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Life is looking up

Old guard lose control of Liberal Party

By Cavalier - 12 June 2008 56

It is with interest/pleasure that I hear that the old guard (read Murphy/Smith supporters) at the beleagured Liberal Party Executive have lost the battle.

There was a move to discipline one particular person at the ANU and it backfired on them. A Bloodbath I hear.

Bad luck VP Fat Bastard you just copped a hiding ….. again. Stick to your wifes campaign.

Ring the bell because this match is over – I warned you before to watch this space because the forecast is coming true.

One wonders if a significant counter attack is on from their bunker. I think not.

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
Old guard lose control of Liberal Party
Smackbang 7:39 pm 12 Jun 08

Cranky, that should be “font’s”.

Apostrophe S. As in, belonging to font. It’s apparently a Canberra linguistic thing.

Tempestas 7:35 pm 12 Jun 08

Millennium hand and shrimp*

* Apologies to Terry Pratchett

cranky 7:25 pm 12 Jun 08

No, the fonts diferent

Lenient 7:15 pm 12 Jun 08

All of you have missed the original poster’s very important point.

So have I.

Vic Bitterman 7:13 pm 12 Jun 08

My caravan is full of eels.

NoAddedMSG 6:57 pm 12 Jun 08

When good cliches and metaphors go bad……

NickD 6:49 pm 12 Jun 08

I hope that the Liberals advertising material for the election makes this much sense.

Thumper 5:58 pm 12 Jun 08

He got walrus gumboot?

tickboom 5:45 pm 12 Jun 08

Purple monkey dishwasher.

Dante 5:26 pm 12 Jun 08

ah imhotep, how you make me laugh.

are you invisible? if not you should “look around you”.

(thought I’d get in on the nonsensical jibber jabber)

imhotep 5:20 pm 12 Jun 08

Sounds like important stuff…

H1NG0 5:02 pm 12 Jun 08

This thread is useless without interpretive dance, and maybe some kind of link back to the original story.

Thumper 5:01 pm 12 Jun 08

What exactly is this post about?

LG 5:00 pm 12 Jun 08

what the?

kevn 4:57 pm 12 Jun 08

Knock Knock.
Who’s There?
Context…wait no its not…

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