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North vs. South—friendly rivalry or blood feud?

By Jueves - 16 June 2009 62

I had an interstate guest stay with me recently, who was rather puzzled by my response when asked if I would consider moving closer to work. (I am currently living very, very North, and working very, very South. ) My response?

“No way! I would NEVER become a Southsider. I’d rather travel 45 minutes to get to work every day than move Southside.”

When asked to explain what was so bad about the South, I became a little stumped. While I always have been, and always will be, a north side girl at heart (I’m saving up for my 2913 tattoo) at the end of the day, I don’t actually dislike our southern Canberra brethren or their end of town.

I’ve had Southside friends, Southside colleagues, hell, I’ve even dated a Southsider before. I currently travel there every day for work. However that hasn’t stopped me from declaring that, “the further South you drive in Canberra the lower the IQs drop” and other such North vs. South statements. (Where, of course, North always comes out on top.)

This bemused my Adelaide friend, who assumed my aversion to the southern end of our fair city was just a personal quirk.

So I had to explain that it’s not just me—most Canberrans are prejudiced against their compass counterpoints, but they really don’t mean anything by it, it’s a friendly rivalry thing. Kind of like Australia vs. New Zealand. We make jokes about sheep-shaggers, but when push comes to shove, we actually do enjoy the company of those funny-accented fellows.

But then that got me thinking, if we are one united Canberra community, why all the jokes? Is it really just a friendly rivalry? Or is there something more sinister at play?

And why, after typing “I don’t actually dislike our southern Canberra brethren or their end of town” do I suddenly feel horridly squeamish, like I’ve betrayed generations of staunch Northies?

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
North vs. South—friendly rivalry or blood feud?
jessieduck 10:31 am 16 Jun 09

I extend my prejudice and hatred towards anything outside the Inner North and Inner South

Thumper 10:30 am 16 Jun 09


threepaws 10:21 am 16 Jun 09

These comments prove that Northside is truly the ‘darkside’. Ew.

Let’s not forget that Belconnen Mall was recently in the running for Canberra’s biggest eyesore. I think there was an error there, it should have been the whole of Belconnen, not just the Mall.

Inappropriate 10:17 am 16 Jun 09

Kambah, ’nuff said.

ladywriter 10:13 am 16 Jun 09

Having lived southside all my life (Woden, Weston Creek, Tuggeranong, Inner South), even I would have to agree with Pot Holes. Everyone does hate Tuggeranong. But I would lump Belconnen and Gungahlin in with Tuggers too……

hellspice 10:08 am 16 Jun 09

i didnt think they were jokes ?

ahappychappy 10:06 am 16 Jun 09

It’s ok, you northsiders decided you’d better have an equivalent to our Bunnings and propped up a Magnet Mart instead.

Magnet Mart’s so rubbish the one down south never made it!

Rabble rabble rabble rabble southside pride rabble rabble rabble.
We also invented the wheel much quicker than you did… HA!

Hence why no-one really knows why there is such a rivalry, we just take it as it is 😉

Now, lets everyone bag out Quangers and the associated region towards Bungendore/Captains Flat! Everyone unite against them!

midlife 9:58 am 16 Jun 09

Tuggeranong eighth natural wonder of the world. A hole above ground!

G-Fresh 9:57 am 16 Jun 09

Rubbish thread ~

Pot Holes 9:49 am 16 Jun 09

It’s easy really, everyone hates Tuggeranong.

nathan 9:49 am 16 Jun 09

What I hate is the grief I get from the border guards every time I have to venture south of LBG—I’ve grown a beard since my passport photo was taken.

toriness 9:26 am 16 Jun 09

in tasmania there is a north of the state vs south of the state mentality – centred mainly around beer, boags (north) vs cascade (south). being from the south myself, i am loathe to drink boags by choice – or if i do/have because i haven’t had the choice of cascade i will not admit to liking boags!

toriness 9:21 am 16 Jun 09

northside is the best. northsiders know it – as do southsiders but they refuse to admit it. ha!

geographical rivalry exists in every city (and between cities!) doesn’t it??? certainly from my experience it does.

captainwhorebags 9:20 am 16 Jun 09

You’re saving up to get a postcode tattoo?

I guess it’ll be easy for Aus Post to send you home if you ever get lost.

lobster 9:08 am 16 Jun 09

Northside iz da best! |\|

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