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NSW Premier wastes rat shot against an elephant…

By Thumper - 2 August 2006 33

NSW Premier Mr Maurice (Some call him a space cowboy..) lemma, has come out with all guns blazing against the Stanhope school closures, citing the hardships that will be caused to Queanbeyan students. However, rat shot into an elephant hide does not work.

Now, from memory, lemma couldn’t give a stuff about anything outside NSW (Newcastle, Sydney, Woolongong) so this outburst defies explanation.

It does, however, give us a hint that other State Premiers are not on the same wavelength as our brave leader, in fact, some would say, not on the same planet.

Having said this, Mr Stanhope, has spun the criticism into a plus for his government by stating the following:

the high number of NSW students who preferred territory schools was a “real vote of confidence” in the ACT system’

Well, maybe, but I’d suggest it has more to do with lack of schooling in Queanbeyan and lack of interest by lemma to do anything about it.

However, the interesting part of this article is this:

“The five MLAs who voted to delay the closures until 2008 indicated they would not repeat the vote in the Legislative Assembly when it sits later this month”

So now we really have no idea where they stand. They vote for at one time, then indicate that they will change their vote later.

More and more I believe Mr. Stanhope is running this place with an iron glove and his lackeys, Corbell and Hargreaves in the main, are quite happy to be dragged or pushed along.

CT article here.

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33 Responses to
NSW Premier wastes rat shot against an elephant…
Roland GRNS 9:29 am 03 Aug 06

Foskey release yesterday for those interested isabout every Labor MLA having a ‘Barnaby’ Choice

Thumper 8:38 am 03 Aug 06

Canberra Uni and CIT…

Oh fuck, what is going on in this place!

Which bit of university, and/ or technical college, don’t they get.

If this is true, then the lunatics are seriously running the asylum.

Maybe under Stanhope we’ll end up with Kinder to Post Grad school/ unis?

And I might even be persuaded to go and protest. How odd, protesting against a Labor government.

Nah, this can’t happen, it’s simply too unbelievable.


Pandy 8:33 am 03 Aug 06

Hey, the Chronicle says that Minister has promised to the Concil a TAFE/CIT campus in the Tuggers. They must have money to spare with the closure of Kambah High

Mr Evil 8:15 am 03 Aug 06

CIT and UC merger – I don’t know which side to feel sorrier for!

vg 11:26 pm 02 Aug 06

No doubt the bleeding hearts will again elect Sonic and his circus next time around to ensure complete financial oblivion to the ACT.

I sincerely hope people remember exactly what Stanhope stood for next time we vote. Self-gratification, personal agendas, fiscal ineptitude and alienating the ACT as a viable source for any realistic political input for the rest of the nation

nyssa76 7:55 pm 02 Aug 06

Stanhope should be more worried about the future ramifications of Towards 2020.

Only two days ago it was made known, from a very reliable source, that the University of Canberra that the Uni would be amalgamated with CIT. When the Vice-Chancellor was asked about this, he knew nothing until he called ACTDET.

So there is more to come.

Big Al 6:56 pm 02 Aug 06

Go on tell me – how much? Save yourself the effort and don’t bother reporting figures above fuck-all.

This isn’t about the nuts and bolts of who pays what – its a legitimate political response to some shit bag NSW Minister saying that NSW kids aren’t her problem so long as they seek to be education in the ACT. If the fat-mouth bitch is so smart – she can come up with the money to educate the kids in her own state instead of free-loading the little brats.

snahon 5:03 pm 02 Aug 06

we could get into a b*tch slapping contest over who pays for what – speaking of which when ACT criminals need proper gaoling don’t they go to a NSW prison ? – but at the end of the day its not like the ACT is actually a more self sufficient state (sorry:- territory) then any other state so stop whinging about ACT tax payers funding spots for NSW kids. How much money comes out of the NSW GST revenue (and other revenue streams) and siphoned to the ACT ?

Big Al 4:44 pm 02 Aug 06

The revenue you speak of is Commonwealth money – NSW dosn’t pitch in a brass razoo. I think for that kind of rude insolence Sonic should close Tharwa just to make NSW build a school of their own instead of free-loading off ACT tax-payers. That and the prison should be moved so that it’s as close to Queanbeyan as possible…

VYBerlinaV8 4:44 pm 02 Aug 06

The local Queanbeyan schools are total crap, which is why parents send kids to Canberra schools. How do I know? I went to them for 13 years…

barking toad 4:36 pm 02 Aug 06

The bruvvers from the states think the mayor is a bit of a dickhead but they usually guffaw quietly in the background.

Maybe morrie’s just covering his own arse here because of deficiencies in the NSW education system so he had to come out and give the mayor a kick in public.

snahon 4:22 pm 02 Aug 06

People who send their kids to the ACT for education (in particular HS) is not so much a vote of confidence in the ACT system but lack of confidence in the QBN high school institutions.

bonfire 4:11 pm 02 Aug 06

I belieev ACT is already funded for service delivery to NSW residents in th GST revenue it receives.

Be careful of furphys and spin.

Big Al 4:03 pm 02 Aug 06

Sorry, the fourth line of that spray should read “NSW Education Minister”

Big Al 4:02 pm 02 Aug 06

I recall that early in the education system restructure process the ACT Government apparently approached NSW to look at ways of addressing funding for NSW students in ACT schools – In what must be an exemplar nonsensical response, the NSW Health Minister apparently said that It wasn’t an issue and that she was too focussed on delivering education to NSW residents to worry about what the ACT Government was doing. Go figure. I guess they think its cheaper to build and resource a stand alone school somewhere like Wee Jasper than it is to pitch in at Tharwa to keep it open.

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