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Beyond the expected

Office Liar?

By sezzle - 10 June 2008 24

I am interested in a story I heard at work today, that involved a girl getting beat up in the ICBM toilets over the weekend, apparently resulting in a broken nose, 8 broken ribs and left her vomiting blood. Not that this sort of thing doesn’t happen, but I doubt that this story is true as it comes from a new person whom I work with and am doubtfull of her sincerity and truthfullness in all conversations. I would like to put this liar in her place, but am not sure whether she is telling the truth and if not, how to put her in her place?

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Office Liar?
ant 11:18 pm 10 Jun 08

I would have thought the OP was at school, not in the workforce! Maybe it’s a night shift Maccas… staff intrigue and plotting.

el 11:05 pm 10 Jun 08

Creepy as fcuk.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:58 pm 10 Jun 08

You come over as a class A psycho, sezzle. Here’s a clue – next time you want to ask if something’s true, keep the voices that say the other stalky stuff inside your head.

I can picture you in McDonalds:

“Would you like fries with that?”
“SHE told you to say that, didn’t SHE!”

jessieduck 10:36 pm 10 Jun 08

well that’s a weird arse post

Deadmandrinking 9:41 pm 10 Jun 08

I love you too Headbonius 😛

Headbonius 9:22 pm 10 Jun 08

DMD if I had been driving the car it would have been doing a hell of a lot more than 60 adn you would not have walked off 😛

ant 8:50 pm 10 Jun 08

8 broken ribs = a fight USING the toilets, not in the toilets!

Deadmandrinking 8:09 pm 10 Jun 08

It could be a case of exaggeration, Thumper.

Apparently, I’ve been hit by a car going 60k’s and walked off…

(F*cking 20-30 at the most, honestly!)

Thumper 7:09 pm 10 Jun 08

Eight broken ribs?

Nah, having broken a few in various endeavors, that’s a bit more than a beating.

Deadmandrinking 6:57 pm 10 Jun 08

Agree with PM. Serial bullshitters rarely pay attention to the continuity of their plot-lines. Even the ones who write Neighbours.

CanberraResident 6:33 pm 10 Jun 08

Two words: WIN News
Four words: mind your own business
Three words: see post #1

Take your pick.

Skidbladnir 6:25 pm 10 Jun 08

This seems more and more like an Agony Aunt site every day…

PM 6:24 pm 10 Jun 08

Sounds like one of those stories that will be tough to prove. Also, even if it’s true, it still doesn’t mean other stuff she says isn’t false.

If she is making things up, a conflict in her stories will arise eventually. You can just sit back and relax.

I-filed 6:16 pm 10 Jun 08

troll. Ignore.

Felix the Cat 6:12 pm 10 Jun 08

Unless it directly concerns you (ie the victim is your sister/wife/gf) I reckon you should stay out of it. If this person nis a habitual liar then they will get caught out eventually, just a matter of time.

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