Nothing’s new, pussycat…woe, woe, woe

weeziepops 19 December 2009 6

The RSPCA reports another year of high numbers of cats and kittens being brought to them for care. This happens every year and every year many of us wonder why people fail to have their pets de-sexed. Cats are great pets but, if left to roam, they can and do kill native wildlife. If a litter of kittens is dumped, they will hunt to survive and become feral, starting a cycle of breeding which can be catastrophic (sorry – bad pun).

If you decide to have a pet, you are taking on responsibility for their care and for the impact which they have on others. There are a lot of cat haters out there, I know, but surely even they will realise that the fault lies with the irresponsible owners who don’t get their pets de-sexed and then dump the inevitable kittens on others to either find homes for or, if necessary, euthanise.

I foster kittens for the RSPCA and am proud to be able to contribute towards a population of healthy, de-sexed cats who will be wanted pets. But I would love to have one year go by when the RSPCA is able to say to me that my services won’t be needed. .

My message is simple. Don’t get a pet unless you are prepared to look after it and, importantly, have it de-sexed.


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6 Responses to Nothing’s new, pussycat…woe, woe, woe
Icepoet Icepoet 6:01 pm 21 Dec 09

Ohh – I take it back. Apparently it’s the saliva of cats that people are allergic to – not the hair (have been doing some reading) so I guess Sphynx wouldn’t suit you either Mr Waffle.

Icepoet Icepoet 4:57 pm 21 Dec 09

Ever heard of a Sphynx cat Mr Waffle? Check out the Austin Powers movies if you haven’t. Great for people with allergies and pretty darn cute too (IMHO)

prhhcd prhhcd 10:54 am 21 Dec 09

I work with cats as well. It is really bad this year. kittens everywhere. The overpopulation problem is terrible. Please do not support pet shops – where the animals are not desexed and generally from irresponsible backyard breeders. Please, if you are considering getting a pet around this time of year, get it through rescue organisations listed on – this is a wonderful resource and will ensure you are not supporting unscrupulous practices.
If you are considering getting a pet for christmas please ensure that everyone in the household agrees first – this will ensure the animal doesn’t end up with one of us during January. Look after your pets – its a committment for life!

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 11:45 am 20 Dec 09

I’d love to adopt a kitten… except that I’m allergic to cats. Doh…

rosebud rosebud 8:56 am 20 Dec 09

Of course you are right. Poor pussies. Bad owner! Bad, BAD owner!

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 8:10 am 20 Dec 09

We have moved overseas for 1 year, and as it costs $5000 each way to transport our cat, we opted to have her fostered out to a freind of ours. Apart from ensuring that we chose a responsible foster carer, we took numerous steps to ensure that our cat would not end up at RSPCA, the Pound or lost forever. As we have done, I would advise that your cat is A. De-sexed (she was already anyway), B.Micro chipped, C.Wormed and immunised (should your cat escape into the wider community of cats), collard with bell and ID badge (preferably of contact details for current home), E.we added the words “micro chipped to ID badge” and F.keep your old/new vets up to date on your & pets home movements.G. Finally, cats especially need to be kept INSIDE their new home for a minimum of 2 weeks, whether its of kitten or adult age, in order to settle into new “surrounds”. I know it all sounds like a lot of hard work, but if you can’t manage these simple guidelines, then people shouldnt own a pet. One last thing. Cats live inside at night in Australia. We have native animals that slep then, and are a delicasy for them.

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