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Furry Jesus 10 February 2014 9

After several years of trying to have staff in our small community service organisation’s office take more responsibility for keeping the kitchen clean, I’m surrendering and looking for a cleaning service.

We don’t need a full service, just kitchen and bins and vaccuuming, and occasionally a blitzkrieg against the clandestine biological warfare experiments being conducted in our fridge. Any suggestions?

Lower prices are good. Being a not-for-profit, we have to keep the cost to a minimum.

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9 Responses to Office cleaning in Canberra
fimail fimail 11:42 pm 10 Feb 14

we’ve got a great cleaner at Menslink – I can ask her if she’s looking for more work if you like… How often would you need the basic cleaning done?

curmudgery curmudgery 11:29 am 11 Feb 14

I might be able to recommend one to you. I won’t know until after the police investigation into the burglary. It was an ‘inside job’ – someone with a key and, granted, there’s a couple of them. Sigh.

Just how untidy is that kitchen?

MightyJoe MightyJoe 12:33 pm 11 Feb 14

I know of a cleaner who can assist.

if you would like to speak further, happy to email regarding

please note five and one are numerical. and not written

Pitchka Pitchka 1:41 pm 11 Feb 14

Do you have an email i can contact you on….

Furry Jesus Furry Jesus 2:11 pm 12 Feb 14

Curmudgery, – the bin exudes strange dank aromas redolent of illicit chemical dumping sites and roadkill disposal mounds. It occasionally overflows and kills cockroaches. The kitchen just gets occasionally smeared and crumb-coated. The fridge, well, I did say clandestine biological warfare experiments…

How often do we want it done? Not sure, but enough to maintain a degree of consistent cleanliness. timail, how often do you have your cleaner in, and for what sort of services?

I appreciate the offers of help with this, and to those who want to email me, I’m at where the fives are numbers, as in fifty-five.

MightyJoe MightyJoe 10:25 am 13 Feb 14

tried emailing but get a bounceback

curmudgery curmudgery 12:17 pm 13 Feb 14

Hate to appear a wet blanket but watch out for this . . .

You make an appointment with the cleaner, the boss arrives and checks out what needs to be done, days, times, cost and so on. It’s all agreed.

They send you a good cleaner who does a great job. You’re happy – should’ve done it earlier. Money well spent.

Then, the cleaners get a contract with someone else so they send THEM the good cleaner. You get some pimply, work-experience bozo who’d rather be down the coast. The cleaning suffers. They suggest you buy more hours.

Take careful note if your stuff starts disappearing – little things like that new box of staples you bought 2 days ago . . . it was there. Where is it?

It’s not you. They’re as dumb as a fox. Your security system is being probed.

Masquara Masquara 10:45 pm 13 Feb 14

Did you try the “all dirty crockery and utensils go straight in the bin” technique? I’ve seen that work!

Elboy Elboy 2:42 pm 24 Oct 14

Try calling Phill Belgrove. 0431 764 247
Really nice guy and easy to deal with.
Here’s a link to his website,

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