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Not exactly gracious in victory

By johnboy - 10 September 2010 64

Senator Humphries has been officially given the nod by the electoral commission to retain his place.

His office has now sent out the sort of media release normally associated with a sore loser:


Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the dodgy polls, and the blatant fear campaign run by the ACT Greens, at the end of counting they are 25 000 votes short of a seat in the Senate in the ACT.

What must be galling and disappointing to Greens supporters is that they were duped by a cynical campaign that promised near-certain victory but delivered the lowest swing to the Greens in the country. The hubris and dishonesty of this campaign by the Greens was simply breathtaking.

Even if this race had gone to preferences, the Greens would still not have come close.

Even with every single Labor preference, they would still be thousands of votes short of gaining the seat.

To tell their supporters that they needed less than 2000 votes to win when in fact they needed more than ten times that amount is a deception of genuine believers in the Greens’ mission.

Greens supporters would rightly be very angry at a campaign that employed a deceptive trick against their own supporters. They would also be angry and confused with a candidate who:

— backflipped several times over education policy
— drove a V8 4WD yet took photo ops on electric bikes
— didn’t know if she had private health cover, but campaigned against it
— denigrated the Australian Christian Lobby
— swore at the media, and
— flagrantly wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign based on fear and mistruths and spin.

I am proud to serve every Canberran in the Senate once again, to stand up for local solutions and to be honest about who I am and what I stand for.

10 September 2010

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64 Responses to
Not exactly gracious in victory
Primal 6:57 pm 10 Sep 10

Wow. That’s really quite depressingly pathetic.

Bussie said :

What’s wrong with denigrating the Australian Christian Lobby? Since when has having an imaginary friend become compulsory for politicians?

When he says “angered and confused with”, I think he actually meant “thrilled by the idea of”. Ditto with the swearing at the media.

aronde 6:40 pm 10 Sep 10

So instead of, gee I don’t know, thanking all the people that no doubt worked hard on his campaign he chooses to bag the Greens. Charming fellow!

Thumper 6:35 pm 10 Sep 10

the party that bases election campaigns on ‘turning the boats back’

Unlike the party that decided that Afghanis and Sri Lankans would be excluded from normal refugee conventions.

Oh, sorry, that was the ALP, not the Greens, my mistake.

That would be the Greens who leftist David Marr even describes as a delegation of wide-eyed optimists off on a fact-finding mission to a dangerous land. You fear for them once they open their mouths.

Having said that, let’s give everyone a chance before we start baggging them too much.

Bussie 6:35 pm 10 Sep 10

What’s wrong with denigrating the Australian Christian Lobby? Since when has having an imaginary friend become compulsory for politicians?

housebound 6:26 pm 10 Sep 10

Call it karma – if you say you only need another 2000 votes, then you’d better make sure you can live up to it.

p1 6:24 pm 10 Sep 10

Clown Killer said :

…and the coterie of dipshits who have nothing better to do with their vote but waste it on a one-trick pony.

I would imagine most people who voted for the one trick pony did so with reasonable knowledge of where their preferences were going. I know I did, cause they went in accordance with some numbers I put in boxes.

It shits me that the “above the line” option exists at all….

trevar 6:15 pm 10 Sep 10

I don’t find Gary Humphreys being a bad winner surprising; the Libs are really on the back foot. At a dinner about a week before the election, I got sat at a table with a couple of Libs and they spent the entire dinner campaigning and ultimately just made themselves look very desperate. If anyone’s afraid, it’s the Liberals!

Jim Jones 5:53 pm 10 Sep 10

So there *was* a swing to the Greens in the ACT, which he’s dismissing as the ‘lowest swing in the country’. LOL.

And accusations of a ‘fear campaign’ coming from a Liberal, the party that bases election campaigns on ‘turning the boats back’: hell, if the Greens did run a fear campaign, at least it wasn’t pandering to xenophobic bigotry.

Clown Killer 5:52 pm 10 Sep 10

The internal Liberal Party polling showed the Humper was never under threat. Still, You might imagine that a newly re-elected candidate might want to focus on the future rather than some numpty and the coterie of dipshits who have nothing better to do with their vote but waste it on a one-trick pony.

Thumper 5:51 pm 10 Sep 10

Actually 25,000 votes is a good old fashioned flogging in any language.

rosscoact 5:47 pm 10 Sep 10

Oh dear.

I have a bit of time for Humphries but I think being petty and whiney now seems to be official Liberal party policy. Or at least Minchin, Hockey, Tuckey and Pine are carrying that banner with some passion.

I despair this country, if indeed the quality of governmnet is dependant on the quality of opposition, we are truly stuffed

DeadlySchnauzer 5:41 pm 10 Sep 10


John Moulis 5:38 pm 10 Sep 10

I like it! It’s the truth, after all. I bet The Canberra Times will completely ignore this and fill their paper tomorrow with more big articles about climate change and more stories promoting The Greens. And the following day look forward to the Sunday edition with its dedicated weekly page promoting green politics. I would suggest Jack Waterford and the rest of them visit Big W and buy a spatula to scrape the egg off their faces.

facet 5:38 pm 10 Sep 10

Humpy your double backflip and pike on the emission trading scheme legislation during the last parliament was truely cringe-worthy.

Deref 5:34 pm 10 Sep 10

Gee – how surprising from a Liberal.


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