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Nude cyclist gets gravel rash

By S4anta - 29 July 2005 23

The Crimes has a spray here about a nude man being apprehended after getting on the piss and going for a ride on his brother’s bike.

Shane Britten was riding his younger brother’s push bike, which skidded out on gravel and he was caught. He also got a nasty case of gravel rush when he came a cropper with the coppers on his tial.

Brings a quick jog down Belconnen Way with my mates into a rather harsh light. However, this knee-jerk reaction to young man riding around pissed has me a worried, as does the risk of his todger getting caught in the gears.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Nude cyclist gets gravel rash
Thumper 3:41 pm 29 Jul 05

I think naked cycling could become a major religion….

ssanta 2:49 pm 29 Jul 05

An Addition to the ACT Bill Of Rights:

Anything said or done whilst drunk is null and void!

Maelinar 2:47 pm 29 Jul 05

Free the naked cyclist !

larkanism, lathamism, hawkeism, henjackism’s aside, drunkards doing funny shit should be tolerated by our otherwise homogenous society for their wonderful way of breaking the rules – but so spectacularly !

terubo 2:42 pm 29 Jul 05

Hmmm…time for a visit to the plastic surgeon after all.
-And I thought the shielas were referring to the mole on my thigh!

Spitfire3 2:33 pm 29 Jul 05


“risk of his todger getting caught in the gears? I don’t know how far away your bike seat is from the gears, usually it’s a good two feet…”

Two feet, that sounds about right to me. I thought everybody’s was… you mean yours isn’t?

“…am I missing something?”

Well… obviously you are…

😛 j/k!

ssanta 2:15 pm 29 Jul 05

Swing low sweet chariot…

Indi 2:02 pm 29 Jul 05

Sounds like a younger version of that guy riding his bike in the buff as seen in “Waking Ned Devine”.

Disappointing to hear this sort of incident is high on the agenda for the constabulary…who here hasn’t done worse and got away with scottfree?

Thumper 1:57 pm 29 Jul 05

Or a cricket box?

Ralph 1:53 pm 29 Jul 05

or a sock?

Jazz 1:50 pm 29 Jul 05

was he wearing a helmet?

Jazz 1:50 pm 29 Jul 05

your older brother ralph???

Ralph 1:47 pm 29 Jul 05

That bloke’s name is disturbingly similar to Ralph’s.

bulldog 1:43 pm 29 Jul 05

No sympathy from me, I hate all cyclists.

Although, I’m sure we’ve all indulged in a little bit of drunken larakanism from time to time. Whatever happened to the “boys will be boys” ruling? It should be an accepted legal defence for actions that are harmless and influenced by alcohol and/or peer pressure.

Penalising this sort of behaviour is un-Australian.

terubo 1:37 pm 29 Jul 05

“risk of his todger getting caught in the gears”?
I don’t know how far away your bike seat is from the gears, usually it’s a good two feet…
am I missing something?

RandomGit 1:28 pm 29 Jul 05

Hahahahaha, Knee Jerk…

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