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Officers on duty – more effective that speed cameras?

Christof 20 November 2011 43

I was heading up Athlon Drive,  driving past Farrer heading towards Woden last Saturday in my wife’s little Yaris.   I saw in the rear vision mirror coming over the hill behind me a 4×4 with P plates on it,  it was doing about 110ish by my estimate.  I had seen quite a few speeding P platers lately,  they just don’t seem to care about the speed limit and it was getting on my nerves.   I noticed another black 4×4 behind the P-plater that was on his tail the whole way down Athlon.  Must of been his friend I thought,  anyway they flew past me then got stopped by the lights,  I pulled up next to the P-plater on the lights.   I admit that I got goaded into going a little quick off the lights because I didn’t want him to overtake me (really silly I know),  but he flew past with the black 4×4 in tow,  he was really giving it the gas.  Next thing I saw was that the black 4×4 lit up like a red and blue Christmas tree!  It was an undercover police vehicle,  I did not see that coming!   Man I realized how lucky I was not to get done myself on that hill – The police officer had obviously already locked onto the P-plater because he was flying.  I am never speeding again,  it was the most effective speed trap I have ever seen.  Don’t let  mongrel p-platers goad you into speeding off the lights – you never know who is behind you!

This lesson taught me how effective actual Police officers are at catching people who exceed the speed limit.  Why is the government wasting money on speed cameras (that people know the location of so slow down accordingly) when they should just hire more traffic cops?  More jobs for citizens and less people speeding.  What do others think?

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43 Responses to Officers on duty – more effective that speed cameras?
Erg0 12:46 pm 22 Nov 11

dvaey said :

Id also love if the cameras were fitted with deceleration detectors, to catch those who slow down before reaching the device.

You’ll love Hindmarsh Drive, then!

Mysteryman 1:16 pm 22 Nov 11

Martlark said :

RugbyWhat said :

Your time frames are way out, not sure where you get 30 to 40 mins from. Once a speeder is nabbed by laser for example, within 5-10 mins they’ll be on their way with their TIN in most circumstances. Depending on the road and time it normally doesn’t take long to find someone speeding…

When you consider the setup time, ticket writing time, pulling over time, sitting in the car after you’ve driven off and finishing the papers, returning to location, setting up laser etc, it would be 30 to 40 minutes per ticket. I’ve gotten my deck chair out and sat down and watched speed traps on my street. It does take that long per offence. Of course individual results may vary.

It takes the police about 60 seconds to pull over in an appropriate spot, get out, and get the speed gun. Often they don’t even need to get out of the car as many of the cars are equipped to record speed while the police are inside, to allow for pursuit if necessary.

You do realise they they don’t actually have to write tickets any more, don’t you? It’s all electronic and you’re given a printed ticket. It takes about 5 mins, tops, and that’s if they take the time to speak to you about your offence first. There is no “finishing papers” after the offender has driven off. It’s all electronic.

The police in the ACT also set up speed traps that allow them to pull over and ticket multiple drivers at once. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them do it, though.

harvyk1 1:16 pm 22 Nov 11

beejay76 said :

harvyk1 said :

It really has nothing to do with saving lives, and everything to do with revenue raising.

That old chestnut. Heard of the brake?

Funnily enough yes I have, I’ve also never been pinged for speeding by either a copper or a speed camera, and whilst I don’t drive like miss daisy I’m certainly no speed demon, thus I expect my record will remain the same.

I have however seen a large number of other drivers who have done illegal things such as dangerous overtaking, swerving between lanes without indicating, tail gating. Of course speed cameras have no hope of catching these people, but a copper in an undercover car could catch such people.

A person doing 84 in an 80 zone is unlikely to be a major danger to other road users (yes I have seen the TAC wipe off 5 ads). However a person doing 130 in a 100 zone overtaking around a blind corner is a big danger. Unfortunately the way the current road enforcement is done, the first person is more likely to be “caught” than the second person, even though the second person is far more likely to have an accident and take someone innocent with them.

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