Northside Represent! We can thug too!

johnboy 25 February 2009 23

With the thugs of Tuggeranong bogarting all the media attention I was thrilled to see this in Dickson last night on Cape Street.

And with bonus postcode pride!

I’m sure the Northside thugs are better mannered and less prone to beating up strangers though.

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23 Responses to Northside Represent! We can thug too!
Granny Granny 1:44 pm 26 Feb 09

BerraBoy68 said :

Berra (2902) Boy68

That’s “Sir Berra (2902) Boy68” to you!


jakez jakez 1:05 pm 26 Feb 09



…and so forth.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 12:38 pm 26 Feb 09


AngryHenry AngryHenry 12:27 pm 26 Feb 09

Kambah Pride! BerraBoy, Kambah Pride.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 12:12 pm 26 Feb 09

FFS… what is it with all this psuedo American crap?! It is nothing to aspire to, in fact you have to aim pretty low to be a wannabe gangsta. Everytime I see one I just wanna kick them fair in the coit with my steel capped GP’s.

At least Aussie ‘thugs’ wearing torn jeans and ugh boots and a t-shirt with a pack of winnie blues tucked up the sleeve are home-grown.

Berra (2902) Boy68

screaming banshee screaming banshee 10:52 am 26 Feb 09
enrique enrique 10:50 am 26 Feb 09

heh heh, while we’re on the topic how about we compile a list of stupid postcode/area releated groups that have existed in Canberra in the past.

I can recall a bunch of people getting tattooed with something along the lines of ‘Belco’ a while back.

In the nineties there was a group that hailed from the Wanniassa area calling themselves ‘Nasa Posse’.

Kizzle Kizzle 9:34 am 26 Feb 09

zig said :

haha reminds me of the graffitti that someone spraypainted in the Woden bus interchange which said “South Central Woden” back in the early 90s.

ha, I remember that.. classic.

phototext phototext 6:26 am 26 Feb 09

Bit of metho and take out that t and we have the “Northside Hugs”, a gang of hippie youth who help old ladies with their shopping, pick up rubbish and give directions to lost tourists.

Peachy Peachy 12:17 am 26 Feb 09

They have very pretty handwriting for thugs.

Cletus 2 Cletus 2 12:14 am 26 Feb 09

Back in the ’90s when Bernie court was still in full swing, Woden area was pretty rough. I wouldn’t feel too unsafe anywhere in Canberra at any time (although I’m not huge and certianly have had the shit kicked out of me a few times). But I wouldn’t feel safe in the middle of Bernie at any time of day.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 11:34 pm 25 Feb 09

at least they can spel good. some taggers cnt speeel good…

people want cant spel good looks like fulls!!!!!

Panhead Panhead 11:15 pm 25 Feb 09

Northside have various ‘gangs’. Such as the Northside Boys OG and Northside Boys. Then we move on to Dara Boys, Dicko Boys ect ect. Nothing new.

zig zig 9:53 pm 25 Feb 09

haha reminds me of the graffitti that someone spraypainted in the Woden bus interchange which said “South Central Woden” back in the early 90s.

eatthatfrog eatthatfrog 8:59 pm 25 Feb 09

A few years ago at the Belconnen Markets, they had a talent show. The last act included the son of the host, and she proudly introduced her gangsta rapper son.

The song?

2617 Represent.

I kid you not! I still recount this with glee to all who will listen. It’s obviously spreading.

johnboy johnboy 5:03 pm 25 Feb 09

It’s the new black!

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 5:02 pm 25 Feb 09

What a sad thing to aspire to, being a “thug”.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:01 pm 25 Feb 09

We had that stabbing on Northbourne a while back. The victim even posted his tale on RA.

Furry Jesus Furry Jesus 4:43 pm 25 Feb 09

A thug by definition is a person who hires out their violence and intimidation skill-set, so it would appear that Northside Thugs is yet another small business doomed to collapse in its start-up year. Otherwise they would have included their phone number instead of the postcode.

poptop poptop 4:43 pm 25 Feb 09

Is that Texta™?

They are indeed gangsta!

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