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Old guard lose control of Liberal Party

By Cavalier 12 June 2008 56

It is with interest/pleasure that I hear that the old guard (read Murphy/Smith supporters) at the beleagured Liberal Party Executive have lost the battle.

There was a move to discipline one particular person at the ANU and it backfired on them. A Bloodbath I hear.

Bad luck VP Fat Bastard you just copped a hiding ….. again. Stick to your wifes campaign.

Ring the bell because this match is over – I warned you before to watch this space because the forecast is coming true.

One wonders if a significant counter attack is on from their bunker. I think not.

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
Old guard lose control of Liberal Party
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thetruth 6:18 pm 16 Jun 08

How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

Every one knows that the answer is: Fish

Don’t be mislead by p1 – he / she wouldn’t know a surrealist if a clock melted above their head.

astrojax 11:31 am 16 Jun 08

karma chameleon? do you really want to hurt me?

it’s a great pity that, despite the party in gov’t being a motley collection of depleted morons, there is not enough talent or credibility in any form of opposition to take advantage and provide the goodly citizens of this fair territory with a leadership that is more than hot air and disorientation. could be worse but, we could be in zimbabwe.

disenfranchised 8:48 am 15 Jun 08

Clearly Cavalier is someone who dislikes Smyth and VP Barnier. Think about who constantly undermined Smyth when he was Leader and you’ll work out the source of Cavalier’s posting. The so-called dark forces who held the key positions on the Liberal Party’s Management Committee for so long and managed to send the party to the brink of political oblivion continue their silly tactics. There was an email that should never have even been prepared let alone sent was somehow leaked (destabilising the Leader after Smyth, Stefaniak). One of their members is now an independent, but they still all hang out together. That group created a new class of voters in the ACT – ex Liberals who will never vote for anyone associated with those forces. They are in for a shock in October – when what should be your base hates you, you are in trouble. They will learn a lesson in the power of karma.

ant 9:52 am 14 Jun 08

I think I understand the OP’s post.
The Liberal Party is fighting.
(Sorry I can’t do pomes). 5:48 pm 13 Jun 08

So is the Liberal Party still a vicious bunch of pit bulls in a fight? I was hoping they would have pulled together by now after being resoundly defeated *everwhere*.

Skidbladnir 3:22 pm 13 Jun 08

If there is this much in-fighting in any Liberal ranks, isn’t this just arguing about which faction (*) gets the right to lead (or help along) the party to an election loss?

Which beggars the question, why bother?

*: I may or may not have mentioned a dirty word, and pointed out an elephant in the room.

NoAddedMSG 3:07 pm 13 Jun 08

Mælinar said :

Did I drop it into your letterbox by any chance – or are there 3 fans in this town ?

Oh, it is so tempting to pretend it came to me via the letterbox, so you could then go off to whoever fan number 2 is, and say “hah, I knows your online alia now!” leading to moderate potential hilarity. But actually, I procured all on my ownsome.

H1NG0 2:43 pm 13 Jun 08

By H1NG0

Encrypted postings of Cavalier
or perhaps the sound of a ringing bell?
Washing the wet army boots of dead soldiers
I travel, forseeing the need to spell

I woke up ate jelly and combed my hair in anticipation of the storm
They could still discuss politics o’er a pitcher of stale beer
Isn’t not fitting in supposed to be the norm?
Or only in the presence of Cavalier?

Now Cavalier, listen here
The sun sparkles, and sprinkles not the rain
and I thought… “What the hell… I need a Beer!”
Excuse me while I shoot myself in the brain.

Will he return to face the wrath?
Is that he playing noisily with broken glass?
This bird has died a thousand deaths…
We don’t need you anymore, you ass

farout 2:38 pm 13 Jun 08

and they dined on mince
and plenty of quince
which they ate with a runcible spoon

Danman 2:31 pm 13 Jun 08

koo koo ka choo

peterh 2:27 pm 13 Jun 08

The time has come,
the walrus said,
to speak of many things.
of sailing ships and sealing wax,
and cabbages and kings.

Thumper 2:18 pm 13 Jun 08

But the walrus was paul?

astrojax 2:14 pm 13 Jun 08

i am a dry stone waller
all day i dry stone wall
of all appalling callings
dry stone walling’s worst of all

if only the federal labor party leadership could self-destruct so poetically. thanks, cavalier. some of us understand.

H1NG0 1:33 pm 13 Jun 08

I visit the Belconnen greasy food van
And sit with fools in whom I trust
but hate with great disdain.
Oh no! Here comes the lobster man!
for the pool will remove the stain

Mælinar 1:18 pm 13 Jun 08

Did I drop it into your letterbox by any chance – or are there 3 fans in this town ?

NoAddedMSG 1:10 pm 13 Jun 08

Mælinar said :

hehe msg 🙂

I’ve got series 3…

As do I.

[insert appropriate quote here, probably about the Stationary Village. I would but my brain appears to have shut down early for the weekend.]

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