

Okay, low blow, at least Gai has instigated an awesome southside rocks campaign.

But seriously, whereas Leigh seems to be very active in the community, Brodtmann appears to be invisible.

Overheard 5:24 pm 15 Feb 12

45 years in this town and living in approximately 20 suburbs on both sides of the duck pond leads to one conclusion: this town is just not big enough to justify a North vs South debate.

Futureproof 5:22 pm 15 Feb 12

At least there are trees southside. Been to Franklin lately? Houses so close, you can open your window and touch the neigbours’ house

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 5:04 pm 15 Feb 12

Given how close everything is in Canberra anyway, arguing north versus south is about as relevant as whether you prefer the spotted or plain Sumatran Sloth.

Jivrashia 4:57 pm 15 Feb 12

Let me be the first to say that I have nothing against my southern bogon brothers and sisters.

dph 4:38 pm 15 Feb 12

Good to see politicians tackling the important issues.

Note to everyone, nth side, sth side, gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a sh..?

Primal 4:36 pm 15 Feb 12

Extra distance between us and Sydney AND us and Gungahlin!

shadow boxer 4:22 pm 15 Feb 12

By any standard (schools, entertainment, sporting facilities, universities, pools, movies, concerts, hotels, shopping etc) its going to be a very short list.

p1 4:08 pm 15 Feb 12

The best thing about the Southside is the big lake between my house and them.

Holden Caulfield 3:53 pm 15 Feb 12


I think Brodtman and Leigh should concentrate their efforts on making sure they have enough members they can call mates in the next parliament.

Aside from that, she’s wrong.

Duffbowl 3:51 pm 15 Feb 12

Having the pollies on the southside of LBG is far enough south for my liking.

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